There’s a new telco player in town – and it lets you fully “switch back” unused mobile data to offset your bill

With WFH being the default mode for most of us working professionals, we’re pretty certain that your mobile data is just hardly touched like ours since commuting to work is no longer required as much and most of us are using our mobile phones on our home Wi-Fi.

So if you’ve always been pained by the excessive amount you fork out for unused mobile data, here’s a piece of good news that you’ll appreciate: next-generation telco startup Gorilla Mobile – which launches tomorrow (18 June) – lets you save by “switching back” all your unused data.

This is certainly great news especially for the 87% of Singaporeans that pay for mobile data that they don’t use every month, as discovered by Gorilla Mobile in their in-house research.


Just how does Gorilla Mobile’s proprietary SwitchBack technology work? To put it simply, it is powered by blockchain which enables you to fully “switch back” unused mobile data into GO Tokens that you will find in your Gorilla Mobile app to offset your monthly bills, purchase or exchange for other in-app services such as international (IDD) calls and travel roaming data, or simply share it with your co-workers and team members anywhere in the world.

And before you ask, there is no expiry for the GO Tokens that were converted from your unused data, unlike other telcos which typically impose a certain redemption deadline.

What’s even better is that you can share your unused data with your friends or colleagues who are on other telcos! Yes, they don’t have to be an active Gorilla Mobile subscriber or even be located in Singapore – all they have to do is download the Gorilla Mobile app and they can share your unused data on the app itself, no SIM card required.

At a virtual media event this morning, Xanne Leo, chief executive office and founder of Gorilla Mobile, shared exclusively the idea for the telco’s SwitchBack technology came from the mobile app, which allows users to get a refund of their unused parking fee when they choose to end their parking sessions early.

“Say you use only 3GB mobile data every month like me, you are looking at roughly S$5 to S$10 savings monthly – this is an estimated amount of savings that non-high-usage users can expect,” she illustrated.

But, that’s not the only new user-centric approach to mobile communications that Gorilla Mobile is offering. Specifically targeting PMETs as well as SMEs, Gorilla Mobile also offers Singapore’s first-ever Service-on-Demand model that lets you access a full suite of services anytime without a contract, subscription fees or activation charges – in other words, you simply pay only for what you use and when you use it.

“Companies are once again turning to work-from-home arrangements under the recent tightened COVID-19 measures,” Xanne shared.

“Our workforce, now relying on their home Wi-Fi most of the day, has large amounts of unused mobile data each month. Gorilla Mobile’s suite of services, especially our local plan, are developed with the needs of Singapore’s working professionals at heart.

We are committed to providing fair mobile solutions to ensure our customers enjoy the benefits at maximum value. While many of our peers offer customised and flexible plans, which predict or assume a customer’s monthly usage, we charge them solely on their actual use,” she added, emphasising the telco’s interpretation of a fair and modular way of using and paying for mobile services.


In line with the launch, Gorilla Mobile, which leans on M1 as its host Mobile Network Operator to leverage its wide network coverage, has rolled out the #RethinkMobile pre-launch campaign on its website – calling on locals to look at their mobile phone bills and examine their mobile package subscription and actual usage: what they are paying for versus what they actually use.

You can sign up for Gorilla Mobile’s Switch25 Mobile plan, a no-contract SIM-only mobile plan that costs S$25, through the Gorilla Mobile website. The plan is available to all Singapore registered companies, Singaporeans, Permanent Residents, EPass, EntrePass and SPass holders aged 21 and above.

And from 18 June to 18 August, new customers, both individuals and businesses, are entitled to a Bill Difference Reward* of up to SG$50 per mobile number, credited directly to their PayNow account upon successful port-in.

For more information on how Gorilla Mobile works, visit here. Watch this space for our detailed review

*The calculation of the Bill Difference Reward is based on the price difference between your old mobile plan and your new S$25 Gorilla Switch25 plan. Bills from M1, MyRepublic, and Circles.Life are eligible for a flat S$10 Bill Difference Reward, regardless of the actual difference in the bills.