Esports – 5 reasons why eSports are becoming so popular

The 5 reasons why eSports are rapidly growing in popularity

You may not be old enough to remember this, but there was a time where parents used to complain to their children that they needed to stop playing video games and that these games were nothing more than a waste of time. Children argued that they helped improve hand-eye coordination and they were a great source of entertainment, but most parents were not buying it.

Oh, how times have changed. Now we live in an era when not only our kids are playing games in ever-increasing numbers, but their parents are joining  them. This has led to a revolution in the sporting world, as eSports are becoming even more popular than some forms of live sports. It is absolutely crazy.

How did this come to be?

What may be even more amazing to you is that videogames have only been around for about 60 years. As this infographic shows, the first of these games was tennis. This was nothing more than a little blip moving back and forth across the screen that players tried to hit using a rectangular paddle. It is stunning how simplistic this game was but required massive computing to be able to process.

This has eventually led to huge leagues competing for fun and prizes across the globe. The number of players involved in these leagues is growing at an exponential rate. In 2018 it was believed that 173 million people played eSports, but that number is expected to reach nearly 300 million by 2023, with another 350 million tunings in to watch these events. It is stunning how this industry has grown so quickly.

This may seem surprising, but it should not be. The truth is that this should have been expected, and here are five reasons why Esports has been growing in popularity so quickly.

It is fun to do

The reason why so many people like playing video games is because they are fun. Generations have been playing these games, and the percentage of people playing them in each generation is increasing at a significant rate.

Plus, video games provide a skill set that can be useful later on in life. This is actually true of all types of games and is why games have often been looked at as a great gift for toddlers. They help to teach a lot of important life lessons, even if that is nothing more than accepting that you do not always win.

Anybody can play

If you are a person who spent your entire life being the last person picked for any sports team, then the likelihood is that one of the reasons why you get into eSports is because you do not need to run a four-minute mile, be two metres tall, or throw a ball 150 kph.

You can be short, out of shape, and completely unathletic and still enjoy playing eSports. Not only can you enjoy them, but you can be exceptionally good and compete at an international level.

Players can be themselves

A lot of the major sports leagues on the planet have imposed penalties for those whose behavior they label as unsportsmanlike. This means taunting opponents, acting childish, or celebrating after a big score has been removed from the game. In essence, the fun has been taken out. Not so in eSports, however.

The reason why so many people enjoy watching these contests is because the character of the players is on full display. When players have big victories or suffered big defeats, they are wearing it on their sleeve. This means you get to get in on all of the excitement or disappointment with your favorite players or teams.

The competition level is high

Maybe these games are being played by people who are clearly out of shape, but that does not mean they are not as competitive as you would find on the pitch or the court. Players get into these games, and the skill level is absolutely unreal.

These are players who have spent a significant amount of time learning how to hone their craft. They have likely spent as much time on the pitch, field, rink, or court as any professional athlete you will find, and so the competition is fierce. Watching the action is incredible as these players battle, sometimes for million-dollar prizes.

You can learn

For those watching these events, they are likely watching an eSports event in a game they enjoy playing. This gives them the opportunity to learn new skills, techniques, or strategies that can assist them in their own game. If you are under 170cm, you are likely not going to learn much about becoming a star quarterback by watching an NFL game. You simply do not have the height and skill level, but this is not the case with eSports. Those watching the events can incorporate much of what they see into their own game.

Because of these factors, it is not surprising that eSports has grown as it has. This is one of the most enjoyable activities for many people, and the truth is that its popularity is only going to increase.