“Funny” bags you can buy online like instant noodle purses and beer belly fanny packs

Whether it’s a prank gift for your friend or a goofy accessory to wear on a fun day out, there’s no denying how eye-catching bags with interesting appearances (to say the least) can be! From delicious desserts to hilarious body parts, these “funny” bag designs are sure to lift your spirits and tempt your wallet.

1. Durian Sling Bag

Source: @rubberbag_famrakshop

A retailer in Thailand, Famrak Shop, has been creating buzz lately with its almost lifelike bag creations! Don’t worry about getting stabbed in the thigh by these durian spikes though, every bag pushed out is safely made out of rubber. Apart from durians, Famrak Shop also creates an assortment of other “foodstuffs”, such as corn, coconut, and seafood.

What’s more is that the shop cleverly adopts a marketplace concept to appeal to their customers, laying out their products in straw baskets as though you’re really selecting fresh produce at the market. And before you ask, yes, Famrak Shop ships to Singapore! (Bless their funky souls.) 

Message them now on Facebook to place an order from S$17.19, or check out their Instagram feed here.

2. Instant Noodle Purse

Here’s everybody’s favourite guilty pleasure – instant noodles! This maggi mee purse is even accompanied by a shiny, gold chain for that extra touch of bling. Who knows, if you’re feeling frisky enough, this bag might just be the perfect clubbing material for a crazy night out.

Brace yourselves however, this instant noodles bag may not costs S$649.56!  It was created by Dutch designer Rommy de Bommy, who designs other whacky accessories like Vietnamese spring rolls, avocado egg toast, and moon cake bags. Check all of them out and more here.

His prices are all in the hundreds, but are pretty value-for-money once you consider the level of craftsmanship that goes into every bag. Plus, it’s guaranteed to turn heads in public.

Get this bag on Etsy.

3. Juice Box and Milk Carton Crossbody Bags

Source: YesStyle

If the price tag on the previous bag nearly scared you away, you might find these ones a lot more pocket-friendly. These adorable carton box bags come in five “flavours”:  banana milk, pure milk, strawberry milk, chocolate milk, and an odd ball, orange juice.

Buy them on YesStyle for S$23.27, or on Shopee from S$11.58.

4. Dessert Bags

Source: @cukibags

Cuki Bags is a Romanian business specialising in handmade confectionary accessories, from pretty cakes to açai bowls. That is to say that these items are in no way edible, regardless of how mouthwatering they appear! If you’re wondering how these bags open, there are actually zippers hidden at the bottom. Subtle.

Here’s one of their first ever creations, a chocolate chip cookie bag, which costs S$187.97. There’s even a matching necklace to go along with it. We can’t help but marvel at how realistic the partially melted chocolate chips look.

Order one now on Etsy.

5. Beer Belly Fanny Packs

Source: Shopee

Not afraid to show some skin? Now you really can with these groovy beer belly fanny packs! They’re pretty inclusive too, covering a range of skin types and hair lengths. They even have a pregnant belly as well!

Choose your favourite belly on Shopee for S$13.51.

6. White Rabbit Messenger Bag

Source: Shopee

Everyone should be familiar with this heartening White Rabbit candy design, which reminds us fondly of childhood, milky sweetness, and edible, melt-in-your-mouth paper wrapping. Now you can carry it as a cute and trendy sling bag wherever you go!

Find it on Shopee for SGD14. Click here to get it with a canvas strap instead for SGD19.56.

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7. Lay’s Potato Chip Bag


If you’re an unapologetic junk food fan, here’s your chance to express your love for the classic potato chip snack! Get this imitation Lay’s sling bag and show all your friends how cool kids really dress.

Available on Shopee for SGD 6.15.

8. Duck Bag

Source: Shopee

Get ready, we have a couple of bird bags lined up ahead! These lovable, furry duck bags come in yellow and white. You can even dress them in little red or green neck scarves. These bags give off a wholesome farm girl/boy vibe, so get one for yourself if this sounds like your kind of aesthetic.

Find this on Shopee from SGD4.20.

9. Chicken Bags

This cute one has a practical shape and features tiny chicks displayed in a row. It comes in three colours: yellow, green, and black.

Get it from Shopee at S$6.62.

10. Corgi Butt Bag

Source: Shopee

If you’re a Corgi lover, you’d know what these chonky bois are best known for! This endearing corgi butt bag even comes with a tiny hole for your headphone wire to go through, how thoughtful! *inserts peach emoji*

Buy it on Shopee for S$8.78.

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