10 of the best robot vacuum cleaners to get in Singapore for clean floors minus the hard work

What removes dust off the floor automatically, at whatever time you desire and in the rooms you specify, without you needing to lift a finger to vacuum or sweep, or even open your mouth to instruct? A robot vacuum cleaner, that’s what.

They aren’t new inventions by any stretch. In fact, the very first robot vacuum, Electrolux’s Trilobite, made its debut some 25 years ago now. Of course, the versions today are a lot more compact and more nimble, and are able to avoid obstacles that are in their way.

But, how exactly do robot vacuum cleaners work? And what’s the best one for you? AVENUE ONE has done the homework to find you 10 of the best robot vacuums for your home, so keep reading!

How do robot vacuums work?

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Photo source: Kindel Media/Pexels

We don’t know about you but robot vacuum cleaners look rather cute, like little spacecrafts roaming the floor in search of treasure. These smart little robots are equipped with sensors and cameras on their edges to avoid obstacles on the floor as they go about their cleaning work.

All of them have an in-built vacuum to suck up dirt, hair, dust, dander, and other small particles. Some others are able to mop the floors too for double cleaning duty.

Did you know that these gizmos have kept their distinctive rounded through the years because it’s proven to be the best shape for navigating your floors and getting into those corners to suck up all the dirt? They’re also less likely to get stuck, though you might come across some owners of robot vacuums that may beg to differ.

These days, robot vacuum cleaners are a really smart bunch thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI). From floor mapping functions to self-cleaning mops and even self-emptying vacuums, you’ll be amazed at just how clever little robot vacuums have become and how much they can make your life easier!

10 best robot vacuums to get in Singapore

If you’re on a search for your very first robot vacuum cleaner, you’ve come to the right place! There certainly are plenty of options for you to consider with the technology readily available across major electronics brands.

Whichever you choose, you can say hello to kicking up your feet and spending time catching up on Netflix while the little robot vacuum cleans away – no supervision needed.

Sounds good? Then, check out our compilation of the best robot vacuums in Singapore for every budget and need!

1. Dibea GT200 Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


The GT200 Dibea cleaning robot vacuums like a dream and is the latest model released by the Chinese electronics giant that’s known for its wide range of vacuum cleaners with all sorts of fancy functions.

It’s cleverly designed with a unique D-shape that vacuums from the brand are known for, to enable it to clean corners thoroughly. It even goes up slopes like a champ, no need to worry about tumbles or scratching your floors. Smart, right?

This nifty robot is also equipped with a very sophisticated gyroscope navigation system that enables it to dynamically map out your entire home and keep track of the cleaning in real-time. As it makes its way from room to room, you can also see it in action through an easy-to-use app on your phone.

As for its actual cleaning prowess, you can certainly rely on it to keep your home spick and span, with its quiet brushless vacuum and mop functions that were developed in Japan.

Get it at S$220 (U.P. S$399) from Shopee.

2. UONI V980Plus


Can something so useful be beautiful too? It turns out that Uoni has nailed the perfect combination of aesthetic and functionality.

The V980 Plus is a stylish robot vacuum that comes with a glossy black exterior adorned with brushed gold edges. With a suction power of 2700pa, it’s powerful enough to pick up even heavier debris like soybeans from the floor.

And, it’s super smart to boot too. Equipped with 25 advanced sensors and lidars, the V980 can avoid objects in its path in real-time. You can use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to control this vacuum with your voice, or programme it to run at a fixed time every day.

It’s also got a nifty self-emptying ability – helpfully clearing its canister after the daily clean into a larger dustbin that can take up to four weeks of dust.

Get it at S$718.99 from Amazon.sg.

3. eufy 11S by Anker RoboVac


This bestselling robotic vacuum from the US is finally within our reach, and you won’t have to fork out an arm and a leg for it either!

The RoboVac is a wonderful basic vacuuming robot that deftly manages steps in the house, has a triple filtration system, and automatically knows when more suction power is needed.

When this happens, the robot speedily cranks its power up in 1.5 seconds flat, to suck up heavier debris – without you needing to press any buttons. How’s that for speedy?

Its best feature is something many more complicated and fancier robot vacuums overlook: it automatically returns to its base to recharge when power is low, so you don’t need to worry about having to pop it back to recharge after every use.

Get it at S$229 (U.P. S$319) from Shopee.

4. Electrolux P191-5SSM Robot Vacuum Cleaner


From the makers of the very first robotic vacuum comes this modern-day wonder that can even climb small heights of up to 2.2cm.

Its unique rounded triangle shape isn’t just a nostalgic throwback to the very first robotic vacuum ever in the form of the Trilobite bot, though it does retain some similarities in how they both look like hard-shelled beetles. It’s designed this way to reach all the pesky corners without getting stuck – a super important feature, as all owners of an AI-powered vacuum cleaner can attest to.

Today’s iteration of this powerhouse boasts advanced 3D navigation technology, which enables it to see obstacles in greater detail and, hence, avoids them more deftly.

It also uses 3D cameras to scan each room, cleverly dividing the room into sections with its smart AI brain, before it finally goes about cleaning in a spiral zig-zag pattern to ensure no spot is missed out.

Get it at S$1,551.02 from Amazon.sg.

5. Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop 1C


No list of robot vacuums would be complete without a robot vacuum by Chinese electronics giant Xiaomi. While they’ve got robot vacuums (and all sorts of smart home appliances too) for absolutely every budget, our top pick is the wallet-friendly Mijia 1C.

It’s a super-powered gadget that offers great value for money. What we especially like is that it’s first and foremost a really, really good vacuum and mop.

Here’s why: it’s got a strong 2400pa cyclone suction that has four controllable speeds, a pressurised mopping system, and a large-capacity 2600mAh battery that can clean close to 1,300 square feet of space with a single charge.

The icing on the cake? You can connect it to other Xiaomi appliances for an integrated smart home experience.

Get it at S$349 from Shopee.

6. Yeedi Mop Station


Chinese company Yeedi has good news for those of us whose pet peeve is mopping the floor over and over with a dirty cloth: its newest self-cleaning robot vacuum.

The star of this mop is its stand-alone mop station, which comes equipped and raring to wash with separate clean and dirty water tanks. The station is where the cleaning magic happens: it’s where the robot returns for cleaning.

Sensors will keep track of the state of the mop pad, and when it gets too dirty or dry, the robot will make its own way back to the station for its mop pads to be washed and soaked with clean water. It then picks up right where it left off – amazing!

The mop itself comprises two spinning pads that rotate and presses down on the floor with slight pressure, mimicking the action of hand-mopping. This enables it to remove most stains effectively so you don’t have to manually scrub off those stains yourself.

All that talk about the mop doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about the vacuum. With an adjustable suction power of up to 2500pa, it sucks up almost everything with effortless ease. And like most other robot vacuums, Yeedi’s version can intelligently map your home out so that it avoids furniture like a real pro.

Get it at S$999 from Lazada and Shopee.

7. Samsung Jet Bot+ with Cleaning Station


If you have a beautiful home with different surfaces and rugs in each room, you’ll be pleased to know that there is a robot vacuum that deals with rugs and carpets with great finesse.

Samsung’s Jet Bot+ is a clean and minimalistic looking contraption that can tailor its suction power according to the surface. So when it detects a rug, it’ll automatically dial up the suction power, so that all the dust embedded in the carpet fibres will be sucked out.

With a brush made with a mixture of soft woven textiles and anti-static silver threads, even the finest of particles trapped in the rug fibres won’t stand a chance. You also won’t have to worry about hair or pet fur being tangled up in the brush head as a self-cleaning grinder at the brush will take care of that for you.

This super-smart bot can be instructed to clean certain rooms and avoid others using an app on your phone. It’s also able to decide which room it should clean first to optimise its cleaning efficiency.

Do get this robot with the added cleaning station, which will help you empty the canister of the robot after each cleaning session! All you’ll need to do is to empty the dustbin of the cleaning station anywhere between one to three months.

Get it at S$1,099 from Harvey Norman.

8. Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo T8 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop


While robot vacuums are getting increasingly smart with all their fancy sensors and cameras to avoid obstacles, they occasionally still do get stuck and require human intervention to retrieve. With the Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo T8, you won’t need to do so much robot rescuing!

The secret, we hear, lies in its revolutionary AIVI technology and aerospace-standard laser detection capabilities, which means that this highly intelligent robot can recognise obstacles really quickly and map out your home with razor precision. It can even store multi-level maps!

One of the first of its kind, it also comes outfitted with live video streaming capabilities over a secure WiFi network, so you can see what’s going on at home as it vacuums and mops at the same time.

And with so many features, it only makes sense that it’s powered by a super long-lasting battery. At a whopping 5200mAh battery, it lasts for over three hours before it has to be recharged.

Get it at S$629 (U.P. S$1,299) from Shopee.

9. Roborock S7 Vacuum and Mop

robot-vacuums-mops-singapore-roborock s7

This multitasking wonder is highly reviewed and in a sea of such stiff competition, it certainly caught our attention. Its main draw is its ability to raise up its mop to avoid precious carpets or rugs, so you no longer have to despair at inadvertently sopping wet coverings ruined by the unsuspecting gadget.

The clever bot can map out the entire house and take note of carpets and other floor coverings after it’s vacuumed once through, and then you can go on to designate specific zones in your house. You can also set ‘No Mop’ zones for carpeted areas, ‘Go To’ zones for areas that need daily cleaning, and the number of times you’d like your little robot friend to clean specific areas of your home.

It’s also got different mopping modes. Choose from Standard Mopping for a daily vacuum and mop which it does simultaneously, or the Deep Mopping mode for a more thorough clean that requires the robot vacuum to move in a tighter pattern and mop the specified area twice.

Most impressively, you can also specify scrubbing intensities. At the highest intensity, it vibrates up to 3000 times a minute, which is enough to remove most stains well.

Get it at S$799 (U.P. S$1,299) from Shopee.

10. iRobot Roomba S9+


If you aren’t limited by a tight budget, you’ll want to invest in one of the best robot vacuums that money can buy today – the iRobot Roomba S9+. Arguably one of the most powerful vacuums on the market, it deep cleans with gusto, ruthlessly sucking up every single particle in its way.

It’s also excellent for allergy sufferers, as it siphons up to 99% of even the most minuscule of particles like pollen, mould, and even dust mites.

With five-angled arms on its XL brush to get right into the corners, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another robot vacuum that can clean as thoroughly and widely in turn as the Roomba S9+. Self-emptying and with an advanced 3D mapping system, this is one robot vacuum that is well worth its price tag for the convenience it affords and how excellent it is all around.

Bonus: If you’re looking for a robot mop too, consider the iRobot Braava Jet M6 mop. The S9+ will be able to “talk” to its mop counterpart, communicating with each other wirelessly to synchronise cleaning for minimum disruption in the house and maximum efficiency.

Get it at S$2,320.45 from Amazon.sg.

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