We asked a 3-year-old to review new LEGO vehicle sets; here’s how it went

Cool cars and LEGO blocks are probably what most children would agree are their favourite things.

lego vehicle sets 2

If you’re looking for gifts for car-loving children, consider this list of vehicle sets from LEGO; these are newly launched by LEGO to inspire kids to build action-packed cars. We also included our reviews based on the experience of a three-year-old boy who played with some of them.

Race car

Lego Race car box

Recommended for: Children above 4

Lego Race car model

This simple, 46-piece set can be assembled into a race car and comes with two mini-figures: a racer and a mechanic.

To help with imaginative play, the set also has tools for the mechanic and a winner’s trophy – you probably could already imagine what stories your child can come up with.

lego vehicle sets 3

Review: This is an easy set for any LEGO beginner to complete and have fun while at it. Our little reviewer could put it together by himself with little help and given his fascination with races (thanks to books he’s read about racing), he was very excited to assemble his own race car. Having two mini-figures instead of just one also made it easy for him to launch into play immediately. You should have seen the conversations the two mini-figures have with each other!

Retails for S$14.90 at Shopee or Bricks World.

Police car

Lego Police car box

Recommended for: Children above 5

This sporty-looking patrol car comes with details: cool headlights, stylish rims, and wide fenders, as well as sufficient room behind the wheel to seat a LEGO City police officer.

And speaking of the police mini-figure, he comes dressed with a cap and a flashlight to complete the look..

lego police car model

Review: Which kid doesn’t love the police car? What’s more this looks really stylish and the mini-figure makes it extra fun. This is also another easy set that he could put together with minimal assistance, but is challenging enough to give him a sense of achievement.

Retails for S$14.90 at Shopee or Bricks World.

Tree-Planting Vehicle

Lego Tree-Planting Vehicle box

Recommended for: Children above 6

From the LEGO Friends series, this is great for nature-loving children. The set includes a tree nursery, gardening accessories, wildlife figures (a cute squirrels, butterflies, ladybirds, and bees!), and two mini-dolls. But one of the highlights that children are bound to love is the drivable (electric!) pickup truck that’s equipped with an articulated arm to lift trees into it.

Tree-Planting Vehicle model

Review: This super pretty set has so much details and the addition of cute wildlife figures made this irresistible for our little reviewer. He had fun asking his parents about gardening, learning more about plants along the way. The movable parts on the pickup truck were also interesting for him.

Retails for S$49.90 at Shopee or Bricks World.

Street Racer

lego Street Racer box

Recommended for: Children above 7

This fun set gives you three cars in one set: a Street Racer (with a removable roof!), a superfast racing car, and a hot rod.

This means your child can build and rebuild the same set over and over – perfect for engaging them and getting them to think out of the box.

Lego Street Racer model

Retails for S$29.90 at Shopee or Bricks World.

Lotus Evija

Lego Lotus Evija box

Recommended for: Children above 8

This is a realistic replica of the Lotus Evija, perfect for car-loving children who really know their stuff. It’s packed with authentic details that even adult car enthusiasts will love, making it great for parents or aunts and uncles to share their love for sports car to share their passion.

Lotus Evija model

This set also comes with a suited Lotus driver to facilitate play.

lego vehicle sets 1

Review: While this was recommended for children above 8, our little reviewer was still able to complete it with some help from his parents. The realistic model made him feel like he’s playing “big boys’ toys” and he was extremely proud to own a cool car model like this. “This is the car I want to drive when I grow up!” he said. Great ambition!

Retails for S$29.90 at Shopee or Bricks World.

1970 Ferrari 512M

Lego 1970 Ferrari 512M box

Recommended for: Children above 8

From the LEGO Speed Champions series, this is the mini version of the 1970 Ferrari 512M, this has realistic details that make it look just like iconic race car. Your child will love how he/she can get to build the car brick by brick, revealing its sleek lines and gorgeous design.

Don’t forget to pop the Ferrari driver behind wheel for some racing fun!

Retails for S$29.90 at Shopee or Bricks World.

Formula E Porsche 99X Electric

Formula E Porsche 99X Electric model

Recommended for: Children above 9

From the Technic series, this allows you to celebrate one of the world’s most popular Formula E racing teams.

After you’ve put together the 422-piece set, get a sense of the power of a racing car with its two pull-back motors; you can pull it back by hand then use your foot to launch the car. On top of these, you can even download an app, scan the model, for an AR experience!

Retails for S$79.90 at Shopee or Bricks World.

Ford Mustang Shelby GT500


Lego Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 model

Recommended for: Children above 9

From LEGO Technic series, this makes for a great gift for those who love fast cars. The replica version of the iconic race car, this model allows you to use its two pull-back motors to recreate the thrill of a real drag race.

You can even put the car on a virtual race-track thanks to the AR experience it offers through its app.

Retails for S$79.90 at Shopee or Bricks World.