The cutest keyboards and other computer accessories to get to perk up your work day

Monitors have gotten a serious makeover from boring, block-like structures to slim, sleek, and sexy designs. The good news is, so have keyboards. They have transformed from being just a plate of alphanumeric keys to becoming more user-friendly, ergonomic, stylish, and comfortable to use.

RGB keyboards have also taken centre stage in recent years. For the uninitiated, an RGB keyboard is an advanced type of LED-backlit keyboard that generates custom colours by projecting simultaneous combinations of red, green, and blue light, creating millions of potential hues. Its software lets you choose your favourite colours and programme them to appear on certain keys or even in special sequences.

From typewriter-inspired keyboards to captivating backlit ones, we found plenty of unique offerings that can really help to spruce up your work desk. So without further ado, here are the cutest keyboards that are as sturdy as they are aesthetic.

The cutest keyboards to spruce up any desk

ANNE PRO 2 Mechanical Keyboard

cutest keyboards anne pro

The ANNE PRO 2 Mechanical Keyboard’s minimalistic design does more with less. It requires less hand movement with its compact layout, so you’ll have quick access to all of its functions. Perfect for smaller desks, it helps you save precious table space and it’s easy to carry around too. Great for your home office and on the go.

The RGB keyboard has decent Bluetooth connectivity that lets you connect wirelessly to up to four devices. You’ll also be able to switch seamlessly between the devices too.

ANNE PRO 2 Mechanical Keyboard retails from S$95 at Shopee

Xinmeng New Union N520 Wireless Set in Blue

cutest keyboards xinmeng

Adorable yet durable, this wireless set comes with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Round keycaps fit nicely around your fingertips for added comfort. Plus, it has a muted button design that greatly reduces the sound of loud, click-y keys, so you can work in peace. (Your colleagues will probably appreciate this too.)

Xinmeng New Union N520 Wireless Set in Blue retails for S$13.25 at ezbuy

Mofii CANDY Keyboard Mouse Combo

cutest keyboards mofii

Available in pretty pink, green, and blue, the Mofii CANDY Keyboard comes with a cute, egg-shaped mouse to lend an adorable touch to your desk. Its 84 keys boast a compact permutation design which replaces rarely-used function keys with combination keys, saving you space for a cleaner-looking desk.

Offering 10 metres of stable wireless connection, it uses one USB receiver to control the keyboard and mouse simultaneously, so you can plug in and start playing. The mouse also has an ergonomic design to fit smaller hands for more comfortable use.

Mofii CANDY Keyboard Mouse Combo retails for S$40.16 at Lazada

Jelly Comb Multi-Device Universal Bluetooth Rechargeable Keyboard with Integrated Stand

cutest keyboards jelly comb

The Jelly Comb keyboard lets you connect to and switch between two devices without any interference or disconnection. It’s compatible with a wide range of devices, including tablets, mobile phones, and laptops. And of course, it pairs perfectly with Windows iOS and Mac OS systems.

Its slim, solid body has a wide cradle, so you can view your smartphone and tablet at the same time. Don’t worry, its sturdy built will keep your devices from knocking over easily. The stand also provides an ideal angle to ensure the most comfortable typing experience.

Using a unique scissor-switch technology, the keyboard makes sure that the softest keystroke is enough, taking any unnecessary stress off your fingers while you type.

Jelly Comb Multi-Device Universal Bluetooth Rechargeable Keyboard with Integrated Stand retails for S$56.22 at Amazon

Lofree Xiaomi B.Duck Yellow Bluetooth Set

cutest keyboards lofree bduck

Fans of B.Duck are sure to lust over this entire desk set from Lofree. Complete with a keyboard, mouse, calculator, drawing pad, and speaker, these tech accessories will brighten your desk area with their sunny hues, stat.

You can pair the keyboard to three devices simultaneously with its wired and Bluetooth connection modes. Plus, it has three different backlight settings to liven up your workspace. The B.Duck mouse has dual modes and lets you pair it with up to two devices too.

Lofree Xiaomi B.Duck Yellow Bluetooth Set retails from S$59.90 at Shopee

Lofree Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard, Mouse & Calculator in Bloom

cutest keyboards lofree bloom

If you’re a beauty junkie, you’re bound to fall in love with Lofree’s statement-making EH112S Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard in Bloom. It’s equipped with 79 keys that are dressed in lipstick shades, which will look stunning on your work desk. The comfortable Gateron keys also make typing a comfortable experience – great for when you have to churn out work fast.

The keyboard can be connected via wire or Bluetooth and be used with most devices, from Android to iOS systems. Its 4000mAh lithium battery can last for more than five hours with a single charge too, so you can focus on your tasks at hand and let the keyboard do the rest. If you’re going a little too fast, the full N-key rollover will save you from any typos.

To light up your keyboard, you can choose from four different levels of brightness. Its white LED monochrome backlight will be your best ally for any low-light or late-night typing. After a period of inactivity, the keyboard will automatically set itself to sleep with its smart sleep feature.

Lofree Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard, Mouse & Calculator in Bloom retails from S$65.55 at Shopee

Lofree Milk Tea Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard, Mouse, Calculator & Speaker

cutest keyboards lofree milk tea

With the bubbling of the bubble tea craze last year, we’re beginning to spot hues of milk tea in makeup and other accessories too, such as Lofree’s Milk Tea keyboard, mouse, calculator, and speaker set.

Yup, now you can add a splash of warm, light brown tones to your desk with this creamy retro set. The chic keyboard comes with 79 Gateron keys to make your typing experience a comfortable one. Connect this mechanical keyboard to any of your devices, either wired or wirelessly.

Just like the Lofree keyboard in Bloom, you can adjust the level of brightness for your backlit keys accordingly. When you’re working late or are in low-light conditions, the white LED backlight will make typing a breeze. You’ll also want to complete your desk with a mouse, a matching calculator, and even a speaker!

Lofree Milk Tea Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard, Mouse, Calculator & Speaker retails from S$62.99 at Shopee

Kakao Friends Figure Keyboard – Ryan

cutest keyboards kakao friends

If you need to get your hands on all things with Ryan’s adorable face on it, this keyboard would probably be next on your must-have list. One of the cutest keyboards we’ve seen, the figurine of the mane-less lion can be plopped on the top left corner of the blue and white keyboard or anywhere else on your desk.

Inspired by a retro typewriter, this lightweight keyboard has squared keycaps and rounded corners that will fit your fingers perfectly for extra comfort. The compact, wireless, and portable design make it easy to transport around too. The keyboard runs on a single AA battery, so you can replace it easily when you run out of juice.

Kakao Friends Figure Keyboard – Ryan retails for S$58.90 at Shopee

HK Gaming GK61 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard in Prism Pink

cutest keyboards gk61

Built for gamers, this RGB mechanical keyboard offers multiple backlit modes to give you effects of the aurora, waves, gradient, and rainbow. The Prism Pink colourway makes it an even prettier option for those who are looking to spice up their desk.

The Gateron optical switches can be hot-swapped and replaced by other switches too, if you desire. This means you can replace or add to a computer system without stopping, shutting down, or rebooting the system. On top of that, you can customise advanced features and personalise your function keys to make this keyboard uniquely yours.

The GK61 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is fully compatible with Mac and Windows too. Its compact form is ideal for tiny spaces, making it an adaptable piece for most environments, whether you’re using it at home or in the office.

HK Gaming GK61 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard in Prism Pink retails for S$107.90 at Amazon

Mistel Barocco MD770 Ergonomic Split Keyboard

cutest keyboards mistel barocco

Mistel offers amazing split keyboards from its Barocco range, but this one caught our eye with its RGB backlit keys. Compatible with Windows and Mac OS, this slim, lightweight split keyboard lets you keep your wrists at a neutral angle, taking the pressure and strain off over time. Moreover, its ergonomic keys make this keyboard comfortable to use and you can also carry the keyboard anywhere with ease.

The entire keyboard is also programmable to allow remapping to most keys, so you can create key bindings and customise your keyboards based on your needs, whether you’re a gamer, typist, or programmer.

Mistel Barocco Ergonomic Split Keyboard retails for S$214.80 at Amazon

Azio Retro Classic USB (Posh) Mechanical Keyboard

cutest keyboards azio retro classic

Inspired by vintage typewriters and crafted with modern features, the Azio Retro Classic USB (Posh) Mechanical Keyboard sports chrome-plated, round keys that give it an excellent retro look. In fact, its keys are tuned to be tactile and clicky, reminiscent of a vintage typewriter.

The backlit mechanical keyboard brings about a sense of nostalgia, complemented with a durable aluminium alloy frame and a glossy lacquer for a classy shine. Its indicator light marks are also debossed into the leather top and wrapped in copper foil too, upping the overall luxe factor.

You can also achieve the most comfortable position for your wrists by adjusting the keyboard’s tilt angle. Just rotate the hind pillar-like feet and set it to your desired height.

Azio Retro Classic USB (Posh) Mechanical Keyboard retails for S$176.28 at Amazon

Azio Retro Compact Keyboard in Maple

cutest keyboards retro compact maple

Encompassing the past, present, and future, the Azio Retro Compact Keyboard is also inspired by vintage typewriters and spruced up with contemporary features. With its compact form, the keyboard is an ideal creative device that’s designed for both stationary lifestyles and travellers.

Just like the Retro Classic Mechanical Keyboard, you can adjust the keyboard’s tilt angle to get the most comfortable position for your wrists. A matching palm rest made of walnut wood is also included to offer your hands some respite.

It fully supports Windows or Mac OS, and connects wirelessly via Bluetooth or wired via a USB. This particular keyboard has been given an extended battery life with a built-in rechargeable battery. And get this – it can last up to a year on a single charge without backlight.

Azio Retro Compact Keyboard in Maple retails for S$293.67 at Amazon

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