We tried a standing desk to see if it’s really a WFH essential as productivity articles suggest

While the government has allowed companies to welcome 50% of the employees back to the offices, a hybrid arrangement of going to the office on some days and working from home (WFH) on others still remain as the default working arrangement for many of us.

This type of hybrid working arrangement doesn’t seem to be going anywhere for the foreseeable future, which is why it’s conducive for us to create a conducive home workspace that is ergonomically healthy with minimal clutter and maximised space functions.

everdesk plus max review

Among the WFH essentials that most of us need is the increasingly popular standing desk, and one of the latest height-adjustable desk offerings in town is the EverDesk+ that’s created by the makers of ErgoTune, Singapore’s cult-favourite ergonomic work chair.

We tried its flagship EverDesk+ Max standing desk; here are five reasons why we think it’s going to help with productivity while working from home.

EverDesk+ Max has a Health Coach function

everdesk plus max height controller

As the result of a vision to build a dream work desk that keeps users healthy and active even while working, the EverDesk+ Max comes installed with the new Health Coach function.

Seamlessly integrated into the desk control, it is a smart feature that nudges you into healthy desk habits by reminding you to sit and stand at preferred intervals through gentle vibrations.

In other words, this circular desk control – which you can install anywhere in front of the tabletop, by the way – essentially encourages you to have a healthy routine of movement that’s proven to improve blood circulation and maintain good health, even while working.

While I am left-handed, I opted for the circular desk control to be installed on my right side. The control is highly sensitive to touch as well, so you won’t need to worry about having to use a lot of strength to turn or press the control.

EverDesk+ Max boasts a memory function and Child Lock feature

everdesk plus with model

For added convenience and comfort, the EverDesk+ Max stealthily adjusts itself to your preferred height at a light rotation of the desk control, and even comes with a Child Lock function so that your kiddos are not subject to uninvited desk movements.

To accompany this, you can preset up to three desk heights for each user with the desk control’s memory function, so that you can customise the height that is just right for you every time.

EverDesk+ Max tackles the issue of clutter with UniGroove

everdesk plus max unigroove system

Clutter and the lack of space are arguably two of the biggest problems we face, but you can now say goodbye to a desk full of stray cables with the cable stopper, which can be slotted into the integrated UniGroove™ system to manage any cable clutter.

All you have to do is just plug the cable through the stopper and let it fall neatly below the desk into the cable management tray.

everdesk plus max phone tablet holder

To further optimise your desk space, the UniGroove™ can also function as an upright phone or tablet holder for easy access and usability without taking up more desk space, further adding to its practicality.

EverDesk+ Max comes with a plethora of accessories that you can add on

everdesk plus peg board

Want to customise your own work desk with one, or 10 accessories to your computer setup, workflow, and liking?

EverDesk+ Max lets you do just that, offering a wide range of accessories that you can mix and match with your personalised height-adjustable desk.

everdesk plus max compatible shelf

There’s a leather mouse pad in two different colours currently, as well as pegboard panels and modular shelves that you can choose according to your tabletop wood colour.

You can also add on cable trays (which are extremely useful for hiding all the wires and power extension), cable spine, monitor arm with laptop holder, power cube, and even a Hover Lightbar if you want a space-saving way to light up your workspace.

Prices range from S$25 for the mouse pad to S$139 for a monitor arm with laptop holder.

EverDesk+ Max can hold a weight capacity of up to 120kg

everdesk plus clean

Equipped with a dual-motor system, you’ll be surprised at how smooth and swift the EverDesk+ Max glides up and down just like we were.

Another major plus point, the height-adjustable desk is able to hold a weight capacity of 120kg and each unit – and part – is always rigorously tested to meet local and international specifications.

Combining style and function effortlessly, the EverDesk+ Max is certainly built to last which is why you’ll be happy to know that it comes with an industry-beating 10-year warranty to give you not only their dream desk but also peace of mind.

The EverDesk+ comes in a variety of colours and finishes, and is priced from S$599 onwards. The EverDesk+ Max, which AVENUE ONE trialled, is priced from S$749 onwards. Customise your own EverDesk+ here.

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