Starbucks pay homage to its heritage with a new collection of elegant-looking merchandise

Starbucks has definitely been on a roll lately, releasing eye-catching merchandise like the Summer Bearista series that featured an extremely adorable oil lamp cup as well as the Fantasy Starry Sky series that included these dreamy Airpods Pro cases.


The well-loved coffeehouse has now launched a collection that’s closer to home – the Starbucks Coffee Heritage Collection! This one pays homage to Starbucks’ rich heritage and it’s also one that marks the brand’s commitment to a more sustainable future.

Every product in this series has also been designed with a touch of nature in mind, so you can look forward to an elegant earthy beige colourway with hints of red and green.

Read on to discover the elegant-looking merchandise you can snag from the all-new Starbucks Heritage Collection.



No words can describe how adorable this mini cup looks! Its miniature shape makes it perfect for an espresso shot (or two).

Retails for S$29.90.

Coffee Tree


With WFH being the default working arrangement for the time being, you can spruce up your work desk with this rustic-looking mug that gives off a little Christmas vibe. It’ll make the perfect vessel for your warm cuppa coffee in the morning if you ask us.

Retails for S$28.90.



This sleek, elegant glassware piece has a cherry print that adds the perfect final touch to the otherwise plain cup.

Retails for S$29.90.


If you’re someone who’s always on the go or simply needs a bigger vessel to store more H2O, we’re sure these tumblers will do just the trick for you.

Green series








Whether you like one that comes with a handy straw or one that has a fuss-free sip opening, this collection has you covered with an assortment of tumbler designs.

All tumblers retail between S$23.90 and S$50.90.



While this glass jug looks like just another ordinary jug with an inner filter that you can find elsewhere, don’t let its looks fool you! It’s actually a cold brew maker, and with its compact size and easy-to-use functionality, we reckon it’s the perfect item to add to your kitchen to make yourself a nice cup of joe in the morning.

Retails for S$63.90.


While this collection focuses mainly on a variety of drinkware, Starbucks definitely did not miss out on everyone’s favourite daily necessity – a tote bag.


These tote bags may not look like much to some, but there’s actually a deeper meaning behind the illustrations printed on the canvas – they represent the entire labour-intensive coffee-making process which starts from the sourcing of beans to brewing them before serving up an aromatic cup of coffee.

Retails for S$19.90.

You can now shop the full collection at selected physical Starbucks outlets as well as on Lazada and Shopee.