15 Korean fashion stores that ship to Singapore – some even sell clothes worn by Korean celebs!

Those of us who used to shop regularly in Korea to build a wardrobe that looks like that of our favourite Korean celebrities must have been looking out for alternatives in the last two years.

If you’d like to shop for Korean fashion designs, you’re on the right article. We’ve rounded up 15 Korean fashion stores that ship to Singapore – with some even stocked up on clothes that are worn by Korean celebs!

Happy shopping!

1. Stylenanda

Stylenanda is probably one of the biggest Korean fashion brands there is, and it’s not a wonder why. It offers the trendiest Korean clothes that are similar to what you would find on a Korean celebrity at very competitive prices.

You can find so many categories of clothing here. There’s outerwear, tops, dresses, skirts, pants, bags, shoes, and accessories. You can even buy makeup from their cosmetics brand, 3CE.

Everyone needs a good pair of jeans in their closet, so why not try out this pair of High Waist Wash Bootcut Jeans (~S$45.80) that will not just make you look taller, but also slimmer?

Credit: Stylenanda

For tops, you can opt for this Tie-Neck Button-Up Blouse (~S$80.83). Pair it with a pencil skirt or a pair of tailored pants and you’ll look ready for work. Put on a blazer jacket and you’ll instantly look put together for an important business meeting.

Credit: Stylenanda

This will also look cute with a mini skirt for a casual day out with your girlfriends or your partner.

Credit: Stylenanda

Shop at Stylenanda now. Enjoy free shipping when you spend above USD100 (~S$134.69).

2. Kooding

If you want variety, Kooding is the place to go to. Kooding is a global marketplace that has all of the top brands in Korea, and it offers both Korean women’s and men’s fashion.

For casual dates, go with this Envy Look Button Eco Dress (S$46.23) that comes in a deep green and a creamy beige. It’s a midi dress that is very flattering, and with an A-line silhouette, you wouldn’t have to worry about becoming uncomfortable after a full meal.

Credit: Kooding

For a more sophisticated look, consider the DABAGIRL Bass Tweed Wool Dress (S$201.27). The price point is a little steep, but it’s definitely worth it for the quality that you’re getting.

Credit: Kooding

Plus, just look at how pretty it is!

There’s something about men and dress shirts that make them look ten times more attractive. Buy the FLYDAY Pirlo Striped Shirt (S$58.47) and watch your partner turn from handsome to a Korean heartthrob.

Credit: Kooding

And that’s not all, it also has lots of beauty products from your favourite brands for sale. Try out the RiRe Moisture Tint Lip Balm (S$8.15), which moisturises your lips with a gentle and natural shades.

Credit: Kooding

Shop at Kooding now and get all your Instaworthy OOTDs here!

3. Chuu

Just like how adorable its name sounds, Chuu offers clothes that look super cute and girly, and if you’re a fan of that aesthetic, Chuu is going to be right up your alley.

Think floral prints, puff sleeves, lace, crochet, frills, and pleats! All these accents are used to enhance the design of the clothes and add a feminine touch to them.

This Nice To Meet Chuu. Something Nice Set (~S$76.78) gives off Y2K vibes and it features a coordinated set in a sky blue colour with an argyle pattern on the cardigan. The cardigan has an elegant neckline and the skirt has an elastic waistband that ensures comfort without any compromise on style.

Credit: Chuu

As we all start to head back to the office, you’d probably want to stock up on a couple more pieces of workwear. Instead of falling back to the usual black- or grey-coloured pencil skirt, why not spice up your wardrobe with a sweet pink skirt?

The Looking For Love Tweed Skirt (~S$78.13) features a pink checkered skirt in tweed material that can be dressed up and down.

Credit: Chuu

Those who like earthy tones can consider the From September Long Skirt (~S$67.34) instead.

Credit: Chuu

Like what you’re seeing? You can browse the entire collection on Chuu. Shipping is free as long as you spend above USD100 (~S$134.69).

4. Moco Bling

In order to make your shopping experience much easier, Moco Bling categorises its fashion apparel and sells them under four in-house brands: I Love Moco for basics, Mocodenim for all things denim, Mocostreet if you’re looking for streetwear, and Mocoisland for swimwear.

Other than these categories, Moco Bling also offers other trendy Korean fashion staples like floral dresses, cardigans, linen pants, hats, and more.

The V-Neck Puff Sleeve Floral (~S$107.09) is a midi dress that will make you look dainty and feminine. It has long sleeves which will keep you warm on chilly nights, and the self-tie waist strings will allow you to adjust the waist and accentuate your waistline.

Credit: Moco Bling

Prefer to wear sleeveless clothes but still want to bring along a cardigan just in case it gets cold? Opt for a lightweight one like the Wide Neck Buttoned Cardigan (~S$47.86). You can easily roll this up and place it in your bag and wear it as an outerwear, or wear this as a top.

Credit: Moco Bling

It’s that versatile.

Browse the entire collection on Moco Bling and start shopping!

5. Mixxmix

Mixxmix is another brand that offers lots of fashionable clothes that you’ll see on Korean celebrities. In fact, Mixxmix has an entire section where you can shop what your favourite celebrities have worn. Talk about ease of shopping, right?

Worn by Gugudan’s Kim Se-jeong, who is also a beloved actress known for being the female lead in The Uncanny Counter and School 2017, this Ribbon Neck Gathered Waist Dress (~S$59.12) is sure to turn heads when you wear it. This dress has a laidback style but it remains flattering due to its gathered waist design.

Credit: Mixxmix

Its sweet pink colour and ribbon fastening at the neckline will amplify your sweet charm.

Another feminine dress you can try is the ROMANTIC MUSE Cutout Back A-Line Dress (~S$57.49). This looks like a plain sleeveless maxi dress from the front, but the back features a unique cutout with a self-tie back detail.

Credit: Mixxmix
Credit: Mixxmix

Shop Mixxmix and get all of the clothes your favourite Korean celebrities are wearing today!

6. Maybe Baby

If you’re not looking for anything that is too bold or something with that many prints, you can count on Maybe Baby to offer you classic and basic clothes.

The Irene Lace Trim Square Neck Sleeveless Top (~S$52.91) has a charming appeal with its square neckline, lace trims, and flared cut.

Credit: Maybe Baby

Wear it over a pair of shorts and you’re ready to go for a Sunday brunch with your loved ones. You can also wear it under denim overalls or tuck it into a pair of high-waisted jeans for a casual night out.

Credit: Maybe Baby

Dress it up by tucking the top into a pair of tailored pants and you’re ready to head to the office!

Just like clothes, you can never have too many bags. This Fund Curved Leather Shoulder Bag (~S$191.71) is a refreshing alternative to the baguette bags that we’ve seen pop up a lot recently.

Credit: Maybe Baby

It has a curved base with an adjustable shoulder strap and it is roomy enough to store all of your essentials – smartphone, a packet of tissues, hand sanitiser, purse, and lipstick.

If you’re not too sure where to start shopping when you land on the Maybe Baby website, click on BEST50 and you’ll get to view all of their bestsellers.

Shop at Maybe Baby and stock up on some basics!

7. Black Up

Black Up offers clothes with various styles, and if you’re looking to change your style, you can give Black Up a try. Other than regularly bringing in new designs, Black Up also has huge sales on past season items so that you get to enjoy great fashion at cheaper prices.

Korean fashion is all about layering clothes, and instead of looking like they’re drowning in too much fabric, they actually rock the style pretty well.

If you’re interested to do the same, you can start small with this Long Back Slit Pinafore Dress (~S$62.04) and layer it on top of a plain white top. It’s simple, yet it looks well put together.

Credit: Black Up

Not up for layering? That’s alright. You can still take a look at other dresses. Our recommendation is the Ruched Button-Front Mini Dress (~S$41.85) which comes in an attractive olive green shade.

Credit: Black Up

Shop the collection at Black Up and see what you can find!

8. YesStyle

YesStyle is another global marketplace where you can find loads of Korean brands for fashion and beauty. The website is neatly categorised in terms of the type of products you would like to see. You can also opt to shop by brand if you already know what you’re looking for.

There are also a lot of users who leave reviews on the website, so you’ll be able to get an idea of how others feel about the products before making a commitment to purchase.

If you already have a white buttoned-down blouse, all you’re missing is a knitted vest like the JUSTONE V-Neck Side Slit Knit Vest (S$43.95) to make your outfit look like something from a Korean fashion magazine.

Credit: YesStyle

Get the Chuu Flared Satin Long Skirt (S$61.40) if you’re going for a classy look. The material is also cooling, making it perfect for us to wear in Singapore with a fitted blouse.

Credit: YesStyle

Shop at YesStyle and enjoy free shipping when you spend above S$75.

9. Wonlog

If you’ve seen Korean fashion, you would notice that a lot of them can tend to make the wearer look more cute than sophisticated because of its vibrant colours and oversized fits. Many of the clothes are also regarded as street fashion.

Wonlog is the place to shop at if you prefer Korean fashion that is more sophisticated and ladylike.

This pair of WONT Bootcut Flannel Slacks (~S$46.18) is a must-have in every lady’s wardrobe. It’s versatile and stretchy, so you won’t have to feel worried about the waistline of the pants digging into your skin when you sit down.

Credit: Wonlog

For tops, our top pick is the WONT Lace Femme Blouse (~S$47.36). It’s in a pastel lime green and it features a gathered waistline to accentuate your figure.

Credit: Wonlog

Shop more at Wonlog.

10. Sthsweet

Sthsweet is founded by the people behind Chuu, and they’ve got clothes ranging from almost every category that you can think of, including dresses, tops, bottoms, pajamas, activewear, shoes, bags, and even lingerie.

And that’s just the clothes section. 

They also sell Korean beauty products, masks, and accessories.

Credit: Sthsweet

If we had to choose just two products that we would get, they would be the FIONA At The Most Unexpected Time Tweed Set (~S$80.56) and the LIPHOP Executive Power Shirring Top Leggings Set (~S$106.35) for all your exercising needs.

Credit: Sthsweet

Of course, you probably would want to get more than just two items, so you can go ahead and browse the entire collection at Sthsweet.

11. Darkvictory

Not everyone is a fan of feminine styles, and if that’s true of you, you can consider taking a look at the offerings that Darkvictory has instead.

Credit: Darkvictory

The style you can find here is a bit more edgy with a cool kid vibe. For example, the Thumbhole Accent Quarter Zip Knit Dress (~S$28.27) and the Slit Detail Low Neck T-Shirt (~S$40.52) both give off a vibe completely different from the other brands.

Credit: Darkvictory

Enjoy free shipping when you order more than S$150 worth of items. Start shopping at Darkvictory now.

12. Codibook

Codibook is home to the latest trending fashion pieces like knitwear and wide-leg pants. And it’s not just a shopping site. It also offers lots of fashion tips and lookbooks so that you know how to style the clothes that you purchase. Isn’t that so convenient?

Try this pair of High-Waisted Pleated Elasticated Wide-Legged Trousers (S$38.50). Unlike most trousers, this pair features a pleated design that can make you look taller. The elasticated waistband also makes it comfortable and easy to wear, especially if you’re rushing to the toilet!

Credit: Codibook

This Holic PK Dress (S$35) features a casual dress with a pique collar and a waist-tie string design so that you can adjust the waistline to fit you snugly.

Credit: Codibook

Shop more at Codibook and get free shipping when you spend a minimum of S$140.

13. Seoulish

Seoulish features a range of apparel that includes tweed sets and knitwear that are so wearable if you stay mostly indoors in Singapore.

Credit: Seoulish

Our top picks are the Twinkle Tweed Set (S$30) for that classy look when you go for a high tea, and the Spring Argyle Knit Vest (S$26) for that preppy look.

Credit: Seoulish

Both outfits are in soft pastel colours that are easy on the eyes and flattering on the body. Plus, the prices are quite affordable because they’re currently having a sale. Take advantage of it before the sale is over or the items go out of stock!

Shop more at Seoulish.

14. StyleUpK

If you can’t get rid of that streetwear fanatic inside you, StyleUpK is what you’re looking for. It has oversized fits, sweatshirts with cute designs, and lots of trendy outfits that have been worn by Korean celebrities.

Show your support for Girls Generation’s Taeyeon and get the exclusive Nerdy X Taeyeon NY Velvet Hoodie + Skirt Set (S$152).

Credit: StyleUpK

For something a little cuter, get the Ambler x Belly Gom Doodling Teddy Bear Sweatshirt (S$65). This sweatshirt isn’t just going to keep you warm, it’s also going to get you many compliments for how adorable it is!

Credit: StyleUpK

Start shopping at StyleUpK for all of your streetwear essentials!

15. Jes Mojo

For those of you who are looking for clothes that give off a casual chic look, you can browse the collection available at Jes Mojo.

This Broderie Anglaise Smocked Layer Maxi Dress (S$63) is easily becoming our favourite because of how bright the yellow is! The eyelets on the dress offer a different texture to the otherwise soft and flowy look of the dress.

Credit: Jes Mojo

The Flare Sleeve Top with Polka Dots Asymmetrical Skirt (S$64) comes in at a close second for us because we love buying sets. You can pair this set together, or mix and match the individual pieces with other clothes you already have, giving rise to even more variety!

Credit: Jes Mojo

We bet you can’t wait to start shopping already! Shop at Jes Mojo and enjoy free shipping with no minimum purchase!