20 best cheongsams to exude elegant vibes this Chinese New Year

If you’re fretting over what to wear for the new lunar new year, you know you’ll never go wrong with the classic cheongsam, a fashion choice that your elders will certainly approve. Be it a traditional cut or contemporary twist, there’s definitely a cheongsam out there that will suit your taste.

We’ve rounded up 20 of the best cheongsams you should definitely consider getting – some of these are modified pieces that you can wear on the daily or even for formal occasions!

1. Traditional straight cheongsam

We know that ‘bright red’ and ‘cheongsam’ together make a winning combination that looks extremely auspicious and flattering so you get to kill two birds with one stone.

Tip: Pair this with statement jewellery fit for CNY to add more oomph into your look!

Get this cheongsam at SGD48.57 here.

2. Plaid cheongsam

Just like cheongsams, plaids are always in style.

This plaid cheongsam is extremely wearable and more muted if you don’t like something too loud and flashy. To complete the fuss-free look, pair with simple accessories and even sneakers if you please!

Get this cheongsam at SGD35.37 here.

3. Vintage modified cheongsam

Featuring a vintage Western twist, this embroidered midi dress is a sophisticated alternative to your typical straight cheongsams.

The dusty blue cheongsam features the typical Mandarin collar and Chinese knotted buttons, then ends with a chiffon skirt embroidered with spring blossoms for a delicate touch.

Get this cheongsam at CNY138 (around SGD26.83) here.

4. Pale blue long-sleeved cheongsam

This cheongsam combines the best of Shanghai-style cheongsams and a more traditional cut to emphasise your curves while keeping it elegant.

Get this cheongsam at CNY138 (around SGD26.83) here.

5. Western-inspired cheongsam

We think this beige and white cheongsam looks so gorgeous that you could probably even wear this on your wedding day as well!

It has kept the essence of a cheongsam with the Mandarin collar but paired a lace bodice with chiffon sleeves for a more modern feel that doesn’t look dated.

Get this cheongsam at CNY135 (around SGD26.25) here.

6. Retro modified cheongsam

If you think that cheongsams are stifling and old-fashioned, this one will certainly prove you wrong.

The maroon Chinese knotted buttons with a timeless plaided spaghetti strap dress is a clever combination that looks effortlessly chic. You can even layer a T-shirt or long-sleeved blouse underneath to create different looks for any occasion!

Get this cheongsam at CNY59.90 (around SGD11.65) here.

7. Rose embroidered cheongsam

Roses feature heavily in Chinese culture for its timeless beauty, which is why they are one of the best flowers you can have embroidered on your cheongsam.

Whether you are 20 or 60, this cheongsam will fit just like a dream: it adds an air of sophistication in younger wearers and sufficiently brings out a refined elegance in those who are more mature.

Get this cheongsam at CNY298 (around SGD57.94) here.

8. Cheongsam with a tulle skirt (cheapest!)

The tulle skirt adds a delicate touch to the feminine cheongsam top in this unique design that actually makes you look younger.

You can opt for either a short or long skirt – the short one gives a light and girly feel, while the longer skirt works great for a dreamier vibe.

Get this cheongsam at CNY39.99 (around SGD7.78) for the short skirt, and CNY45.88 (around SGD8.92) for the long skirt here.

9. Shanghai-style cheongsam

Traditionally, there were two different cheongsam styles: the original one is called Jingpai, or Beijing-style, while the other is Haipai (Shanghai-style). The latter is inspired by Western tailoring, hence you’ll find that it is more body-hugging and feature more elaborate embroidery.

If you belong to the camp who prefers Shanghai-style cheongsams, you’ll love this design that fully embodies tasteful sultriness. With five different classy colours to choose from, you’ll look every bit the impeccable, modern woman that you are.

Get this cheongsam at CNY178 (around SGD34.45) here.

10. Elegant rose cheongsam

Fans of period dramas like Yanxi Palace will love this piece that’s inspired by the costumes commonly worn by the palace ladies in ancient times – it certainly reminds us of the costumes worn by the leading ladies of Yanxi Palace!

Get this cheongsam at CNY269.20 (around SGD52.34) here.

11. Mesh cheongsam with Chinese painting design

Many traditional cheongsams are not made with Singapore’s weather in mind – think the thicker material, higher collars, and tight fit.

This is a light and airy cheongsam that will make sure that you don’t perspire buckets as you go from house to house on Chinese New Year. We also love the Chinese ink printing on the mesh skirt – it truly makes anyone look like a masterpiece!

Get this cheongsam at SGD61.54 here.

12. Embroidered organza cheongsam

This beautiful cheongsam combines the best of traditions and modernity simply with an embroidered skirt. It comes in two tranquil shades of pastel pink and blue for you to choose from.

Tip: To best bring out the dreamy, fairytale vibes of this cheongsam, wear simple floral or pearl accessories.

Get this cheongsam at SGD64.69 here.

13. Slim fit lace cheongsam

If you are all about making a statement at your gatherings, consider this peek-a-boo cheongsam. The bold design and flattering fit will certainly have relatives gushing over how great you look this year!

Get this cheongsam at SGD22.60 here.

14. Megane Red Romance Dawnetta Lace Cheongsam

Be it a family gathering or a fun party with you friends, this cheongsam will not look out of place.

The cold shoulder design is said to look great on any body type and looks absolutely alluring without showing too much skin, so this will win a stamp of approval from your older relatives.

Get this cheongsam at SGD83.90 here.

15. Megane Red Romance Xavierra Cheongsam With Side Panel

Can a cheongsam get any more flattering than this? We love that the side panels create an instantly slimmer silhouette – perfect for hiding the fact that we’ve been snacking a little too much this Chinese New Year!

The professional cut and simple design also make this cheongsam very work-appropriate, so you don’t have to wear this only once a year.

Get this cheongsam at SGD68.90 here.

16. Sunnydaysweety F/W Chinese Style Cheongsam Embroidered Dress

Big and bold prints are in season, so make full use of the trend and go all out in this striking modified cheongsam with a mesh hemline.

Get this cheongsam at SGD243 here.

17. Modern watercolour painting cheongsam

Even if you are no fan of cheongsams, you’ll definitely love this quirky one with a modern watercolour painting design.

In fact, this looks so wearable on a daily basis that most people may not even realise that this is a cheongsam until they notice the Mandarin collar and Chinese knot!

Get this cheongsam at SGD40.80 here.

18. Cheongsam-inspired geometric shape dress

A cheongsam that combines modern geometry and traditional design may sound a little strange, but it’s hard not to love this dress that looks so contemporary – all while incorporating the original elements of a cheongsam!

Get this cheongsam at CNY189.93 (around SGD36.93) here.

19. Zalora Basics Cheongsam Culottes Jumpsuit

A jumpsuit is a versatile choice that looks great on any occasion, so if you’re planning to invest in a cheongsam that you can wear all-year-round, this one from Zalora is a good option to consider.

Get this cheongsam at SGD34.90 here.

20. MGP Label Artemis Drape Maxi Cheongsam In Powder Blue

The perfect harmony between traditional cheongsams and sleek modern drapes, this midi cheongsam comes in a powdery ombre blue that deviates from the usual reds and pinks – not that we’re complaining about this modern take!

Get this at SGD42.50 on Shopee.