Snag these 17 aesthetic laptop cases to head back to the office in style

With hybrid working arrangements becoming the new norm, you never really know when you have to pick up your laptop to head back to the office. Gone are the days of leaving our laptops on our desks at the office – instead, we’re holding our laptops under our arms, or sticking them into our totes as we travel between home and office.

Since the best thing we can do to keep our laptops protected is to slip them into a good laptop case, we might as well feel extra good about it with one that’s good-lookin’ – they might just give us the extra motivation we need to head to work!

Types of laptop cases

There are many different types of laptop cases to choose from too: soft laptop bags are a good choice for the ones who like to hold their laptops in their arms, hardshell cases protect the laptop from an accidental fall, and laptop skins, whilst not exactly cases, are the ultra-slim defence against scratches.

That’s why, from soft laptop bags, hardshell cases, to skins, we share 17 aesthetically pleasing laptop cases in Singapore that’ll let you head to and fro from the office in style.

Laptop bags

Korean style laptop case

laptop case singapore - lemonade

If you like a cute Korean aesthetic, then you’ll adore these plush laptop cases that have simple yet adorable designs. The lemonade case is a sunshine-y yellow that’ll bring a bright burst of colour to your day.

laptop case singapore - bear

Or, for a neutral-toned style, then go for the brown and beige cases that feature cute cartoon bear characters.

laptop case singapore - cat

Furry feline fans can even find a fluffy darling cat design that’ll flaunt their love for cats in front of their colleagues.

Shop these laptop cases for S$9.90 to S$13.90 on Shopee.

Millot & Co. Aquamarine Laptop Case

laptop case singapore - lemons

Chill summer vibes are what you get with this lemon laptop case from Millot & Co. Born out of a collaboration with artist Amanda Cheng (@mandababyyyyyyy), these laptop cases let us enjoy her quirky, vibrant artwork anytime – we don’t need to just admire them on her Instagram profile.

laptop case singapore - lemon

When work gives you lemons, you’ll be able to make lemonade – shop this breezy Aquamarine Laptop Case for S$18.88 on Zalora.

Pink floral leather laptop case

laptop case singapore - pink flower

Soft pinks and light-strokes of floral illustrations make this laptop case a lovely accessory as you head to the office. Besides its beautiful design, the case is also made of PU leather to protect your laptop from any spills or rainy weather.

Bloom where you’re planted – shop this pink floral laptop case for S$14 on Shopee.

Baggu Astrology Puffy Laptop case

laptop case singapore - fluffy baggu

With puffy folds and bold colours, Baggu’s laptop cases are one of a kind.

laptop case singapore - baggu colourful

This one’s their Astrology Puffy Laptop Case that features an otherworldly, extraterrestrial pattern blend of stars, fishes, flowers, moons – an imaginative landscape that inspires you to delve deep into daydream anytime you’re stuck for ideas at work.

Shop this bold-patterned laptop case for S$29 on Urban Outfitters.

Cotton On Take Me Away Laptop Case

laptop case singapore - cotton on

The ridged, velvety fabrics on these laptop cases don’t just make for great designs, they’re also good de-stressors. You’ll probably find yourself absent-mindedly running your fingers up and down over the ridges as you’re brainstorming ideas for your next big meeting while on the train.

Shop these laptop cases for a discounted S$15 at Cotton On.

Brown faux-leather laptop stand case

laptop case singapore - leather

If there were a Transformers movie where the heroes were laptop cases instead of cars, it would feature this slim leather laptop case that has an impressive five-in-one function.

Besides carrying your laptop, the laptop case can also be easily unfolded and transformed into a laptop stand! It even comes with small pouches that let you organise your other laptop accessories like your charger or mouse.

Everything you need in a laptop case and more – shop this brown leather laptop stand case for S$21.90 on Shopee.

Slim artificial leather laptop case

laptop case singapore - slim leather

Flaunting a simple, elegant design, this laptop case is also slim enough so that you can carry your laptop around easily in your tote.

laptop case singapore - slim magnet leather

Slip your laptop into this PU leather case and close the flap with a smooth snap that’s possible with the case’s magnetic closure design.

Shop this laptop case for $12.97 to S$15.83 on Shopee.

Hard laptop cases

Marble abstract laptop case

laptop case singapore - marble colourful

Prefer to carry your laptop around in your bag, or rather the firm feel of the laptop in your hands instead of handling soft and bulkier laptop bags? Hard laptop cases are a good alternative.

There are so many designs to choose from too – like this abstract marble design that features a swirl of watercolours.

Shop this product for S$6.90 to S$17.50 on Shopee.

Natural scenery bendable print case

Bendable Print Case Natural Scenery Laptop Case

Whether you love the glorious streak of golden sunrays or the melancholic soft glow of moonlit night, there’s a magical design that’s awaiting you with these bendable print laptop cases. The mountains and desert-scapes might free your mind and provide you with a brief escape from your daily work woes too.

Shop these laptop cases for S$17.90 on Shopee.

Colour Banana Femme Laptop Case

laptop case singapore - femme hand

Got too many tasks on your plate already? Have your colleagues talk to the hand(s) on this chic femme laptop case. The hands are saying: that’s more than enough work for one day.

Shop this laptop case for S$74.39 on Colour Banana.

Harlow & Lloyd Terrazzo Hard Shell Laptop Case

Hard Shell Laptop Case - Terrazzo

An elegant design with nice pastel splashes of colour, the Terrazzo Hard Shell Laptop Case can be easily snapped onto your laptop, top and bottom. It’s also available in a wide variety of sizes that’ll fit everything from a Macbook 13” to a Macbook Pro 15”.

Shop this laptop case for S$49 on Harlow & Lloyd.

Blue marble laptop case

Laptop Case Blue Marble

Gold drizzles are the cherry on top of any design – they elevate your laptop’s aesthetic to another level of elegance. This blue marble laptop case is patterned with beautiful rays of gold, flaunting an exquisite style that’s fitting for a sophisticated office environment.

Shop this product for S$17.99 to S$18.99 on Shopee.

Tropical marble art laptop case

laptop case singapore - marble and plants

The elegance of marble and terrazzo patterns combined with the natural feel of lush, tropical green leaves create the perfect balance on this laptop case. With the gorgeous palm leaves peeking out over the hexagonal lines, you might also just be inspired to think out of the box whilst hard at work.

Shop this laptop case for S$59.52 on The Journal Shop.

Van Gogh Oil Painting Laptop Case

laptop case singapore - van gogh

Creatives and fans of Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night will appreciate this oil painting laptop case design. Plus, you might not be the one who created this artwork, but you can still have your name printed on it for a personal touch!

Shop this laptop hard case for S$59.52 on The Journal Shop.

Unicorn Beetle Dual Layer Hard Shell Laptop Case

laptop case singapore - hardshell case

Since we’re talking about hardshell cases, why not go for this ultra-protective Macbook Pro 16” laptop case that has a sleek, clear design complete with bold, black bumpers lining its edges?

It’s made with scratch-resistant polycarbonate and uses shock-absorbing TPU bumpers for exceptional protection, so you won’t even have to worry about accidentally dropping your laptop whilst on the way to work.

Shop this laptop case for S$59.90 on Shopee.

Laptop skins

Rainbow ombré laptop skin

laptop case singapore - rainbow ombre

A laptop skin won’t protect your computer from drops but it will keep it safe from scratches. Or, if your laptop’s already scratched up (you’ve been working too hard), then a laptop skin is also great for covering up those unsightly flaws and making your laptop look good as new.

This rainbow ombré skin brings a cheerful plethora of colours to the daily grind, and is also thick as well as super adhesive, making it easy to apply to your laptop.

Shop this laptop skin for S$6 on SHEIN

Constellations space laptop skin

laptop case singapore - constellation skin

The sky’s the limit with this twinkling constellation laptop skin! A magical, magnificent pattern of moons, stars, constellations, and clouds, this laptop skin will remind you that there’s nothing wrong with daring to dream.

Shop this product for S$17.20 on Etsy.

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