Kids get to role-play vet, police officer, postman, and other jobs at this pop-up event

Thinking where to take your kids this June holidays? My Little 90’s Job Adventure may just be the fun and photo-worthy activity to consider!

Presented by Kiztopia and VivoCity, children are invited to explore the world of pretend play at VivoCity’s Outdoor Plaza, in a space that spans 1,010 square metres.

my little 90s job adventure map
Map of the event space

Designed for children aged between four and eight, the adventure comprises eight air-conditioned role-play rooms, designed as a town with a central hub. Children will have the opportunity to step into the shoes of intriguing professionals, such as chefs, police officers, veterinary assistants, postmen, and builders.

Working alongside Kiztopia Friends, they will engage in enriching tasks, from creating their own “pizza” masterpiece to solving crimes. Note that parents won’t be able to enter the rooms with their children while they “work” to encourage independence, but you’ll get the chance to snap photos of them in the cute props and costumes after they’ve completed their tasks.

Besides “working”, children will also take a “salary” in the form of KizKash after they complete each job. KizKash can be exchanged for gifts as a token of their hard work.

My Little 90's Job Adventure ball pit

While toddlers won’t be able to participate in pretend-play, the pop-up event also features the Tiger’s Obstacle Race and Mark’s Inflatable Ball Pit that are safe and fun for them.

My Little 90’s Job Adventure review

I brought my four-year-old to the event and he played a postman, builder, and factory worker.

My Little 90's Job Adventure post office

At the post office, he was tasked to put letters into the right mailboxes, according to the colours of the envelopes. Then, the challenge was increased when he had to read from the address on the envelopes to find out which country it was for and organised the envelopes accordingly. While he found these tasks a little too simple and wished they were more challenging, it was fun to dress up.

My Little 90's Job Adventure construction site

At the construction site, he put on a pair of googles and a helmet, and together with other children, built a structure based on blueprints provided to them. This was more up his alley as he had always enjoyed building, thanks to years of playing with Duplo and Lego blocks. He also had the chance to experience team work through this activity.

My Little 90's Job Adventure factory

Finally, at the factory, he assembled a toy car using a toy screwdriver and bolts. This was probably the task he enjoyed the most among the three. I could see him being very focused on it and he completed the task quickly and with pride.

At the end of the “work day”, I rewarded him with some time at the ball pit, and he got to exchange his “salary” for some snacks. As the item that he really “cost” more than what he earned, he had to give it up and go for another item. It was a great opportunity for me to use this to start a conversation with him about hard work and the concept of money.

Ticketing and availability details

My Little 90’s Job Adventure will take place from 26 May to 25 Jun 2023. It’s open from 3pm to 9pm from Monday to Thursday, and 10am to 9pm from Friday to Sunday. The location is at VivoCity Outdoor Plaza, 1 HarbourFront Walk, Singapore 098585.

There are two pass options available:

  1. Standard Pass
    • One role-play activity: S$10 (onsite purchase only)
    • Four role-play activities: S$28
    • Eight role-play activities: S$48
  1. Express Pass:
    • Four role-play activities: S$56
    • Eight role-play activities: S$96

Note that there are limited number of Express Passes daily and there’s a validity of three days for purchased activities from the intended visit date. You can get your tickets on Klook.