Starbucks’ latest collab with Converse has a flower vase that’s shaped like high-top sneakers

Starbucks has released various merchandise collections all around the world over the past few months where each had its own unique concept (remember the Chanel-esque merch or these dreamy Airpods?), but the coffeehouse chain’s latest release is definitely one that is a little more out of the box as compared to previous collections.

Unlike the usual adorable-looking merchandise, the latest Starbucks Japan collection is inspired by the Tanabata festival in Japan. Also known as The Star Festival, it has origins from the Chinese Qixi Festival and celebrates the meeting of deities, Orihime and Hikoboshi, who only get to meet once a year on the 7th of July.

Image Source: Converse Japan

In celebration of the annual festival, Starbucks Reserve Japan has joined forces with Converse to bring you festival-inspired merchandise that’s filled with subtle star motifs. Very apt, considering that the star is also part of Starbucks’ design.

Image Source: Converse Japan

One particular item from the Starbucks Reserve x Converse collection, however, caught our eye: if you thought that was an actual Converse shoe, think again!

The highlight of the collection has definitely got to be this flower vase that’s inspired by the silhouette of the iconic high-top sneakers from Converse. Looking slightly worn and used, this decorative piece is finished off with a beautiful layer of glossy shine.

If you’ve been looking for a unique flower vase that stands out from the crowd, this is definitely the one you should get your hands on.

Besides the sneaker-themed flower vase, the collection also comprises a variety of lifestyle products and drinkware – check them out below!


Mugs and accessories

Image Source: Converse Japan

No Starbucks merchandise collection is complete without a mug (or two)!

Image Source: Converse Tokyo

This beautiful mug boasts a light blue colourway along with a minimalist Starbucks Reserve logo on the outer surface of the mug. The inner layer of the mug is lined with an intricate star detail design to give the mug a little personality.

Image Source: Converse Tokyo

To satisfy your espresso needs is this mini glass cup that is made of a see-through glass material, complete with a hint of pink and mini gold stars all over.

Image Source: Converse Tokyo

We don’t see Starbucks releasing jewellery pieces often, which is why this gold stud earring set is a rare gem that you must add to your collection.

Fashion and apparel merchandise

Image Source: Converse Japan

Next in the series are fashionable apparel pieces that are suitable for everyday wear.

Image Source: Converse Tokyo

This cute denim shoulder bag is giving us major beach vibes! Our favourite feature of the bag definitely has to be the rope-like handles which help add dimension and texture to the otherwise plain bag.

Image Source: Converse Tokyo

Hair accessories have been all the rage recently – you might just want to upgrade your collection with this monochrome bandana that can be styled in many different ways.

Image Source: Converse Tokyo

Available in light blue and black, these t-shirts are extremely comfy and fashionable pieces that show off a rather low-key design – you certainly won’t have to worry about walking around with a jarring Starbucks or Converse logo.

Unfortunately, the Starbucks Reserve x Converse collection can only be found at physical Starbucks stores in Japan as well as on the online website, which means you can only procure it if you have friends or family living in Japan or if you or someone you know is travelling to the country for business matters.

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