These adorable miniature food rings are a thing in Japan and here’s where you can get yours

We may be more familiar with food earrings, but the food ring trend has taken off in a big way in Japan and sparked an international fad for it.


This was sparked by a Kitan Club Gashapon that dispenses super cute rings that look exactly like items you can see in Japanese cuisine.

Gashapon is a blind box concept where a vending machine randomly dispenses a capsule toy that it surprises you with after you drop your coins into it.

The rings that the Japanese can’t get enough of at the moment are housed within a box that looks like an onigiri (Japanese seaweed rice ball). Each box contains a ring topped with a realistic design of either a pickled ume (plum), salted salmon, ikura (salmon roe), kombu (kelp), or tarako (pollock roe).

While the Kitan Club Gashapon may not be available outside of Japan, you can get your hands on one of these cuties on Amazon for S$9.46 and on Kappa Toys for US$8.95.

Find other miniature food rings on Etsy

But if you’re looking for a food ring that features your favourite food, consider finding it on Etsy, an e-commerce marketplace for handmade items.

We found a treasure trove of food rings that will give the Kitan Club ones a run for their money – and we want everything on the menu!

The foodies at AVENUE ONE have put together a buffet of miniature food rings you’ll want to chow down on too.

1. Pepperoni Pizza Ring

Made from polymer clay, this pepperoni pizza ring looks so realistic, we almost want to have it for an afternoon snack.

Available on Etsy for S$16.91.

2. Carrot Cake Ring

Wear your love for carrot cake on your ring – the only thing better would probably be the cake itself.

Available on Etsy for S$25.37.

3. Starbucks Frappe Ring

Starbucks fans, where’re you at? This frappuccino ring may not be enough to satisfy your sweet cravings, but it sure is adorable.

Available on Etsy for S$16.91.

4. Pasta Ring

Because who doesn’t love a good hearty bowl of spaghetti bolognese?

Available on Etsy for S$26.78.

5. Big Breakfast Ring

Toast, eggs, beans, and everything you’ll expect on a breakfast platter – now on a ring.

Available on Etsy for S$23.96.

6. Sushi Ring

From maki rolls to nigiri, and even gunkan sushi, Le Petit Bon Bon on Etsy has got a whole range of sushi rings that look like they belong on the conveyor belt at the sushi restaurant!

The Carrot Cake Ring is available on Etsy for S$25.37.

7. Ice Cream Ring

These sweet designs are available in three pastel colours, and would be the perfect gift for your best friends too.

Available on Etsy for S$22.08.

8. Macaron Ring

These lolita-inspired pastel rings feature the iconic French confection with the most incredible toppings and perfect looking filling.

Available on Etsy for S$10.07.

9. Teatime Ring

We can’t get enough of the intricate detailing on this tea-and-scones set. Add to cart!

Available on Etsy for S$20.60.

10. Haribo Gummy Bear Ring

Admit it, when you have a bag of gummy bears, you’re guilty of rummaging around looking for your favourite colour of yummy. You’ve got a whole selection of colours here – pick your favourite or wear as many as you want!

Available on Etsy for S$16.62.

DIY your miniature food rings

If your idea of fun on the weekends is DIY-ing and arts and craft, we’ve got a savvier suggestion for you – make your own miniature food rings!

What you’ll need:

All you’ll need are some titanium rings, a hot glue gun or super glue, and the miniature food charms. Click on the links below to get directed to the retailer.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Set up your workspace and lay some newspaper over the tabletop to avoid accidental spills or stains.
  2. Secure each ring down on the tabletop with some blue tack.
  3. Take your hot glue gun or superglue and add a dot of glue onto the ring, then attach the charm on before the glue dries. Voila!

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