50 stay-home activities to keep you entertained and busy for all 30+ days of the Circuit Breaker period

Despite the worrying spread of COVID-19, we have more time than ever to do the things we’ve always wanted at home.

Not sure what to do with all your extra time? We’ve gathered a whopping list of 50 stay-home activities, with everything from making the trendy Dalgona coffee, to writing actual letters.

1. Recreate those trendy recipes you keep seeing on Instagram


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Show off your mad cooking or baking skills by whipping up the newest trends on Instagram! Whether it’s the sweet Dalgona coffee (read our experience and get the recipe here!) or a simple and diet-friendly Chicken Salad, you’ll kill time, and end up with a delicious treat at the end.

Bonus: you’ll get a cool shot for your Instagram, too – not a bad thing now that outdoors OOTDs are cancelled.

2. Exercise at home

While working out at your regular gym may not be an option right now, there are plenty of exercises you can do at home, so there’s no excuse to slack off! If you don’t have an at-home workout area, you can explore workouts with minimal equipment, like Pilates, or Yoga, that only require a Yoga mat and an occasional dumbbell.

Plus, there are plenty of exercises that’ll take less than 30 minutes to complete, so you can even do it everyday, and emerge with a enviably toned body! Check out this waist-slimming Pilates workout from renowned fitness Youtuber blogilates, or this total fat burning one by model Taylor R.

Fitness studios are also stepping up by offering online classes to help their members out.

For martial arts gym EVOLVE MMA, they’ve started offering daily online sessions for everyone (not just their members!), free-of-charge on their Facebook page and Youtube channel since 30 March.

The Gym Pod is also offering free streaming of workouts from different studios on Instagram Live. They’re also looking to onboard workout sessions from popular fitness studios like BOOM Singapore onto their app (get it on Play Store or Apple Store).

3. Watch movies

While watching movies to kill time is a no-brainer, we underestimate how much time movies actually occupy. With apps like Netflix or Hulu, feel free to binge watch all your favourite shows once you’re done with your work or during breaks! Read our Netflix recommendations here.

Or, try hayu, a streaming service for reality TV shows, if you’re a Kardashian fan to keep up (ha, ha) with their lives! Kim Kardashian West even has a new show called The Justice Project, so make sure you tune in in time.

If you’re feeling a huge wave of FOMO, no worries: Netflix has a “Netflix Party” function so you can loop all your friends into your binge session!

4. Try out new games

Now’s the best time to try out the trendiest games on your phone (just don’t forget your work)! Check out our 26 favourite mobile games that’ll have you hooked in no time.

5. Connect with friends

Missing your friends? Thanks to technology, seeing your friends despite not being able to leave your house is only a few clicks away with programmes like Skype or Zoom. Host a “lunch” appointment with them or just have a chat over video calls – because, why not!

6. Attend free virtual tours

Although the Louvre is all the way in dreamy Paris and the Metropolitan is at the glitzy Fifth Street in New York, you can tour both virtually. Museums all over the world are offering free tours in lieu of the virus, so grab your laptop and start “jetting” around the globe!

7. Or, catch your favourite singers and idols live!

Yes, that includes mega superstars like BTS, and Billie Eilish. View the full list here, compiled by entertainment insider, Callie Algrihm.

8. Scroll through social media

We already know this is one of the worst enemies of productivity, but why not submit to it once in a while. Bonus: now we can actually relate to the quarantine memes we keep seeing on our feed!

9. Meditate

Make use of this time alone to quieten and clear you mind from distracting thoughts. If you can’t meditate in silence or are a beginner, try out meditation apps, which come with functions such as healing music, or a relaxing guiding voice.

10. Catch up on your chores

A busy schedule may be an excuse for you to put folding laundry on hold, so increase your productivity levels by completing housework! Plus, you’ll have more space to work with.

11. Read

There are plenty of books to read for every type of person! Whether it be self-help books, classics, or the trending books at the moment, reading can be a great way to kill time meaningfully. Not sure what to read? Take this quiz and get a book recommendation.

12. Podcasts or Audiobooks

Or, combine the above two with podcasts or audiobooks! Podcasts are informative or entertaining audio clips that you listen to as you do other tasks, so you can double your productivity.

13. Family time

Now that you have more than just the weekends to spend with your family, why not organise a weekly game or baking session?

And for those who are trying to conquer home-based learning with their children, we have 20 fun activities to do with children at home, which we’re sure will save you some agony.

Up for boardgames? Aside from your regular Monopoly (here’s a cool Pokemon one at SGD26.80), try the adorable and popular Exploding Kittens (SGD31), or Avalon (SGD22.16), a strategising game that your .older children will enjoy

14. Create art

Art can be intimidating to some, but it’s really just a way to express yourself! If you’re not ready to start sketching or dive into cross-stitch just yet, why not get some of these colouring books (SGD14.11)? They are said to be relaxing and therapeutic by users, so just whip it out and complete a page when you feel the stress build up.

Let your children help you out with their very own art kit (SGD55.16)- who knows, you may have an artist residing in your house!

15. Read up on your favourite topics

Always wanted to learn more about cars or investments? Fascinated by conspiracy theories? Now’s the time to read up as much as you can about it, it’s all just a quick Google search away!

Want a more informed opinion by experts? Attend specially curated lessons by masters of the trade, like fashion legend Anna Wintour, or humorous celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsey, on Masterclass (SGD180 for an all-access pass).

16. Plan your next vacation

Sure, we can’t all jet off to the Bahamas right now, but it doesn’t hurt to start planning. Start consulting friends and family on possible vacation sports and let the internet do the rest. Not sure where to head next? Visit our travel section to see the hottest places to visit right after we beat the virus.

17. Learn a new language

With apps like DuoLingo, learning a new language has never been easier. Get ready to wow locals the next time you go on vacation!

18. Shop till you drop

Go on, you deserve it! Brands like Pomelo, Nordstrom, and Shopee often have sales, so check back often to snag a deal.

19. Self-care

Self-care has been a huge thing, and we’re not complaining. Whether its as simple as remembering to drink more water, or using a resurfacing mask, like this newly launched one from Tata Harper (SGD88), treat yourself to something nice once in a while to up your spirits.

20. Or, up your game a notch and practice some new makeup looks

While self-care is manageable for most, give yourself a challenge and try out one of those crazy makeup looks you’ve seen on your feed. It’s the perfect time to practice your makeup skills, you won’t need to head out after that!

Keep makeup palettes like the Fenty Beauty Snap Shadows (SGD39) or the whimsical Huda Beauty Mecury Retrograde palette (SGD105) in your arsenal to take you from a basic Zoom-ready look, to a full-on Instagram glam.

21. Write letters to friends

Go back to your roots and write real letters to your friends- just imagine the surprised look on their face when they receive it! You can even go the extra mile and jazz your letters up with these cute Korean stickers (SGD1.85), cool, vintage-inspired envelopes (SGD6.55), glitter pens, and even those personalised wax seals for a thoughtful gift.

22. Marie Kondo your home

You have probably heard of Marie Kondo, and her method of tidying up by feeling if the object “sparks joy” or not. Try it out for yourself starting with your wardrobe or desk during your free time.

23. Journal and reflect

For all the overachievers and “Type A” people out there who live for lists and journals, take time off your schedule to reflect on your working style, and check all the goals and resolutions you’ve achieved since the start of the year.

24. Try out new hairstyles

True, you can always rely on the fuss-free loose ponytail, but why not try out new hairstyles that may just be your new favourite go-to? Check out this article on hairstyles for different face shapes.

25. Create an album

Here’s a great idea for the sentimentalists: go through your photo album and pick out your favourite ones, print them out, then add them to an album. Now you have something to remind you of all your most treasured moments at any time!

26. Attend workshops

Learn a new skill or pick up a new hobby, like this Down Dog yoga app that’s hosting free yoga workshops until quarantine’s over.

Or, take Bloom’s live makeup classes over Zoom with professionals that host personalised classes on perfecting base makeup, or how to conquer smoky eyes, starting at SGD39 for a trial class.

27. Raise plants

If you’re tied down with work and family, high maintenance pets may not be such a great idea. Why not try plants instead? Choose herbs like rosemary, mints, and pandan that flourish in Singapore’s climate, so you can incorporate them into your cooking. Saves money and one less reason to leave the house, too!

28. Donate money

Help those in need and share your wealth with the needy: there are plenty of donation websites like Giving.sg or Red Cross available online.

29. Practise typing

While this may seem a little unorthodox, learning to type faster will definitely help you complete work faster in the long run. Use fun sites like Barracuda to make the experience even more fun!

30. Binge on bubble tea

What better way to cheer yourself up than to have a bubble tea party (by yourself, of course)? Order your favourite bubble tea with food delivery services like Deliveroo.

31. Crossword puzzles and word search

Bring back the memories and put away your phone for a while with this nostalgic activity. You may even learn a few new words to pepper your reports with!

32. Jigsaw puzzles

Here’s something for the whole family to do together. You can even choose 3D, or themed jigsaw puzzles (SGD36) to match your family’s favourite place or movie!

33. Redecorate

Staying at home 24/7 can really make you bored of your surroundings. Spice it up by rearranging small pieces of furniture, or switch up your cushion covers for an instant refresh.

34. Recycle

Don’t forget playing your part in saving the earth even when at home! To make things easier, you can label boxes with “paper”, or “plastic” for easy recycling that children can take part in too. Or, DIY something new with used packaging like cardboard.

35. Share music with your friends

If your friends have clashing schedules and can’t spare time for a Skype session, collaborate and add your favourite songs to a shared playlist on music apps like Spotify so you are reminded of them every time you listen to it.

36. Try a juice cleanse and other trendy diets

Juice cleanses are notoriously difficult to complete, and being at home constantly is possibly the best time to try it out, together with other trendy diets like paleo diets and keto diets. However, not all diets work for everyone, so make sure you do ample research before you commit to any of these!

37. Upgrade your wardrobe

Sick of shopping already or just want to size down your closet? DIY your clothes and give it a fresh take by tie-dyeing it, or cropping your jeans to reveal more ankle, which could seriously lengthen your legs. There are tons of video tutorials online and on YouTube, so experiment away!

38. Go for a jog

If you’re feeling more adventurous, get out your running shoes and go out for a jog. The good news is that parks are still open; it helps get fresh air into your system while shedding calories. You can check how crowded your favourite park is before you head down by checking this nifty map that gives you real-time updates.

39. Update your portfolio

Take this time to log in any new skills you’ve mastered since the last time you’ve updated it.

40. Clean up your Instagram

Delete those old posts that make you cringe, and unfollow the meme pages that stopped posting months ago, but you were too lazy to actually do it.

41. Clear your inbox

If your mail is super cluttered, now is the time to finally clear it! If one long session is too much, split it up over a week, so it’s not as tedious or boring.

42. Vlog

Staying at home can become too overwhelming sometimes, so why not vlog your experience? It’ll give you something to do, and the feeling of talking to someone, and you can even watch it in the future to relive it!

43. Keep your health in check with supplements

Boost your immunity during this trying time with a dose of vitamins everyday. Besides pharmaceutical sites like Guardian or iHerb, you can consider shopping on Instagram for Olly, health supplements that come in the form of yummy gummies. There’s everything from supplements that give you energy to those that improve your gut health. Olly products are also available on their website.

44. Read up on your horoscope

Content about star signs and zodiacs have been popular on social media as of late – did you know you have more than one sign? Check out all of yours with this Natal Chart Calculator and prepare to be wowed!

45. Take more personality tests

Similarly, you can take more personality tests like the Enneagram Test or the 16 Personalities test to better understand yourself, while killing time.

46. Sell or donate your old clothes

Feeling charitable? Donate some clothes to the needy. If you have pieces or jewelry that could fetch a good price, try consigning with luxury consignments, or try your luck on Ebay, or Depop for extra pocket money.

47. Practise your singing

If you live alone, or with a partner that doesn’t mind, practise singing your favourite songs out loud!

48. Check the news often

COVID-19 has been very unpredictable, so remember to check your phone often to keep up with all the news to be better prepared.

49. Talk to loved ones

If you don’t live with your loved ones, remember to check in with them frequently to ensure their well-being. After all, it’s only a simple phone call or text!

50. Sleep!

Treat yourself to extra hours of rest each day, without having to get ready or commute the work. Plus, this one literally doesn’t require any effort. It’s time to repay all your sleep debt!