21 CNY-appropriate accessories that will earn you praise from elders

Chinese New Year is around the corner, and the yearly dilemma of what to wear is back to haunt us again. Are you finding it difficult to find beautiful accessories in festive colours and patterns to match your new outfit?

We definitely understand your pain, so we found 21 of the most gorgeous accessories that will make you a head-turner at any CNY reunion – and this time, it won’t be because you’re dressed in an all-black ensemble.


1. Taleima Tassel Earrings

Tassel earrings are all the rage these days, and you can definitely pull them off (not literally) during Chinese New Year as well. These actually resemble the tassels on Chinese lanterns, and definitely add a touch of traditional flair to any outfit.

You can get this pair of earrings at SGD12.90 from Zalora.

2. Tess Earrings

No one would accuse you of not dressing appropriately when they see you donning these gold tone, half-circled fan motif earrings. They also make for a great pair of bold statement earrings that you can wear even when it is not Chinese New Year.

You can get this pair of earrings at SGD21.90 from Zalora.

3. Rose Gold Maya Ivory Earrings

Not a fan of red? You are still in-theme with a pair of fan-shaped earrings, adorned with rose gold plated round studs. Wear them after Chinese New Year to channel some Bohemian vibes at the beach – the possibilities are endless!

You can get this pair of earrings at SGD19 from By Invite Only.

4. Oriental Block Earrings

This piece is inspired by classic oriental and imperial palace styles – doesn’t it remind you of the wildly popular Story of Yanxi Palace already? It is handmade with an intricate oriental bead that was made in Japan, and finished off with a mini pearl. The elegant touch that these earrings add to your look will surely not go unnoticed by your relatives.

You can get this pair of earrings at SGD8.90 from Shopee.

5. Bead Earrings

Most of us aren’t born into royalty, but we sure can feel like it with this pair of earrings adorned by multi-hued gems. This is sure to be a conversation starter, and is also a great way to distract people from asking about your private life.

You can get this pair of earrings at SGD19.90 from Mango stores or Zalora.

6. Rubi Manly Beach Earrings

Doesn’t this rattan pattern remind you of dimsum bamboo steamers? This pair of earrings are certainly the most suitable accessories to wear if you are going for dimsum with your family during Chinese New Year.

You can get this pair of earrings at SGD9.95 from Rubi stores or Zalora.

7. Oriental San Earrings in Mandarin Green

Carrying an oriental fan around definitely looks a little too excessive, but you can have them dangling on your ears instead. The golden fan and green tassels make for a luxurious combination to match that cheongsam you are planning to wear.

You can get this pair of earrings at SGD14.90 from LILY+BLING.

8. Emerald City Dangle Earrings in Brass, Jade Green

For something unique, opt for this pair of earrings made with true-vintage glass cabochons from the 1920s. They closely resemble emeralds, which are well-loved in Chinese culture, but of course at just a fraction of the price.

You can get this pair of earrings at SGD45.44 from Etsy.

9. Jade Glass Rare Vintage Drops

Jade is a symbol of goodness, preciousness and beauty to the Chinese. If you want to embody these virtues but want a cheaper option, check out these beautiful earrings made with rare, and true vintage, jade green glass drops from the 1920s.

You can get this pair of earrings at SGD49.69 from Etsy.

10. Chinese Porcelain Plum Blossom Earrings

Porcelain is synonymous with Chinese culture, making this pair absolutely suitable to don during the Chinese New Year festivities. It is actually made with porcelain, hand-painted with plum blossoms, and finished with sterling silver ear wire, so you feel like you are actually wearing a piece of precious Chinese art.

You can get this pair of earrings at SGD21.30 from Etsy.


11. Hydrangea Jade Donut Necklace (9KT)

Hydrangea flowers are native to China, so it’s little wonder that they are paired with precious jade to create a symbolic necklace. Crafted in solid 9kt gold and completed with an exquisite Type A Jadeite, this is a lovely jade piece that will surely earn some jealous stares at any gathering.

You can get this necklace at SGD1,699 from Choo Yilin.

12. Yu Ahn Jade Cluster Necklace

A jade necklace that is CNY appropriate, and repels Aedes mosquitos using refillable Citronella Oil infused beads? Consider us sold!

You can get this necklace at SGD34 from By Invite Only.

13. Diamond Fan Necklace

If you don’t like flashy accessories, this simple fan necklace with a 925 silver chain will surely hit all the right notes.

You can get this necklace at SGD22 from Lazada.

14. Mahjong Pendant

No Chinese New Year reunion is complete without a game of mahjong with the relatives. Get some good luck in all your games with this vintage mahjong tile dating from the 1940s that you can wear around your neck.

You can get this necklace at SGD42.17 from Etsy.

15. Miniature Pineapple Tarts Glass Globe Necklace

Eating too many pineapple tarts is probably bad for your diet, but no one will stop you from wearing this necklace to show your love for the Chinese New Year snack. Aren’t these handmade miniature pineapple tarts just so adorable?

You can get this necklace at SGD14.40 from Shopee.

16. Dragonfly Aura Gold Necklace

The dragonfly is a symbol of good luck and good fortune to whom it lands upon, so this dragonfly necklace plated in 14K gold is definitely an accessory you should wear for prosperity in the upcoming new year.

You can get this necklace at SGD34 from Minimalist Lab.


17. Small Peony Coin Charm Bracelet

Known as the ‘king of the flowers’, the peony is a Chinese symbol of royalty, virtue, wealth and honour. Wear this graceful flower on a bracelet adorned by a floral coin charm with diamante detail – your elders will surely be in favour of this elegant and symbolic accessory.

You can get this bracelet at SGD79 from Guess stores or Zalora.

18. Chinese Cinnibar Bangle

Ever encountered a situation where someone you met was wearing the exact same accessory as you? To avoid being in such an awkward situation, get something special and rare – such as this cinnibar bangle that has only one of its kind in stock? Made from wood, carved with flowers and then lacquered with a red coating, it looks so much like a real antique that you could probably pass it off as one!

You can get this bangle at SGD17.04 from Etsy.

19. Modern Peranakan Gold Charm Bracelet – Vermilion

For the Peranakans who want to proudly show the charms (pun intended) of their unique cultural background this Chinese New Year, EDEN + ELIE offers a bracelet with Peranakan-patterned charm that is woven with Miyuki delica glass beads from Japan.

You can get this bracelet at USD129 from EDEN + ELIE.


20. Rose Gold Reese Opal Ring

Just like jade, opal is another gem that is embraced by Chinese culture for the luck and abundance it supposedly brings. If you want to wear this gem for good luck in the New Year, check out this ring that is 18 karat rose-gold plated on stainless steel, and features a pearlescent Opal stone.

You can get this ring at SGD24 from By Invite Only.

21. Pineapple Ring

Pineapples are another staple in Chinese traditions – the sound of the Chinese word for pineapple is close to the sound of “good luck coming your way,” so it is a popular symbol of wealth, fortune, and prosperity. Of course, you can still wear this after Chinese New Year for a cute summer look.

You can get this ring at SGD150 from Annielka.