DIY blinged-out Crocs are going viral on social media – here’s how you can recreate and rock this trendy footwear

Once deemed one of the ugliest footwear to have ever existed, Crocs are actually having a moment in recent years (possibly following the comeback of “ugly” dad sandals), becoming one of the most highly sought-after shoes that makes a loud fashion statement.


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Back then, these kicks were mostly known for their all-day comfort with arched soles and many tiny holes that allow for easy breathability – besides its polarising appearance, of course.

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Celebrities were spotted wearing Crocs since it gained popularity and there are also countless Tiktok videos on how to style them, but we’ve recently come across netizens on RED – also known as “China’s Instagram” – who have been elevating the footwear by adding their own embellishments.

To say that it was a style that caught our eyes is an understatement and by the looks of it, it seems like this blinged-out Crocs trend may just take off sooner or later.

Intrigued? Keep reading to see what this trend is all about, and find out how you can turn a simple pair of white or black Crocs into one that looks like it might have come from a collab with luxury fashion houses.

Chic Crocs

A popular favourite that we spotted repeatedly is a pair of white chunky Crocs that could be easily jazzed up with pearls, ribbons, and jewels, thanks to its simple and basic colour.

Adorned with sparkly jewels and pearl charms, these chic and elegant DIY designs totally remind us of the Korean repurposed jewellery that has been all the rage recently.

chanel crocs
Image source: RED
white prada crocs
Image source: RED
white crocs
Image source: RED

Edgy Crocs

On the other spectrum, we came across bolder-looking ones that are decked out in metallic chains and edgy charms. We’re not sure about you but these styles just scream cool all over.

black prada crocs
Image source: RED
black prada crocs 2
Image source: RED

Adorable Crocs

Prefer something less girly or edgy? Take a leaf out of these examples and plaster cute flower and character charms onto your Crocs – the Little Green Men one totally stole our hearts!

green cute crocs
Image source: RED
cinnamoroll crocs
Image source: RED
floral crocs
Image source: RED

Minimalist Crocs

If you’re someone who prefers a more minimalist look, you can always opt to decorate your Crocs with just one staple accessory – like this netizen who styled the footwear with satin bows.

minimalist crocs
Image source: RED

DIY your very own pair of Crocs

No matter your feelings about Crocs, you can’t deny that they are easily customisable and offer wearers the freedom to change up the style whenever they like.

If the blinged-out Crocs look is right up your alley, you won’t be disappointed when you pay Taobao a visit because that’s where you’ll find countless DIY kits that are fully equipped with all the charms you’ll possibly need – from chains and jewels to pearls and cartoon character pins.

chic crocs accessories

Get this set from Taobao for ~S$0.42. 

cute crocs accessories

Get this Toy Story-inspired set from Taobao for ~S$0.42. 

crocs gold themed

You can also check out Crocs’ own shoe charms, known as Jibbitz. Each charm retails for S$6.95 each and can be found at Crocs.

crocs cartoon themed

Jibbitz also has LINE FRIENDS and Disney characters too! Each charm retails for S$5.95 each and can be found at Crocs

Special promotion alert: Crocs is currently running a special offer where you can now get two free charms for every five charms purchased.

Tell us, would you try this DIY footwear yourself?