12 ways to decorate your desk as you head back to the office for work

Most of us have gotten used to some form of working from home wfh after the pandemic; we’ve even created cosy home office setups to make our wfh life much more comfortable, with extra screens, ergonomic chairs, and cute desk decors. .

But one thing that we’ve learnt from our time spent in our home offices is that a good desk space makes sitting in front of our screens all day a much more gratifying experience. Although returning to the office can be challenging, why not take it from ourselves and ease into a new workflow with a pleasant desk set up?

Fret not – we’ve got 12 homey decor ideas to help you spruce up your desk and make heading back to the office something you can look forward to!

With the perfect corporate interior design, you can transform your workspace into a cozy haven that boosts productivity and sparks creativity. From adding personal touches to incorporating functional decor, here are some ideas to turn your desk into an inviting and comfortable workspace.

Organise your desk with a mini shelf

Keeping your desk neat and organised can help you to stay in the zone better and even reduce stress – you won’t have to scramble to find the notes that you took from this morning’s meeting when your boss asks, plus you’ll have the space to carry out your different tasks.

decorate office desk singapore - shelf
Credit: Jerry & Maggie

Clear out your desk clutter with a mini shelf that lets you organise your items into different categories, like one compartment for your books, another for stationary, and not forgetting the little potted plants that brighten the space!

Shop Jerry & Maggie Desktop Organiser Office Storage Rack for S$50.58 on Amazon.

Surround yourself with natural greenery

Don’t just take it from us, there are studies that show being immersed in nature can increase pleasant feelings and improve overall mental, emotional wellbeing.

decorate office desk singapore - plants

Just having a couple of small potted plants on your desk can make you feel more relaxed while you’re at work. You’d want to choose plants that are easy to take care of and can thrive in an indoor environment. Since succulents only need a little water and are rather sturdy plants, they’re a great choice to accompany you as you ease back into office life.

Shop the Planet Ceramic Flowerpots to plant your succulents in – they’re priced between S$5.80 to S$6.50 on Shopee.

Hop onto the custom mechanical keyboard trend

With mechanical keyboards, the underside of each key has a spring that gives a satisfying click every time it’s pressed. But besides the fact that silent tapping no longer trumps the melodious pitter-patter of clicks and snaps produced by a mechanical keyboard, we’re also into how stunning these keyboards can be.

Credit: Girl with red hat on Unsplash

There are keyboards with backlit neon lights, round keys that give a vintage typewriter vibe, gradient ones that fade from a gorgeous pastel pink to white, and so much more! Any design that you can dream of, you’ll probably be able to achieve with a mechanical keyboard.

Credit: Pablo Punk from Pexels

Why not switch up your regular keys for a fully custom mechanical keyboard that lets you enjoy each keystroke you make at the office?

If you’re worried about the noise, you can also go for keyboard skins that go over your regular keyboard – it’s not the same, but you still get to appreciate soothing colours as you work.

Shop Royal Kludge Mechanical Keyboard for S$109 on Shopee.
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Put up pictures for daily inspiration

Whether you love a good quote to motivate yourself, a stunning photo of the Alps so that you can escape to your “happy place” whilst at work, or a heartwarming photo of the ones you adore, it’s easy to decorate your desk just the way you like with a stylish place card holder!

decorate office desk singapore - wooden picture holder

This rectangular wooden holder is a simple design that won’t add extra clutter to your desk.

decorate office desk singapore - typewriter

Or, if you like a more retro vibe, then these mini typewriters make a cute addition to your table – pair them with a little vase of dried flowers and you’ll have a whole themed setup in your office.

decorate office desk singapore - golden picture holder

For a minimalist style, go for these gold wire cactus and tropical leaf holders that let you slot your photos in snugly.

Shop Wooden Display Stand for $1.70 on Shopee.
Shop Retro Typewriter Stand for S$3.08 on Shopee.

Make the days count with aesthetic calendars

As the saying goes, “Don’t count the days, but make the days count.”

decorate office desk singapore - calendars
Credit: Homlly

Keep your tasks in check with an elegant calendar that lets you scribble down the things that you have to do in the day. Your days at work will be cheerfully more productive, and – despite the expression – you’ll get to cross out the days till TGIF.

decorate office desk singapore - flip calendar

You can also turn the page on this flip desk calendar when you enter the office at the start of each new day; it’ll feel like a fresh start to every morning.

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Get decorative bookends to keep your files upright

Flimsy files contribute to pesky clutter on an office desk. Keep all your files upright with decorative bookends that are small and flat enough so that they’re not bulky on your table.

decorate office desk singapore - bookend

This cut-out giraffe bookend is made of iron and has a non-slip pad below; it’s cute and takes up minimal space.

decorate office desk singapore - wooden iron bookend

These elegant wooden bookends boast a simple curve design that’s easy on the eyes.

Shop the Giraffe Iron Bookened for S$11.99 on Shopee.

Switch out disposable cups for a nice mug

Every person at the office needs a mug for refreshing, iced tea to sip during the day or a fresh brew of fragrant coffee to kickstart the morning. Having a nice-lookin’ mug to cradle in your hands will be extra fuel on top of your must-have cuppa coffee, just because it looks so good.

decorate office desk singapore - shiba inu mug

If you’re a fan of the adorable Japanese dog, Shiba Inu, then you’ll fall absolutely head over heels in love with this mug. It doesn’t only have the cute doggo’s smiling snout – turn the cup around and you’ll find its cute loaf-like butt greeting you from the other side.

decorate office desk singapore - shiba inu mug

The mug even comes complete with a spoon with Shiba Inu’s beaming face, and a lid that allows the spoon to still rest inside the cup.

decorate office desk singapore - tea coffee filter mug

Tea- and coffee-drinkers don’t have to get their daily sustenance with only tea bags or three-in-one coffee packets. With this ceramic mug that comes with a filter, you’ll get to appreciate heavenly brews with ground coffee or loose floral tea blends!

Shop the Shiba Inu mug for S$21.90 on Shopee.
Shop the Ceramic Cup with Coffee Filter for S$33 on Shopee. (At 58% off at the time of writing. Tap in to see latest prices.)

Use a clip-on cup holder to save desk space

Free up space on your desk for important tasks by using a clip-on cupholder to keep your drinks.

decorate office desk singapore - clip on cup holder

It’s a strong and sturdy clip that can be attached to the side of your desk, with a shallow dip that lets you place your cup. Just remember to measure the thickness of your table to make sure that the cup holder fits.

Shop a Clip-On Cup Holder for S$4.58 on Shopee. (At 29% off at the time of writing. Tap in to see latest prices.)

Have a mini desktop vacuum always in reach

decorate office desk singapore - desk vacuum

Mini desktop vacuum cleaners do two things for your workspace. They keep your desk clean and free of dust or dirt, and decorate the table with their cute, rounded designs.

Shop the Cartoon Mini Vacuum Cleaner for S$12.59 on Shopee.

Deck your table with an elegant digital clock

For some, keeping an eye on the clock helps them to get things done quicker as well as manage their time better. A digital clock that doesn’t count each passing second and has a soothing interface might be a good way to get the best of both worlds: be efficient yet not be stressed out about it!

decorate office desk singapore - wooden digital clock

This wireless wooden digital clock tells you more than just the time, it also displays the temperature (for those who like to keep tabs on the weather). You can choose between light brown and dark brown wood too.

Shop the Wooden Digital LED Clock for S$10.90 on Shopee.

Cosy it up with a cute chair pillow

Cute and comfy are the perfect combination for enjoying your office workspace. Since you’ll be sitting down at your desk all day, you don’t want to forget to make room in your desk-decoration-items list for a comfortable chair pillow – say goodbye to an aching back after long hours sitting down!

decorate office desk singapore - office chair cushion

These plush chair pillows come in cactus, strawberry, carrot, and bear designs. They have an anti-slip bottom and provide some support to your back as you work.

Shop the Soft Cartoon Seat Chair Cushion for S$35.97 on Shopee. (At 30% off at the time of writing. Tap in to see latest prices.)

Sneak an adorable mouse pad into your setup

Did you know that using a mouse instead of a trackpad isn’t just more efficient, it also helps to relax your shoulders and neck? Plus, you’ll have an extra way to decorate your desk – with adorably designed mousepads.

decorate office desk singapore - cloud mousepad

Mousepads can add a nice splash of colour to lift your spirits as you hustle at the office. These ones are cute enough to make you feel light as a cloud even as you’re juggling multiple deadlines!

Shop Cute Cloud Shape Mouse Pad for S$5.34 on Shopee.

Just a few simple items in your workspace can make all the difference as you adjust to working at the office. You might even start to love the new setup more than the one you have at home!

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Feature image credit: @chchunnuan.sg/Shopee, Jerry & Maggie