The baguette bag from the 2000s is back in trend – here are the ones to own

Fashion trends evolve overtime and come full circle every decade or so, whether it be bell-bottom jeans, Dr Martens’ boots or crop tops. Well, the baguette bag is no exception.

Photo source: Vogue (Left), Racked (Right)

The first baguette bag was released by Fendi in 1997, and it was popularised after a feature on the popular TV series, Sex and the City. It was the first IT bag ever. “It’s not a bag, it’s a baguette”, as Carrie Bradshaw would say. After rising to popularity in the late ’90s, the signature baguette silhouette has since remained a classic fashion icon.

Evolving overtime, baguette bags are now no longer just compact bags that are to be worn under the arm. There are so many more variations to it, such as adjustable and interchangeable straps as well as newer designs derived from both the vintage and modern style.

Photo source: Vogue (Left), Vogue (Right)

10 years down the road, the baguette bag has made a comeback and is dominating the fashion industry once again. Even the Generation Z-ers who didn’t grow up with Sex and the City, is now aware of this evergreen trend and are all hopping on the bandwagon.

Photo Source: Spotted Fashion (Left), Vogue (Right)

Featured in the Christian Dior Autumn/Winter 2019 and Fendi Spring 2020 showcases, this popular silhouette is a constant staple on fashion runways.

10 baguette bags to check out

1. Fendi Baguette Embossed Leather Shoulder Bag

We definitely can’t miss out the brand that started this everlasting trend. This iconic bag is made of brown jacquard fabric with a signature FF clasp and printed embroidery. It also comes with a detachable shoulder strap, where the bag can either be hand carried like a normal baguette bag or worn as a cross-body. How convenient!

The Fendi Baguette Embossed Leather Shoulder Bag retails at S$4,450 and can be found at Fendi.

2. Prada 2000 Nylon Mini Bag

Another luxury brand with an iconic baguette bag – Prada. Crafted with Prada’s signature material, nylon, and decorated with Saffiano leather trimmings, the nylon mini bag is a practical daily bag that can be paired with any outfit. It is available in a variety of colours so you can pick one that suits your personal style.

The Prada 2000 Nylon Mini Bag retails at S$1,110 and can be found at Prada.

3. Prada Cleo Brushed Leather Shoulder Bag with Flap

Another classic from Prada, the Cleo shoulder bag is a representation of the original baguette silhouette from the 90’s. It is made of brushed leather, another signature Prada material, and is decorated with a classic enamel triangle logo. Also known as the hobo bag, the sleek and distinct curve lines of the bag gives it a soft and dainty look.

The Prada Cleo Brushed Leather Shoulder Bag with Flap retails at S$3,200 and can be found at Prada.

4. Coperni Swipe Baguette Bag

The Coperni baguette bag features a unique curved triangular shape. Finished with the finest details, this bag has the Coperni foiled logo is printed on the front, along with a double-ended zipper that runs around the oval shape of the bag. With this one-of-a-kind silhouette, you will definitely stand out from the crowd.

The Coperni Swipe Baguette Bag retails at S$1,139 and can be found at Farfetch.

5. Saint Laurent Kate Leather Shoulder bag

A mainstay in Saint Laurent’s collection, this version of the classic Kate baguette bag is made from smooth leather, with a chained strap and adorned with a signature YSL tassel-tipped monogram logo. It is yet another classic favourite.

The Saint Laurent Kate Baguette Bag retails at US$1,800 (~S$2,529) and can be found at Net-A-Porter.

6. Oroton Jerome Baguette Leather Shoulder Bag

Inspired by art and sculpture, the Oroton Jerome baguette bag features a clean and sleek outline. It is made of smooth leather, coloured in neutral stone shades, and attached to a thin shoulder strap. This is definitely a modern take on the classic baguette bag silhouette.

The Oroton Jerome Baguette Leather Shoulder Bag retails at US$478 (~S$643) and can be found at Net-A-Porter.

7. Burberry Small Check Canvas and Leather Olympia Bag

A centrepiece on many of Burberry’s runway showcases, the curved silhouette of the Olympia bag is actually inspired by the architecture of Olympia London, one of Burberry’s fashion runway venues. It is sculpted with jacquard-wove check canvas and leather and finished with an exterior zipper, making it easily accessible for keeping the little things.

The Burberry Small Check Canvas and Leather Olympia Bag retails at S$2,850 and can be found at Burberry.

8. Balenciaga Hourglass Croc-effect Leather Shoulder Bag

Made from glossy croc-leather, the Hourglass bag is shaped just like Balenciaga’s blazers, and embellished with an oversized letter B. It also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap so you can feel free to adjust it to your desired length where you have the option of carrying it like a baguette bag or as a cross-body.

The Balenciaga Hourglass Croc-effect Leather Shoulder Bag retails at US$1,308 (~S$1,760) and can be found at Net-A-Porter.

9. Celine Triomphe Shoulder Bag

The Triomphe bag is crafted with calf skin and lambskin lining, embellished with a simple yet classic gold metal hardware Celine logo. The clean-cut simplicity of this bag makes it easy to pair with any outfit of any colour and style.

P.S. Don’t be shy to look to BLACKPINK’s Lisa for some serious fashion inspo on how to style your Celine arm candy.

The Celine Triomphe Shoulder Bag retails at S$3,250 and can be found at Celine.

10. Gucci Horsebit GG Shoulder Bag

Going back to as early as 1955, the Horsebit shoulder bag is inspired by archival designs from that period of time. It is made of a signature GG monogrammed fabric, lined with leather trimming, and finished with a gold logo that attaches the flap and the bag. With three internal compartments, you will definitely be very organised with this bag.

The Gucci Horsebit GG Shoulder Bag retails for S$3,055 and can be found at Farfetch.