11 less-than-a-minute NO SEW clothing hacks to fix oversized clothing

Ever purchased a super cute clothing item online, waited with bated breath while it arrived at your doorstep, excitedly tore open the packaging only to find that the super cute dress you thought would be perf doesn’t quite fit right? And oh, you can’t return it? Yeah, even the best of us have been there, done that. Ugh, talk about buzzkill!

(Psst, we have a list of online retailers that offer no-question-asked return policies. Check it out!)

Or maybe you’ve lost quite a bit of weight (good on ya!) but your absolute fav pair of jeans just don’t fit anymore.

While the usual solution to that would be to alter it at a tailor’s, it can be rather cumbersome to run an errand like this.

But we’re here to tell you this you don’t always need alteration service for poorly fitted clothes, nor do you need to be skilled at sewing to right the wrong yourself.

Here are 11 life-saving clothing hacks that don’t require an ounce of sewing skill in you – or even a needle and a thread – to get your beloved clothes to fit just the way you want!

1. For jeans that don’t fit you as snugly as you would like

Source: youtube.com

You may have purchased your fair share of jeans, only to find that the ‘tight jeans’ you thought would be snugly fitted, doesn’t fit well at all.

The solution? Wash them at a slightly higher temperature than usual. We don’t know the exact science behind this, but this will cause the fabric to shrink slightly, giving you a much better, a snugger fit.

2. Pants that hang limp on your waist

Source: videoblocks.com

We’ve all faced situations when that perfect pair of pants, shorts, jeans, skirt – whichever – just make you swoon… but then hang limp on the waist.

How to deal? Get yourself a fetching belt and strap it around the waist for a paperbag effect. Chic, cute, and not to mention, completely effortless.

3. Say goodbye to pesky shirt gaps!

While the usual solution would be to sew on another button, if you don’t know nadda about sewing, don’t fret – simply stick on some fashion tape and you’re ready to head out! Piece of cake!

4. Jeans too long? Cuff ‘em up for a chic, off-duty look

Source: stylewile.com

Just like the title says, and a problem that petite people often face. Got a pair of jeans that is just wayyyy too long for you? (We’re talking dragging on the floor kind of length!)

Cuff ‘em up – your feet and shoes will thank you for it.

5. For the clothes that ALMOST fit but are still not quite right

Source: bustle.com

Got a dress or top that fits okay, but not quite perfect? A padded bra or a push-up bra is a quick fix to that solution to fill it up a too-loose top!

6. Put on a pair of heels for pants or dresses that’re too long

Source: youtube.com

Save this tip, petite girls out there! The super cute dress you bought that looked above-the-knee length on the 178cm model on the website but way below knee length on yourself?

Ain’t nothing a pair of good heels can’t solve!

7. Bundle up your clothing at the side for clothing that’re too long

Source: windsorpeak.com

Alternatively, bunch your too-loose tee or too-long skirt at the side for a bohemian-chic look. While you could just as easily give your too-long tee the good ol’ tuck-in, what’s the fun in a look that practically everyone on the streets already wears?

8. Straps of your dress or dressy top too long, use a safety pin!

Source: pinterest.com

While a smidgen or peek of cleavage can be cute, a too-loose, bare-it-all look isn’t cute at all. All you need to fix this is two safety pins – simply fold in the straps evenly, secure it with a safety pin underneath, and you’re ready to head out with your newly-fitted top or dress!

Alternatively, if you don’t like the thought of using a safety pin, simply weave your fav scarf around the two straps, pull it up, bundle it up, and head out a brand new woman.

9. For sleeves that’re way too long

As unbelievable as this might be, all this requires are just two rubber bands. Simply place the rubber band to the desired length of your sleeve, and fold over the excess cloth over the rubber band. Alternatively, safety pin it for a less scuffed look.

Watch the video above for a tutorial!

10. For dresses that are unexpectedly too revealing

Got a dress that has just too big of a V-neck cut? Simply put a plain shirt underneath it for an elegant, demure look.

11. For dresses that are too long…and but you don’t want the belt to be seen

Source: wikihow.com

For those occasions you don’t feel like a belt is part of a look but you still want to cinch in the dress? Simply fasten the belt on normally, pull out the desired amount of excess cloth to the length you want, then fold it over the belt to mask any evidence that it may be too loose.