Cute animal-ear hats are a trending fashion piece spotted on Korean celebs

Fashion icons from Korea have really turned heads last year. We saw Blackpink’s Lisa walk the runway at the Celine show, Rosé grace the MET gala in an elegant Saint Lauren black dress with a white bow, and Kai from EXO work with Gucci to create the Kai x Gucci collection. It doesn’t matter whether you’re keeping your finger on the pulse of Korean fashion specifically, styles from Korea are increasingly taking the world by storm!

Even without big fashion brand runways or campaigns, we continue to be impressed by Korean personalities’ choices of style. This time, we’ve discovered that animal ear hats are making an appearance on Korean artistes – and they’re upping the ante on adorable, mystical and even edgy street styles!

Cute animal ear hats as seen on Korean personalities


korean animal ear hats singapore
Credit: @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

For a “just for fun” photo shoot with Canadian artist Petra Collins, Rosé donned a white, fuzzy animal-ear headpiece that wrapped around her ears snugly, and tightened around her chin.

Paired with her frosty blonde locks and dusty, vintage-vibe photoshoot backdrop, headdress created a wonderful, mystical vibe – reminiscent of an enchanting scene out of a children’s storybook.

korean animal ear hats singapore
Credit: @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

If you thought that furry ear-shaped hats could spin only a cute style, Rosé certainly proves otherwise. Take inspiration from this beautiful style icon, and you too can flaunt an ethereal, breathtaking style with an animal-ear headdress.


korean animal ear hats singapore
Credit: @for_everyoung10/Instagram

In yet another of her signature OOTD photos captured on the same staircase backdrop, IVE’s Wonyoung also wears an animal-ear headpiece. Hers is furry too, but with bear ears, and she secures it with a dainty bow under her chin whilst gazing at the camera in a pout.

With frills gracing her neckline, sweet black bows adorning her feet, and a sultry Korean makeup style, the bear-ear hat is the accessory that puts the cherry on top of this cute, school-girl fit.

Leejung Lee

korean animal ear hats singapore
Credit: @leejung_lee/Instagram

She’s got more than awesome dance moves and choreography, artiste Leejung Lee also impresses us with her edgy street style. Here she wears a large-eared animal hat in white, together with glitter eyeshadow and a bold red lip – not forgetting the lip ring that she always keeps on. Her look reminds us that a cute yet ready-to-take-on-the-world style very surely does exist.


korean animal ear hats singapore
Credit: @nozeworld/Instagram

You would recognise NO:ZE from the crew WAYB on the dance reality show “Street Woman Fighter”. The pair of long bunny ears that she wears on her head is but another hats off to the animal-ear trend we’re seeing on our favourite Korean personalities.

10 most adorable animal ear hats to get in Singapore

1. Bear embroidery hat

korean animal ear hats singapore

This hat, or balaclava, covers not just the head but also the neck and lower half of the face. Soft and fluffy, it’s the perfect headdress for a fall or winter season but can also be sported as a statement accessory right here in sunny Singapore.

korean animal ear hats singapore

It has miniature ears, and is complete with a detachable fur ‘mask’ that has a smiley bear face on it.

Shop this hat for S$5.75 on SHEIN.

2. ROMWE pink reindeer fluffy hat

korean animal ear hats singapore

Pair this fluffy pink reindeer hat with peachy or pink makeup to flaunt a TikTok e-girl aesthetic. The hat extends down to the neck and has two long scarf extensions that even has pockets that allow you to tuck your hands in them.

Shop this hat for S$14 on SHEIN.

3. Bunny ear scarf hat

korean animal ear hats singapore

Another hat that’s a combination of a snug headpiece and long scarves, this one too lets you tuck your hands right into the pockets at each scarf’s tail. The long, floppy bunny ears are ultra adorable, and remind us of the rabbit headdress that NO:ZE wore backstage.

Shop this hat for S$16.13 on Lazada.

4. Unicorn design fuzzy hat

korean animal ear hats singapore

Cute or mystical vibes, you decide. This fluffy design even takes it to the next level with the two paws that you can press to make the unicorn’s ears wiggle. We’re also in love with the glistening, colour-shifting pink unicorn horn.

Shop this hat for S$5.85 on Lazada.

5. Plush Cat Ear Headband

korean animal ear hats singapore

If furry hats are just too warm for the Singapore weather, then this plush cat ear headband is a wonderful alternative. Just as cute and fluffy as the other animal-ear hats, the headband will be just the right accessory to complete your outfit of the day.

Shop this headband for S$1.99 on Shopee.

6. Pom pom decor fuzzy hat

korean animal ear hats singapore

This fuzzy beanie has a wide and fluffy trimming, large furry ears, and two pom-poms that’ll hang adorably down the front. You can even choose between pink and beige depending on the look that you’re going for.

Shop this hat for S$11.25 on SHEIN.

7. Bear ear fluffy hat

korean animal ear hats singapore

We can just picture our favourite Korean celebs sporting a plush hat like this one. Soft and fluffy, it also wraps around the ears like how we’ve seen Rosé, Wonyoung, Leejung Lee, and NO:ZE don their animal-ear hats.

It also has fluffy pom-pom strings that let you fasten the headdress around your chin – but considering Singapore’s warm weather, you can also leave them open and let them hang loose around your face.

Shop this hat for S$4.94 on Lazada.

8. Knitted frog hat

korean animal ear hats singapore

It’s curious how much we adore frog designs today – perhaps it traces back to fairy tale stories like The Frog Prince or even Korean folktales that feature frog characters.

korean animal ear hats singapore

That’s right, they might look like ears, but the two knobs on the hat are actually frog eyes. If you adore a frog design, the lush green colour makes an enchanting shade. Or, you can also go for a beige or brown hue so that the two frog eyes are disguised more like bear ears – similar to the hat that was spotted on Wonyoung.

Shop this hat for S$6.50 on Shopee.

9. Winter bear ears animal hoodie

korean animal ear hats singapore

The winter bear ears animal hoodie might feel a tad warm in the outdoors, but it makes a charming headpiece if you’re visiting air-conditioned attractions or even just snapping a photo for the ‘gram. Available in beige, black, grey, pink, and white, snag the colours you love to pair with your outfit of the day.

Shop this hat for S$5 on Lazada.

10. Rabbit ear decor hat

korean animal ear hats singapore

This long rabbit ear hat looks almost just like the one that was sported by NO:ZE! It covers over the ears and velcros under the chin, as well as has large ears that are unique compared to most others that we’ve seen. To really show off a fluffy animal ear accessory, this gorgeous bunny ear hat is just what you need.

Shop this hat for S$8 on SHEIN.

Feature image credit: @roses_are_rosie/Instagram, @leejung_lee/Instagram