We’re loving bright & pastel knit sweaters this spring season – here’s where you can shop them

Tired of classic black, white, and neutrals? If there’s one way to bring a pop of colour to your outfit, it would be with bright and pastel knit sweaters.

Sweaters that are cheerfully patterned and boast a rainbow of vibrant shades, these knit pieces are a style that’s been picking up, especially during this spring season. Knit sweaters with chunky floral patterns have been spotted on Korean celebrities like Naeun and Kim Na-young, as well as influencers on our Instagram feed.

To help you strut into the season with a happy spring in your step, we share our favourite colourful knit sweaters seen on stars and personalities, as well as where you can buy your very own!

Colourful knit sweaters, as spotted on


colourful knit sweaters singapore - Naeun
Credit: @marcellasne_/Instagram

Naeun donned an oversized knit sweater in orange and mustard, with large flower patterns, over a pair of loose-fitting cream pants. We’re thinking cosy vibes.

Kim Na-young

colourful knit sweaters singapore - Kim Na-young
Credit: @nayoungkeem/Instagram

Kim Na-young wore a baby blue knit cardigan with soft rose patterns, over a white fit, really sprucing it up. She also wore a beaded necklace to complement this feminine style.

Sean Lew

colourful knit sweaters singapore - sean lew
Credit: @seanlew/Instagram

Multi-talented professional dancer Sean Lew is also known for his imaginative fashion styles, which is why it’s a pleasant surprise to find him collaborating with clothing brand YITAI to present the Lewser x YITAI vibrant sweater collection.

Here, he dons a playfully designed, not-your-average varsity jacket that’s complete with large, multi-coloured flower patterns.

colourful knit sweaters singapore - sean lew (1)
Credit: @yitai.la/Instagram

While the one above’s not a knit piece, he’s also seen wearing beautiful, fall-inspired knit designs like this one in vibrant hues of yellow, orange, and green.

Niamh Adkins

colourful knit sweaters singapore - niamh adkins
Credit: @niamhadkins/Instagram

This bright blue cloud knit sweater is all we need in our wardrobe right now. The stunning vibrant blue tones on Niamh Adkins is giving us Alice in Wonderland vibes – or, as she said, “I’ve finally found it- the ONE outfit I’d wear if i were a cartoon”.

colourful knit sweaters singapore - niahm adkins
Credit: @niamhadkins/Instagram

As if the beautiful blue knit sweater isn’t stunning enough, she also goes on to parade this sweet summer strawberry fit, paired with a pair of denim jeans and a beaded necklace.

Olivia Frost

colourful knit sweaters singapore - olivia frost
Credit: @oliviabynature/Instagram

If you’re looking for pastel outfit inspiration, then @oliviabynature is the person to follow on your ‘gram. There’s never a dull outfit with the gorgeous pastel or vivid hues that she always makes sure to have on her.

colourful knit sweaters singapore - flower design
Credit: @oliviabynature/Instagram

We spotted this creamy knit sweater with plump, bright-coloured daisies, not just knitted into the jacket as patterns, but protruding from it like flowers in bloom!

Where to buy colourful knit sweaters


Hand-knitted clothes are close to the hearts of the five women from Turkey who started this homemade knit clothing brand, as knitted pieces remind them of their roots and loved ones. Yes, each piece from Myracle is handmade to order – every one unique and crafted with love.

colourful knit sweaters singapore - daisies
Credit: @myraclehandmade/Instagram

There are so many absolutely gorgeous bright knit sweater designs that you can find from Myracle, from the cloud sweater spotted on Niamh Adkins, earth green sweaters with poppin’ red mushroom patterns, to romantic floral-patterns pieces with delicate pompoms.

colourful knit sweaters singapore - pompoms
Credit: @myraclehandmade/Instagram

Plus, if you want to flaunt knit pieces beyond the air-conditioned indoors in Singapore, you can even get your hands on knitted summer sets, like this strawberry-themed bikini and bucket head one.

colourful knit summer set bikini
Credit: @myraclehandmade/Instagram

The great news? The brand offers free worldwide shipping, so you can get ready to add these cosy knits to your wardrobe soon!

Shop Myracle colourful knit sweaters here.
Website | Instagram


If the colourful collections from YITAI don’t catch your eye, then we don’t know what will. The clothing brand designs a plethora of imaginative artisanal knitwear and crafted garments that are oh-so-vibrant.

colourful knit sweaters singapore - yitai
“Imagine” Knit Jumper

We’re loving the “Imagine” Knit Jumper (S$271.13) that features a beautiful illustration of hands joining together, surrounding the earth, a call toward world peace and harmony.

colourful knit sweaters singapore - italy design
Capri Cardigan

Or, if you’re dreaming of travelling to beautiful Italy, then this knit sweater, the Capri Cardigan (S$189.79), is vibrant piece that you’ll want to take home with you.

The brand ships everywhere in Asia, including Singapore, through DHL Express. Delivery prices vary by region. Shop colourful knit sweaters from YITAI here.
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Sézane is a French brand that began with the founder, Morgane Sézalory, selling beloved vintage pieces with her own twist. It then evolved into a brand that offers an elegant collection of original designs, including knitwear of course.

colourful knit sweaters singapore - red blue
Julion Jumper

The knit sweaters from Sézane aren’t all bright or pastel, there are also more classic and wearable designs like plain neutral pieces, or white cardigans with intricate knit patterning. However, you will also find dynamic designs from the store, like the Julion Jumper (S$183.11), a wool and kid mohair long sleeve sweater that features oblong red, blue, and brown patterns.

colourful knit sweaters singapore - soft florals
Ophrée Jumper

The brand also sells more romantic knit sweaters that are, however, just as colourful, like the Orphée Jumper (S$183.11), a Mohair wool jumper with muted, multi-colour flower prints.

Sézane ships to Singapore, with Express Home Delivery priced at S$16.28. Shop the bright knit sweaters from the brand here.
Website | Facebook | Instagram

LC Waikiki

Add a pop of pastel to your style with the Modest V-Neck Floral Women’s Cardigan (S$35.90) from LC Waikiki.

colourful knit sweaters singapore - green flower pastel

A more affordable option compared to the knit sweaters from the brands listed above, this pastel green, floral-patterned cardigan still sprinkles a lovely splash of colour onto even the plainest outfit.

Pair it with a flare pants for an altogether relaxed fit, or unbuttoned and over a pair of denim jeans for a cheerful, casual style.

Shop Modest V-Neck Floral Women’s Cardigan from LC Waikiki for S$35.90 on Zalora.

Urban Revivo

colourful knit sweaters singapore - urban revivo.jpg 21-47-45-675
Gingham Checkered Crop Cardigan

For street-style, graphic-patterned pieces, head to Urban Revivo to shop their range of daring designs. The Gingham Checkered Crop Cardigan (S$59.90) is a checked green and blue bright knit sweater that’s cropped, making it easy to pair with any pair of pants or skirt.

colourful knit sweaters singapore - knit cami
Knit Cami Top

Into knit pieces but already have enough sweaters for the Singapore weather? You can also consider the brand’s Knit Cami Top (S$39.90), a printed crop cami top that’s shot through with graphic blue and cream patterns.

colourful knit sweaters singapore - flower vest
Floral Print Knit Vest

Or, go for the Floral Print Knit Vest (S$69.90), a sweater vest with a bold purple and cream flower print on the front. Style it the Korean way, over a long-sleeved shirt or blouse, and pair it with everything from relaxed denim jeans to short tennis skirts.

Gingham Checkered Crop Cardigan for S$59.90 on Zalora
Knit Cami Top for S$39.90 on Zalora
Floral Print Knit Vest for S$69.90 on Zalora


Another urban apparel label, Obey offers designs that are vivid and striking. Besides all-over-graphic tees and sweats, the brand also has colourful knit sweaters that are there to make a statement.

colourful knit sweaters singapore - men pink orange
Dexter Cardigan in Pink

The Dexter Cardigan in Pink (S$185.99) is a fluffy knit sweater with a lightweight feel, and features a dynamic purple-orange print. Toss this knit sweater over a simple plain t-shirt and jeans, and you’ll be taking your style to the next level.

colourful knit sweaters singapore - purple flowers
Iris Cardigan in Black

Since we’re drawing inspiration from a lot of floral-patterned pieces, how can we exclude the Iris Cardigan in Black (S$176.99) from our list? The wool-mix knit sweater might have a black base colour, but the design just stands out because of the vibrant purple flowers that line its front. Colour coordinate with a purple bag, shoes, or cap to really tie your whole outfit together.

Dexter Cardigan in Pink for S$185.99 on ASOS
Iris Cardigan in Black for S$176.99 on ASOS


If you prefer to shop on the familiar e-commerce store Shopee, you’ll find a delightful selection of Korean-style knit sweaters at very affordable prices too.

colourful knit sweaters singapore - cloud
White Cloud Knit Top

This White Cloud Knit Top (from S$17.90) comes in two styles: sleeveless or with long sleeves. If you’re hoping to parade your pastel knitted designs throughout the day without bearing the heat, then you can go for the sleeveless piece that can be casually slipped over a plain blouse. Or, choose the long-sleeve, oversized sweater for a cosy fit.

colourful knit sweaters singapore - flower
Korean Loose Long-sleeved Knit Cardigan

The Korean Loose Long-sleeved Knit Cardigan (S$13.40) features delicate flower embroidery patterns for a graceful style. Since it’s cropped and lightweight, it’s super versatile for styling – wear it on its own as a top, or over a long dress for a fully feminine vibe.

White Cloud Knit Top for S$17.90 to S$19.38 on Shopee
Korean Loose Long-sleeved Knit Cardigan for S$13.40 on Shopee

Cotton On

Pastels are obviously the colour of the season, as seen through Cotton On’s newest range of light-toned knitwear.

colourful knit sweaters singapore - pastel cardigan
Milli Cardi

Check out the Milli Cardi (S$39.99) that stacks complementary pastel hues on the sleeves and front of the knit sweater. You can even wear it over the brand’s Milli Cami (S$24.99) to add to the number of playful hues in your outfit.

colourful knit sweaters singapore - sunflower
Sunflower Tie Crochet Trim Cardi

You’ll also adore the Sunflower Tie Crochet Trim Cardi (S$25) that’s a sunny pastel yellow with happy sunflower designs that up the ante even more on a bright and cheerful style.

Milli Cardi for S$39.99 on Cotton On
Milli Cami for S$24.99 on Cotton On
Sunflower Tie Crochet Trim Cardi for S$25 on Cotton On


Think: Sean Lew’s flower-decorated varsity jacket. If you’re searching for a similar style of bright outerwear, then you’ll like the brand’s Embroidered Hoodie in Cream (S$157.45).

colourful knit sweaters singapore - sports jacket
Embroidered Hoodie in Cream

It’s a sports-style pullover that takes a typically laid-back hoodie style to new heights, with unique floral knitted designs detailing the jacket’s sleeves.

colourful knit sweaters singapore - patchwork skirt
Midi Skirt in Black

Another piece to look out for, albeit not a knit sweater, is the Midi Skirt in Black (S$221.94) which features a patchwork of multi-coloured squares. It’s another way to wear your share of bright knit designs in sunny Singapore.

Embroidered Hoodie in Cream for S$157.45 instead of S$314.90, at a 50% discount on Pomelo
Midi Skirt in Black for S$221.94 instead of S$369.90, at a 40% discount on Pomelo


Founded by local artist and designer Sarah Lai En (@laiensarah), Playhood is a Singaporean streetwear label that adopts Sarah’s signature botanical illustrations with bold silhouetted street-style clothing. So, yes, you’ll be #supportinglocal when you purchase the arresting pieces from the brand.

colourful knit sweaters singapore - green flower
Sunflower Bloom Knit Cardigan

The Sunflower Bloom Knit Cardigan (S$47.45) is a bright knit sweater that’s totally worth adding to your wardrobe. A bold twist on sweet pastel outerwear, the cardigan also includes vivid black and orange shades to boast a more striking style.

colourful knit sweaters singapore - playhood

Should dark navy blues or blacks still be your colours of choice, then you might like the Hoodie Hood Cardigan (S$93.60) that has a deep base colour, but with the brand’s iconic flower illustrations on the back. Plus, the knit sweater swaps out regular round buttons for cute flower ones – who doesn’t adore that?

Sunflower Bloom Knit Cardigan for S$47.45 instead of S$94.90, at a 50% discount on Pomelo
Hoodie Hood Cardigan for S$93.60 instead of S$104, at a 10% discount on Pomelo

Browse other knit sweater designs on Playhood.
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Featured image credit: @niahmadkins, @yitai.la

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