17 Asian food accessories to get from online stores, including Korean ramen and bubble tea earrings

Looking for a subtle but creative way to express your love for Asian food? Replace your usual ear candies with these Asian food accessories to get heads turning and cravings going. Food accessories are a fun way to spice up any outfit and to introduce a more quirky side to your style. They are also easy to pair despite their unique colouring and shape. Check out this list of earrings to find one that suits you!

1. Chinese Takeaway Boxes Earrings

Chinese takeaway boxes do not have to only appear in your favourite American Rom-coms! Paired with a basic t-shirt and denim, these Chinese takeaway box earrings will easily add a fun twist.

Available at Etsy for S$20.

2. Shin Ramen Earrings

This brand of instant noodles needs no introduction. The default introduction to Korean-style ramen, perfect for nights where you want a fuss-free dinner, pop on a pair of these earrings to match your outfit to your meal!

Available at Lazada for S$10.

3. Onigiri Earrings

The go-to snack (or meal) for broke students travelling in Japan, the onigiri earrings can be a great way for you to reminisce a memorable Japan trip. Plus, the simple black-and-white design definitely helps with complementing any outfit you have on for the day.

Availble at Ezbuy for S$5.28.

4. Bubble Tea Earrings

The hallmark of all things Asian, bubble tea is one of the first few Asian foods that were made into earrings so that people can express their love for these sweet and addictive drink.

Also recently featured in many designs submitted by aspiring Taiwanese artists vying to get their artwork onto the Taiwanese passport, show their support by sporting them on your ears (psst, they also have a clip-on option).

Available at Lazada for S$19.85.

5. Somaek Earrings

The ultimate combination to go with KBBQ, these Soju and Cass Beer earrings are a match made in heaven. Buy both pairs so that you can always style them in their “Somaek” combination to any occasion with meat on the grill. No alcohol tax included in this pair!

Available at Shopee for S$4.36.

6. Maoshan Wang Mooncake Earrings

If Chang E lived in the 21st century, this would be the pair of earrings she would wear to set herself apart. The intricacies of the designs embossed on mooncakes are carefully replicated in these earrings, creating a nice texture over its solid colour that makes it easy to style. Plus, the pop of gold in the middle really adds a sparkle to its design.

Available at Lazada for S$11.

7. Roast Pork Earrings

If you live for the crispy, salty skin, the fatty juicy meat and the sound of crackling when you bite into roast pork, this pair is for you. Beautifully made, these roasted pork earrings look so realistic, you will have your friends craving roast pork rice all day, everyday.

Available at Etsy for S$42.70.

8. KOI Bubble Tea Earrings

A bonus bubble tea feature, this pair pays homage to the iconic KOI bubble tea with its recognisable packaging accurately reflected. Besides the standard milk tea with pearls, they also created a matcha macchiato version.

Available for backorder at The Pigs Bake Clay for S$32.90 – S$39.90.

9. Kueh Bahulu Earrings

A blast to the past, these were a treat during our days of childhood. Kueh bahulu can still be found at many heartland bakeries… and now on your ears.

Available at Naiise for S$24.88.

10. Hotpot Earrings

If Haidilao or Imperial Treasure has not awarded you a medal for the countless nights you have spent indulging in hotpot, you can profess your love for hotpot and the comfort it brings with this pair of statement earrings that literally states, “hotpot”.

Available at Ezbuy for S$20.40.

11. Dumpling Earrings

No dim sum feast is complete without a platter of dumplings to fill your stomach up. These life like dumpling earrings will have the servers thinking if you made them with real dumplings!

Available at Shopee for S$2.99.

12. Pineapple Tart Earrings

Popular during the festive Chinese New Year period, pineapple tarts are an addictive snack to munch on while catching up with your relatives. However, who says you can only enjoy them only once a year? Pamper your ears to these sweet treats, guilt and calorie free.

Available at Etsy for S$20.

13. Yakult Earrings

An Asian household’s remedy for indigestion and better bowel movement, the ready probiotic drink has an identifiable bottle shape and packaging, readily available at all supermarkets. The 3D bottles will definitely make a smooth first impression for sure!

Available at Etsy for S$14.99.

14. Sambal Belacan earrings


Make a sizzling statement with these sambal belacan earrings. The unique piece features the ingredients for sambal belacan in a mortar pestle as a nod to the traditional method to make this well-loved Asian sauce.

Available at Etsy for S$42.50.

15. Plastic Packet Drink Earrings

A standard order at all coffeeshops and hawker centres, plastic packet drinks are a common sight that accompany takeaway lunch boxes and hustling individuals getting from one place to another. Made with a wooden finish, this pair of earrings have an interesting finish that leaves you to decide what exactly the drink is. Kopi, teh or…?

16. Sushi Earrings

To the Japanese, presentation is everything. Just like real sushi, these earrings are elegantly made, seated atop a clear plate. These are definitely a go-to for when you want to express your quirky side, while keeping it classy.

Available at Etsy for S$29.99.

17. Egg Tart Earrings

The fragrant buttery and crumbly tart is accompanied a silky eggy centre that gives the tart a bright pop of yellow that always feels tantalising. Wear these pops of yellow to brighten up any outfit, and occasion!

Available at Etsy for S$20.