Men, it’s time to step up your K-fashion game with these 6 Taobao vendors

K-fashion is very well-loved worldwide, and it’s not just by women – many men are also taking a leaf out of their Korean counterparts’ book, be it for the crisp formal looks or flattering casual wear.

For those who want to invest in quality Korean-style apparel and accessories without breaking the bank, Taobao is one of your best bets. The-commerce site is famous for featuring many vendors selling the latest K-fashion trends at reasonable prices.

With a dizzying array of vendors to choose from, it can be hard telling apart the trustworthy ones that deliver high-quality products from the rest, which is why AVENUE ONE has sussed out the best K-fashion vendors on Taobao for you – read on to see what you can get from each of these highly-recommended shops!

1. 661 Studio

These days, less is more in Korean fashion, hence you’ll find male Korean idols often pull off uncomplicated formal wear both on and off stage.

If you would like to easily replicate the same stylish looks, check out 661 Studio’s menswear collection.

Many of the pieces in this shop look like something straight out of a K-pop music video. They come in simple monotone shades or patterns, sometimes paired with a surprising pop of colour to enhance your silhouettes – easy enough for anyone to pull off!

Recommended pieces (from left to right): black blouse with a silk tiered blouse, black blouse with silk stripes

2. Gangzaiwenyinanzhuang (青春派港风男装)

Just like Korean fashion for women, men’s styles also favour clothes that fit well on the body to emphasise the physique.

If you are looking for stylish clothes with a good cut, this shop on Taobao might just be your favourite store.

In addition to trendy pieces resembling designer clothes that you would find in Gangnam, you may also love the shop’s loud statement pieces that strongly resemble Korean idols’ stage outfits.

Recommended pieces (from left to right): asymmetrical blouse, houndstooth blouse, tapered pants

3. Zishang

Besides dapper styles, hipster clothes and hip-hop-inspired outfits are all the rage in Korea. It may sound pretty intimidating, but you’ll find it easy to hop on the trend with Zishang’s clothes.

The shop offers many wardrobe essentials like shirts and bottoms, but that’s not all – the outerwear collection is well-stocked with the hottest designs from Korea, so even if you’re not much of a jacket person, you can’t help but buy a denim jacket or a blazer from here to complete the look.

Recommended pieces (from left to right): fake two-piece top, mock turtleneck, denim jacket

4. TriplePrism (三棱镜服饰工作室)

Focusing on avant-garde fashion pieces and vibrant blouses, TriplePrism is heaven for streetwear enthusiasts and fashionistas who want to make a statement.

While their colour block blouses and monotone sweaters are the most popular among customers, we think the blouses with bold and wild prints are definitely worth a shot!

Recommended pieces (from left to right): colour patch blouse, tapered pants, collared blouse with metal hook

5. Cabbeen

If you’re worried that K-fashion is not well adapted to our hot and humid weather, Cabbeen’s collection of relaxed-fit casual wear will prove you wrong.

The shop is well-loved by customers for its printed tees, joggers, and chino shorts, as evident from the good ratings and satisfied reviews.

Take note that prices here are a little more expensive than other shops (most of them start from SGD50 onwards), but still well worth the money for the quality that is comparable to that of designer streetwear in Korea.

Recommended pieces (from left to right): grey cardigan, white graphic blouse, graphic bomber jacket


If the clothes in this shop look like the ones sported by fashionistas during Seoul Fashion Week, that’s because ESC MAN STUDIO works with designers in Korea to produce these voguish outfits!

Despite retailing the hottest styles that you’ll find in young hipster spots like Hongdae, the prices of products in this shop are very affordable, averaging between SGD20 to SGD30 for blouses and bottoms, and going as low as around SGD11 for tees.

Recommended pieces (from left to right): short-sleeved V-neck blouse, heeled loafers, high-waisted pants