DIY White Rabbit Bubble Milk Tea is a thing and here’s where to get it

For those of us who have yet to break out of our circuit-breaker DIY habits, here’s one more food-related project on the list: White rabbit bubble milk tea! Fans of the delectable classic milk-toffee treat can rejoice as it is now available in liquid form. This one’s fail-proof and definitely worth all the effort! (Ahem, dalgona who?)

White rabbit bubble milk tea: now you can make it at home

We’re talking about the new instant White Rabbit Milk Tea drink now available in FairPrice Finest stores all over Singapore for just S$2.15!

The instant milk tea comes with a sachet of milk powder, condensed milk, nata de coco, and some red beans. In just two steps, you can now kick back and sip the warm frothy version of the candy in well under a minute.

Simply throw together ingredients given and dissolve the mixture in hot water!

Unfortunately, like all things related to the latest hypes, these DIY drinks may long have flown off the shelves. If you couldn’t get your hands on these instant cups, alternatives are available here on Shopee.

This White Rabbit series offers four completely different flavours:

  • The original milk tea
  • White peach oolong tea
  • Sea salt and cheese
  • Genki black tea

White Rabbit Bubble Tea & Bingsu options

It’s certainly safe to say that we all love this nostalgic creamy childhood treat and so it’s no surprise that the latest bubble tea craze centres around it.

In case you missed it, home-grown brand UNICE first debuted this version of the candy in bubble tea form late last year for just S$3.90! Buyers commented about its resemblance to the original treat but found it more suited for those with a sweet tooth!

Do check out the White Rabbit Candy Bingsu option UNICE has as well as the deals offered on their Instagram. Here’s how you can get the smoothie version of their specialty flavour at a dollar less!

UNICE is located at Northpoint City South Wing #B2-135, open from 10:30am – 10:30pm (hours might differ in view of Phase 2 regulations).

Other White Rabbit sweet treats you’re going to love

Still can’t get enough? Our favourite old-school bakery gets it.


Gin Thye has added the White Rabbit Blancmanges Cake and White Rabbit Kuih Lapis into their selection of traditional treats. The cake is available in two options – original and chocolate. The strong milky aroma of this chilled dessert is sure to evoke even the deepest of childhood memories!

If you prefer dessert a tad less sweet, the Kuih Lapis is a good option to consider!

Here are more spin-offs of the iconic White Rabbit candy.

White Rabbit Milk available now on Shopee

Savour childhood once again with this recommendation, highly-lauded for its authentic taste.

White Rabbit Peanut Nougat available now on Shopee

Or if you’d prefer something a little more savoury, opt for this peanut nougat snack instead!

Now we’re all set to reminisce the good ol’ days.

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