Peek the viral sunset lamp on TikTok that will make you feel like you’re on vacation (and where to buy them)

TikTok has definitely taken over the world of social media and is home to a multitude of trends that has evolved over the past year, from various hit dance choreographies to the tissue paper roll spotlight used especially by influencers to take moody pictures.

Among the many trends on TikTok that have made their rounds internationally, we’ve recently come across the trending sunset lamp.

What is this sunset lamp that’s going viral?

For the uninformed, the sunset lamp has been the latest buzzword taking over everyone’s FYP (For You Page) on TikTok.

We all know how unpredictable the natural sunlight can be and getting that perfect golden hour can be really tough – it’s like playing a round of guess and check (only to see the horror of overly saturated pictures) – which is why everyone’s now obsessing over these sunset lamps.

Since lighting is one of the key factors that can make or break your pictures and videos, the sunset lamp allows you to produce breathtaking visuals without having to deal with the hassle of expensive and heavy lighting equipment.

Plus, the amazing sunlight effect that it projects will have you feeling all cosy as well – as if you’re overseas chilling by your favourite beach and watching the sunset with your significant other.

How to use the sunset lamp

While there are now various models of the sunset lamp, they generally come in a portable size that’s easy to carry around and works just like a normal projector that we used to have in school. What’s amazing about this light projector is its flexibility, which lets you set it up in any way based on your preference.

Pointing it directly towards the wall from a distance produces a natural sunshine effect while bringing it closer to the wall creates artificial streaks of light without sacrificing the warmth in your photos or videos – the possibilities are endless.

You can either use this lamp to dress up an otherwise plain and simple room or give yourself a little at-home photoshoot that would definitely turn out Insta-worthy – just take a look at the examples below and you’ll know what we mean!

There are just so many ways you can get creative with your sunset lamp – check out some of the TikTok videos we have here for you to get inspired from!

@asraffahmaddSo i bought the sunset & rainbow lamp. Im obsessed ✨ #sunsetlamp #aesthetic♬ talking to the moon x play date xxtristanxo – xxtristanxo

@amandataylorleeei mean I tried lol #projector #lightinstallation #sunsetlamp #inspo #photoshoot♬ WHOLE LOTTA MONEY – Bïa

@dfreskedecided to take some self portraits using one of those sunset lamps ✨ #sunsetlamp #rainbow #photographer #photoshoot #lighting♬ Caution – Kaytranada

Where to get the viral sunset lamp

The sunset lamp is definitely one of this year’s most coveted items and we know you can’t wait to get your hands on one.

Ahead, we gathered 10 different sunset lamps for your shopping consideration. You’re welcome!

1. Sunset Projector Lamp


For a basic sunset lamp, look no further than this one that effortlessly recreates the classic golden hour in the comfort of your own home.

Get it for S$55.41 from Shopee.

2. Atmosphere Twilight Table Lamp


The majority of sunset lamps look more or less the same, so you will surely stand out from the rest with this cute robot-shaped one.

Get it for S$71.19 from Shopee.

3. Rainbow Lamp


Another popular variation of the sunset lamp is the rainbow version that casts a mixture of coloured lights on the wall – or any other surface for that matter.

Get it for S$41.98 from Shopee.

4. Round Sunset Lamp


For something subtle and unconventional, opt for this version that can be easily mounted onto the wall.

Get it at S$23.78 from Lazada.

5. Sunset Projector Table Lamp


With a mini portable design, this sunset lamp takes up little space on your desk while giving you plenty of that golden hour vibe.

Get it for S$34.23 from Lazada.

6. Bedroom Combination Projector Lamp


Why have one when you can have two? With this combination lamp, you can create a mix of patterns and colours that will make your pictures look utterly unique!

 Get it at S$297.50 from Lazada.

7. Project Atmosphere Light


Surround yourself with summer vibes 24/7 with this coloured lamp that reminds us of pink lemonade with its shades of pink and yellow.

 Get it at S$21 from SHEIN.

8. Ekoot Sunset Lights


Unable to decide on which colour of sunset lamp you want? Well, why not opt for one that has all the colours for you to change around every day – this one has 16 different shades for you to choose from!

Get it at S$39.60 from Lazada

9. Galaxy Projector Lamp


For something a little different from the usual sunlight lamps, go for this galaxy lamp that lets you pick from 10 mesmerising colours!

We’d definitely have the green option switched on most of the time because it just makes us feel like we’re under the Northern Lights.

Get it at S$39.48 from Lazada.

10. Planet Projector Lamp


For something that lights up the room a little brighter, you’ll love this planet lamp that has six different films for you to switch around.

From Christmas and the galaxy to the ocean, each film will certainly give you a different vibe that will match your mood for the day.

Get it at S$24.50 from Shopee.