Starbucks Singapore launches “Bee Mine Collection” of tumblers and mugs ahead of Valentine’s Day

This year, Valentine’s Day will fall on the third day of Chinese New Year. And after launching its ox-themed Chinese New Year collection, Starbucks launched another collection just in time for the day of love.

Starbucks’ “Bee Mine Collection” is an assortment of bottles, mugs, tumblers, and a keychain you can give as gifts to yourself or your special someone.

Let’s take a look at what’s in the collection. Be warned: you may feel so warm and fuzzy after looking at them, you’re likely to want to snag them.

Buzz Mugs


Probably the cutest item in the collection is the 3oz Honey Bee Mug (S$24.90). The wings that are on its sides act as the mug’s holders so you can safely drink your morning coffee or espresso shot when you start your day.

Meanwhile, the 12oz Honey Jam Mug (S$28.90), which also includes a spoon that looks like a honey dipper, is the perfect mug to down your bedtime tea or milk before you end the day.

Bee Mine Tumblers

From left to right: 16oz: $26.90 20oz: $49.90 16oz: $23.90

These Bee Mine Tumblers are so cute and aesthetic, they’re going to make your day on any horrible Monday. The tumblers are adorned with green leaves and white flowers, with cheery bees on the bottom.

Sweet Sips Bottles

From left to right: 13oz: $33.90 24oz: $32.90 18oz: $39.90

These artsy, bee-inspired bottles can easily be a child’s favourite, thanks to the smiling bumblebees. Radiant yellow, the main colour of Bee Mine Collection’s bottles, is also to die for!

Bearista Keychain


And lastly, check out the Mini Bee Barista keyring S$19.90 included in this collection. Featuring Starbucks’ iconic Barista Bear in a bee costume, it’s also holding a fuzzy white heart, making it 1000x cuter!

Cop the whole collection in selected Starbucks Singapore stores and Starbucks Singapore’s official Shopee and Lazada sites. Flirting on V-day just got a whole lot cuter!

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