Valentine’s gifts for your favourite woman according to her star sign

You may have already booked a restaurant for Valentine’s Day, but have you also picked out a thoughtful gift?

The perfect gift for the leading woman in your life may just be written in the stars. Here are our recommendations based on her star sign’s traits for your inspiration.

Gift for an Aries woman

Her traits: Ambitious and assertive, your partner drives you crazy sometimes with her fiery temperament but you also love her zest for adventure and boldness in her endeavours.

Pandora jewellery pieces

valentines day gift pandora 2

Even as she often speaks up boldly, your partner will certainly still want to make a statement without saying a word. If you’re looking for something personalised that she can wear every day, consider shopping at Pandora.

Check out new jewellery designs from its iconic collections – Pandora Moments and Pandora Timeless – as well as a brand-new chain design: the Pandora Moments Studded Chain.

The chain is available as both a necklace and bracelet and its design pays homage to the iconic Moments Snake Chain that was introduced more than two decades ago.

This new chain features a new clasp design that’s shaped like a heart with a spring-back closure. The clasp also represents the infinity loop – a romantic symbol that your partner will appreciate.

valentines day gift pandora

As for the new pieces, we particularly like the Frosted Red Murano Glass & Hearts Charm (S$69) that’s handcrafted from frosted red Murano glass, the Two-tone Padlock Splittable Heart Charm (S$89) that has a 14k rose gold-plated removable inner heart that can be worn as separate pieces, as well as the Padlock and Key Dangle Charm (S$99), a two-part piece with a separate key that you can keep as a symbol of your commitment.

Pandora jewellery pieces are available at all Pandora stores.

Gift for a Taurus woman

Her traits: The composed and honest Taurus woman is considered the most faithful of all star signs. She is down-to-earth, reliable, but you may wish that she were less stubborn.

Poh Heng Jewellery Love Journey Infinity range

poh heng love journey infinity

If you’re looking for elegant pieces that are also meaningful, consider Poh Heng Jewellery’s Love Journey Infinity range.

A crowd-favourite, the collection consists of necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets that feature brilliant cut diamonds arranged in ascending sizes and set in an endless infinity loop, which represents everlasting love, something that the loyal Taurus will certainly identify with.

Available in various styles crafted in white gold and rose gold, there’s certainly something that your special someone will love.

From now till 14 February, Poh Heng Jewellery is offering 20% off selected items.

The Love Journey Infinity range is available at all Poh Heng stores.

Gift for a Gemini woman

Her traits: Passionate in life and love, your significant other loves a good conversation – especially an intellectual one. Indecisiveness may be one of her weaknesses, but she wouldn’t mind suggestions to steer her in one direction!

Burberry BE3137 Sunglasses

valentines day gift burberry

Your stylish significant other will certainly want to add Pantone’s Colour of the year for 2023 – Viva Magenta – into her wardrobe. As she starts getting indecisive about what to get, help her build her collection with a pair of trendy sunglasses that features this colour.

Offering high protection against sun glare, this pair of shades is ideal for daily wear and goes with any outfit – casual or work-appropriate. She will certainly get a lot of mileage from this gorgeous piece.

Burberry BE3137 is available at leading optical stores and authorised retailers.

Gift for a Cancer woman

Her traits: The most nurturing star sign, Cancerians care deeply about everyone around them. Your partner is selfless and loving, and also enjoy a cosy time with you at home.

M&S Valentine’s Love Bombs

valentines day gift m&s love bombs

For the home-body who enjoys spending time at home, this is the perfect gift for a cosy date.

Wind down with a hot chocolate bombe that surprises your special someone as it melts to reveal mini heart marshmallows. Pair this with a warm mug of milk and you’re all set for an intimate night in.

These chocolates are made with rich and 100% responsibly sourced cocoa so you know you’re getting the best quality with every bite.

M&S Valentine’s Love Bombs retail for S$49.90 and is available at Marks & Spencer stores.

Gift for a Leo woman

Her traits: Super confident, Leos are seen as opinionated because they have the courage to take a stand. Your significant other enjoys attention and is open to trying bolder looks.

Goldheart Kstyle: Illuminating Love collection

KStyle Eternal Diamond Necklace

Is your significant other always enamoured by the jewellery worn by K-drama leads?

This collection is inspired by Seoul and features trendy pieces that puts dazzling diamonds into the spotlight.

Pieces are wearable for special dates and glamorous enough to be invested in as Si Dian Zuan for a Leo’s wedding day.

Goldheart Star Lab Collection is available at all Goldheart stores islandwide, its online store, and on their official Lazada and Shopee stores.

Gift for a Virgo woman

Her traits: Your partner is super organised and hates when things aren’t orderly. Her calm demeanour always sets you at ease and she has a gentle energy that makes everyone enjoy hanging around her.

Furla Metropolis Mini

valentines day gift furla

A wardrobe staple that holds her essentials, Furla Metropolis Mini comes with a classic silhouette that is versatile enough to go with any outfit.

In both soft and mute as well as fun and bright colours, pick one that speaks of her sense of style.

The bag can be personalised – thanks to its removable flap, which can be replaced with designs in different materials – so she can go for a distinctive new look every time.

Furla Metropolis Mini retails for S$600 and is available at all Furla stores and website. It is available in five shades: marshmallow, zest, minty, emerald, and violet.

Gift for a Libra woman

Her traits: Libra women are charming peacemakers who also enjoy looking good and indulging in pampering treats. No wonder they’re often called the vainest of all star signs!


valentines day gift hydrafacial

Present her with the gift of some me-time and a glowing complexion.

If you’re not sure how to shop for a beauty product, consider helping her make an appointment for a Hydrafacial, a non-invasive treatment that is customisable to everyone.

At the heart of this treatment is the unique wand that works like a vacuum to open pores so that a deep cleanse can be achieved and impurities and dead skin cells can be extracted easily.

On top of that, skincare products can penetrate more deeply, delivering an instant glow in just 30 minutes.

Hydrafacial is available at these providers.

Gift for a Scorpio woman

Her traits: Intuitive and passionate, the Scorpio woman is also confident and caring. While she may seem a little possessive, this is because she is protective about the ones she loves.

RIMOWA Cross-body Bag in White Raspberry

valentines day gift rimowa

This limited-edition chic case is the perfect accessory for her to bring along at your next romantic getaway.

Sturdy yet stylish, this polycarbonate cross-body bag is bound to inspire a sense of play and child-like wonder, and its eye-catching juxtaposition of colours is going to delight a confident woman.

RIMOWA Cross-body Bag in White Raspberry retails for S$1,900 and is available at RIMOWA stores.

Gift for a Sagittarius woman

Her traits: Your partner has an adventurous soul and loves discovering new things. She is optimistic even in the worst of situations, which makes her a great companion through bad times.

TUMI Voyageur 19 Degree International Expandable 4 Wheeled Carry-On in Lilac

valentines day gift tumi

The beloved Voyageur collection that’s popular among women has been relaunched with sustainability in mind. The collection incorporates recycled materials into core designs, while focusing on versatility and enhanced functionality.

We think your adventurous significant other is going to love this carry-on that comes in a gorgeous lillac shade that is hard to miss.

TUMI Voyageur 19 Degree International Expandable 4 Wheeled Carry-On in Lilac retails for S$1,130 and is available at Tumi stores and website. It is also available in Black, Navy, and Coral.

Gift for a Capricorn woman

Her traits: Highly devoted to her loved ones, your Capricorn partner is thoughtful and sensitive to the needs of others. Dependable and persistent, she is also practical in her needs.

Garmin Venu Sq 2

valentines day gift garmin fitness watch

This fitness tracker doesn’t just perform exceptionally during her workouts, but also doubles up as a stylish accessory that looks good in all of her OOTDs – something that a practical Capricorn will love.

Besides a gorgeous AMOLED display that adds to its attractiveness, this device also has a specialised women’s health tracking application that makes it a popular choice with the ladies.

And if your partner loves music while on the go, the Venu Sq 2 – Music Edition offers a capacity of up to 500 songs so she can groove while she moves.

Venu Sq 2 retails for S$399 on Lazada and Venu Sq 2 – Music Edition retails for S$469 on Lazada. They are available in three colours.

Gift for an Aquarius woman

Her traits: She may seem a little aloof but that’s because she constantly has something on her mind. Your partner is also open-minded towards differing opinions and make friends easily.

Levi’s Gold Tab

Levi’s®️ Gold Tab™️

For the aloof woman who loves a comfortable getup that’s still very stylish, here’s an ideal place to look.

Levi’s has launched a collection of vintage-inspired apparel that comes with a Northern California twist.

Take your pick from sweats, hoodies, and tees, along with tank tops, joggers, and leggings, all in a range of retro ’70s-style colours.

Levi’s Gold Tab Spring/Summer 2023 collection retails from S$34.90 to S$154.90 and is available in all Levi’s stores and online

Gift for a Pisces woman

Her traits: Emotional and empathetic, your Pisces partner is supportive and is a great listener. She’s creative and imaginative, so you’ll always be surprised by what she has on her mind!

MCM Upcycling Capsule for Valentine’s Day

valentines day gift mcm

For the first time, German luxury fashion house has introduced a Valentine’s Day upcycled assortment – a cause that your empathetic partner will resonate with.

The capsule fuses sentiment with design and material with emotion, reminding us that love is a voyage which flows across several forms – whether it’s the affinity for a friend, the bond between besties, or a labour of love, and presents journeys from past to future as well as new to old and back to new again.

Through the process of upcycling, an assortment of bestsellers from MCM’s heritage collection is given a new look, highlighted by Aren Crescent Hobo as the signature silhouettes of the Valentine’s Day season. Complementing the upcycling capsule is the Stark Backpack and München Tote in Blossom Pink ranging from medium to extra mini sizes.

The Valentine’s Day Upcycling Project is the next in a series of limited edition drops that capture the essence of the brand’s DNA of creativity and the arts.

Introducing handpicked items from the brand’s excess inventory whose lifecycles are extended through an artisanal redesign process across hand-painted graphics and patterns, this project opens new product loops to reduce the brand’s environmental impact – showing love not just towards loved ones, but towards the environment as well.

The collection is available at all MCM stores.