12 Christmas gifts that will delight kids – from toddlers to tweens

Tis’ the season for festive cheer and gift giving! With December and Christmas right around the corner, it’s time to get shopping for your gifts if you haven’t already.

If you’re still deliberating over what to get for your child, niece/nephew, or your best friend’s kid, fret not because we’ve got you covered.

We’re recommending 12 gifts for your little ones that are bound to spread some festive cheer and make ’em grin from ear to ear! There’s something for every kid out there – books for the little biblophiles, games, and toys, and we’re rounding them up in this gift guide below.

Gifts for toddlers

1. Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table

This music activity table is definitely the gift to get to keep your child entertained while you need to take a breather! This table is packed full of features, including a flip book, piano, drum, guitar, French horn and even shaped buttons to introduce your baby to shapes. It also comes with a volume control so you can adjust the volume, especially if you’re working from home and you’re on a call.

The Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table retails for S$119.20 (including shipping) at Amazon.

2. Melissa & Doug My First Paint With Water Activity Books Set

This mess-free painting book is perfect even for toddlers! With just a brush and water, you won’t need to worry about crayon doodles on the walls or paint-stained carpets anymore.

The set includes three water activity books, with scenes of animals, vehicles and pirates. Bear in mind that your kids will probably require supervision as they might tear the pages when too much water is used, so think of this as a potential weekend family activity!

Melissa & Doug My First Paint With Water Activity Books Set retails at Amazon for S$17.39.

3. Indestructibles: Rip-proof baby books

Printed on lightweight, nontoxic paper-like material that is able to withstand repeated washings, Indestructibles are the perfect gifts for anyone who’s trying to get their baby into reading without having to fear ripped or chewed off pages!

With over 44 titles, there’s bound to be something for every child in the Indestructible series – go on adventures around the jungle, city, or see the scenes of nursery rhymes play out across the pages.

The Indestructibles retail for S$9.17 at BookDepository.

4. VTech Peppa Pig Scribbles and Sounds Doodle Board

If your kids are fans of the ever-so-popular Peppa Pig, they’ll definitely love this doodle board. Peppa Pig narrates the board, suggesting drawing or letter ideas, and the set comes with three stencils to help little ones train their letters, phonics, shapes and early writing skills.

This mess-free toy uses just a stylus, and scribbles can be easily erased with just one swipe so playtime with the kids won’t be much of a hassle too!

The VTech Peppa Pig Scribbles and Sounds Doodle Board retails for S$49 at Toys R Us.

Gifts for kids aged 4-7

5. Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Hover Shot Game

With carnivals off the table for the time being, you can have your very own target shooting range at home with this Toy Story themed game! This hover shot game takes your kids’ aim to the next level (literally!) because these targets are far from the ones you’re used to – turn on the Hover Shot machine and five balls are suspended in mid-air by a current of wind!

The set includes two sizes of balls for two levels of difficulty, as well as a powerful precision blaster & performance darts to take aim & fire like you’re the Space Ranger of Star Command.

The Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Hover Shot Game retails for S$49.99 at Toys R Us.

6. Kids Digital Camera

We know how kids can get when they have something in their hands, and they fling it across the room once they’ve decided they’re bored of it. This kids camera actually functions like a real camera, with added protection such as a high quality eco-friendly soft silicone non-toxic material with protective shockproof shell to protect it from shocks and tumbles.

This kids digital camera has dual cameras to support a selfie mode, can take up to 1920x1080P HD videos, and is equipped with 4x digital zoom. Why not get your little ones to take the family pictures this Christmas and who knows, you may just realise you have a budding photographer at home!

The Kids Digital Camera retails for S$42 on Amazon.

7. Usborne First Reading Level One Set

Designed for beginner readers, the Usborne First Reading Level One Paperbacks are just what you need to get your child reading, even with little support and guidance from parents. This set consists of 12 books, each with a single story of six pages of reading-related puzzles.

The Usborne First Reading Level One Set retails for S$21.40 on Shopee.

8. Timber Tumble Balancing Game

This deceptively simple skill game will have everyone on tenterhooks as you take turns figuring out the safe logs to put out without displacing the beaver. No two games are ever the same, because each round will pose a brand new challenge depending on how the logs are stacked.

Perfect for training your little ones’ motor and coordination skills, this game is also a great way for some family game time on the weekends!

The Timber Tumble Balancing Game retails for S$29.90 at The Better Toy Store.

Gifts for kids aged 8-12

9. Roald Dahl Box Set

Everyone’s heard of Roald Dahl and his all-time favourites, such as Matilda, The BFG, and Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. This box set includes 15 classics, and are just the thing you need to introduce your kids to higher-level reading.

The Roald Dahl Box Set retails for S$46.82 at Shopee.

10. Monopoly – Arcade Pacman

Kids of today probably won’t know what Pac-Man is, so why not bring the 80’s back with this adorable Monopoly set? This levelled up version really takes the game of Monopoly up a notch, bringing the classic Ghost and Pac-Man chase straight to the game board.

How to play

Players move around the board as Pac-Man, and also move the Ghost token on their turn. The Ghost Die determines how far the Ghost token moves. 

You can also move around the board and can advance to or steal a Level depending on the space you land on. If you pass or land on Go, you’ll get to play as Pac-Man!

In the Monopoly Arcade Pac-Man, you’ll play for points instead of money, which can be earned by buying Levels and playing mini games of Pac-Man on the banking and arcade unit! Insert your plastic arcade coin into the banking and arcade unit to check scores, pay rent, buy, sell, or steal Levels, play mini games of Pac-Man, and more.

The Monopoly – Arcade Pacman retails for S$47.99 on Toys R Us.

11. Puzzle Maze Ball

This toy will have any child – no matter their age – entertained for hours! Designed like a jigsaw and obstacle crossover, it tests your child’s hand-eye coordination ability and trains their patience. It works by rotating, twisting, and trying to move the ball along the numbered path across 158 obstacles and against gravity.

The Puzzle Maze Ball retails for S$9.74 on Shopee.

12. Brain Games Kids

Based on the Emmy-nominated National Geographic Channel TV series, Brain Games, this game set puts your mind and body to the test for the ultimate family game night! Teams go head-to-head to test their logic, language, vision and physical coordination, and the first team to reach the finish space wins.

The set includes 128 Challenge Cards in three categories: 48 Puzzling Pictures Cards, 48 Brain Benders Cards, 32 Body Language Cards.

Brain Games Kids retails for S$55 on Amazon.