This Korean label turns luxury label buttons into gorgeous jewellery and hair accessories – plus, it ships free to Singapore

Thrifting and upcycling trends have been all the rage in recent years with many creative individuals repurposing older fashion clothing pieces into newer ones, by adding their own artistic touch to them.

A Korean fashion label called LabelVMoon that we recently discovered embodies the same concept of turning old fashion items into new unique treasures.

The only difference? Instead of apparel pieces, the label gives new life to vintage buttons from luxury brands by turning them into unique accessories ranging from jewellery pieces to hair accessories, and even bags.

And by high-end luxury designer brands, we’re talking names like Chanel, Dior, Prada, and Louis Vuitton, just to name a few!


These buttons, which are supposedly from the 1980s to 2000s, are said to be 100% authentic and are mostly sourced from boutiques in countries like Italy, UK, and France as well as from vintage collectors.

And the good news you’ve been waiting for? You can get your hands on these one-of-a-kind designs because LabelVMoon provides shipping to Singapore!

Ahead, AVENUE ONE has put together a visual feast of some of the label’s beautiful repurposed pieces for your shopping consideration.

Jewellery pieces


Get this here for US$125 (~S$168.19).


Get this here for US$125 (~S$168.19).


Get this here for US$115 (~S$154.74). 

If you have sensitive skin, fret not! The majority of jewellery pieces over at LabelVMoon are made with high-quality metals such as S925 silver for the chains and backings, as well as freshwater pearls and aluminium alloy for the vintage buttons, so you won’t have to worry about any skin flare-ups.

Hair accessories

Claw clips have been the trending hair accessory for everyone from Korean celebrities to Gen Zers, but we bet you’ve yet to come across any as stylish and chic as these ones by LabelVMoon.


Get this here for US$115 (~S$154.74).


Get this here for US$115 (~S$154.74).

The brand has also created other accessories like hairbands and hats that will effortlessly complete any of your summer outfits!


Get this here for US$115 (~S$154.74). 


Get this here for US$125 (~S$168.19).

Fashion accessories

Mini bags are also available here, and LabelVMoon actually goes beyond simply plastering a vintage button onto a random bag.

Just take a look at our top picks below and you can see that the team puts a lot of thought into creating special designs that elevate a somewhat plain bag to something that you may even see at the actual designer stores!


Get this here for US$165 (~S$222.02).


Get this here for US$225 (~S$302.75).

Fancy some new kicks? The brand also offers stylish boots and high heel slip-ons that you’d love to rock whenever you head out of the house.


Get this here for US$225 (~S$302.75).


Get this here for US$205 (~S$275.84).

Other fashion accessories you can find at LabelVMoon include sunglasses and dainty belts that are the perfect final touches to your stylish ensemble.


Get this here for US$135 (~S$181.65).


Get this here for US$125 (~S$168.19).

All the accessories over at LabelVMoon are handmade with love using rare vintage buttons, so you can be sure that no two pieces are the same – whichever design you choose to go for is exclusive to you only.

Now that you’ve had a sneak peek of what LabelVMoon has to offer, hop over to its online store to shop the full range of quality repurposed jewellery.