This photography studio offers the famous four-cut photo-strips that you see couples take in South Korea

By now, most of us are already pretty familiar with selfie studios where you get a private room to yourself to have a photoshoot with state-of-the-art equipment controlled by a remote control.

But it’s time to make way for a new trend now.

If you’ve been to South Korea, you might have noticed couples taking four-cut photos. These four shots are meant to tell a story and couples tend to get real creative with them!

While you may not be travelling to South Korea anytime soon, you are now able to take similar four-cut photos thanks to this new photography studio that just opened at Suntec Tower less than two months ago.

Credit: 就吃一口饼干/XiaoHongShu


Life4Cut is a famous selfie photo booth chain in South Korea, and it has finally made its way to Singapore. Here’s how it works!

Upon entering the booth, you will be met with a screen that allows you to select the type of cut you would like. You can take individual shots, but if you’re intending to hop on the bandwagon and do what couples in South Korea do, choose the 4cut option. You can then choose the type of frame you want. This will determine how your story will unfold.

You can either follow the examples given, or express your creativity with your partner and tell your own story through your poses.

Credit: 就吃一口饼干/XiaoHongShu

Knowing that this is usually taken by couples or best friends, Life4Cut offers two copies of the same photo-strip so that you and your partner each get to keep one without having to pose for photos again.

Each set is priced from S$10, making it a very affordable way to create memories with your loved one! And here’s the best part, unlike other selfie studios that require prior reservation, Life4Cut doesn’t require any. You can simply walk-in and take all the photos that you want.

There’s a cute little seating area outside that you can wait at if there are people ahead of you. Since this is a studio, the waiting area is decorated nicely with pouffes and neon lights so that you can take Insta-worthy photos with your phone while waiting.

Credit: 就吃一口饼干/XiaoHongShu

Tips on how to pose

Before you head down to the booth, you might want to think about how you and your partner can pose so that you don’t waste time thinking about it while the timer counts down (we all know how stressful that can be).

Here are some examples of poses you can consider:

The proposal

This features a couple facing each other as the guy walks closer and closer with each shot. For props, you can also bring along a bouquet of flowers and present it to your partner in the final shot.

Credit: 인생네컷/Facebook

The kissing couple

This allows you to create a cheeky photo-strip where you’re staring in shock at yourselves kissing!

Credit: 지니의 리뷰/Naver

The heart pose

You can stare straight at the camera first, before making a heart pose, and kissing in the last shot.

Credit: 지니의 리뷰/Naver

Of course, you can also choose to take regular shots with your loved one despite choosing the 4cut option. After all, it is your photostrip, so make memories however you’d like!

Credit: 就吃一口饼干/XiaoHongShu

Now that Valentine’s Day is coming, you can add this to your list of activities to do on that special day.

Life4Cut is located at 3 Temasek Boulevard, #02-723, Suntec City Mall, Singapore 038983.

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