10 cool home inventions you should have to make your lives at home easier

Now that technology is so advanced, we’re exposed to tons of new inventions each day. Many of them make our lives so much easier because they either reduce the amount of work we would have to do, or provide an alternative solution to our modern-day problems. Here are 10 cool home inventions that you should definitely invest in so that you can continue living your life in comfort.

1. Smart trash can

Have you always thought that taking out the trash was gross? It would probably be alright if it was just a bag of dry waste, but when you accidentally touch something wet, anyone would cringe.

If you want to avoid such issues, you can invest in a smart trash can. This Townew trash can has a motion sensor to detect you when you approach it with trash to dispose.

Credit: Shopee
Credit: Shopee

But that’s not the coolest part. It actually has a self-sealing component which seals the trash bag once it’s full. This prevents any dirty trash from touching your hands when you dispose it in the chute. It then automatically lines the bin with another trash bag, and voilà, it’s ready for use once again.

Credit: Shopee

This smart trash can retails for S$99 on Shopee (there’s an ongoing promotion at the time of writing so click on the link to find out more) and you can purchase the extra refills for trash bags for S$21.90.

2. Chopping board with containers

When you’re chopping vegetables on the chopping board, you would have encountered a situation where it takes you a while before you get all the small pieces onto the plate or bowl you have set next to you. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just swipe them all into the bowl with one motion?

Credit: Amazon SG

Well, now you can with this Bamboo Chopping Board that has grooves to fit containers. You can swipe your fruits or vegetables into the containers, or even swipe the unwanted bits into them so that you don’t have to spend the extra time picking them up from the sink.

Credit: Amazon SG

This chopping board that comes with four containers retails for S$133.67 on Amazon SG.

3. Hanging reading light

If you share a room with someone, you would know how frustrating it is especially when the both of you don’t sleep at the same time. There may be nights where you would want to stay up a little longer to either surf the internet or read a book.

This becomes difficult because turning on the ceiling light or the bedside lamp may still be too bright for your roommate, but turning the lights off completely would leave you in complete darkness. And that’s where this hanging reading light comes in handy.

Credit: Amazon SG

Hang this around your neck and you can instantly light up the area in front of you, ensuring that your eyes are not compromised, whilst still keeping it dark enough for your partner or your roommate to sleep without disruptions.

This light can be purchased for S$25.99 at Amazon.

4. Philips Hue

Other than turning your house into a smart home with Philips Hue lighting where you can dim the lights or change the colour of the light to suit whichever mood you are feeling, you can also elevate the experience of listening to music, playing games, or watching a movie through the Entertainment lighting function.

The lights sync with whatever you are playing on your television or your computer, and light up whenever something exciting comes on. The colours change along with the mood of what’s playing, making the entire entertainment experience more immersive.

Credit: Signify

It’s arguably one of the most useful inventions for homes because you can install Philips Hue in any room. For outdoor areas like the balcony, you can also choose to install outdoor lightstrips to elevate the space with diffused light.

If you use it in the bedroom, it’s so much more convenient to enjoy ambient light to chill with a book or your favourite Netflix show before you call it a night because you no longer need to step out of the bed to switch off the ceiling light later on – all you need is the Hue app on your smartphone and you can switch on (and off) the light, choose the type of ambient light you want (they’re called ‘Scenes’ in the app), and even control the brightness of the lights – all on your phone.

Learn more about the Philips Hue here and get your starter kit today!

5. Hand protector

If you’re not a seasoned cook, and you’re one who is quite clumsy at times, you might want to purchase one of these hand protectors that will not only make cutting vegetables and other food items much easier and at a higher precision, it will also reduce your worries of accidentally cutting yourself with the knife.

Credit: Shopee
Credit: Shopee

Don’t even hesitate any longer because this is just S$1.09 on Shopee!

6. Baby spoon with attached food pouch

We all know how difficult and messy it can get when you’re feeding a baby some pureed food. It’s hard enough to hold your baby in one arm, while your hand moves from the opened jar of pureed food on the table and to your baby’s mouth.

Things get easier when you purchase this baby spoon that comes attached with its own food pouch. Here’s how it works – pour the pureed food into the food pouch, close it, and simply squeeze the pouch to dispense a bit of the pureed food onto the spoon.

Credit: Amazon SG

This is very convenient because it’s so portable, you can bring it anywhere you go. Use it at home, or even outdoors. You can also make sure that there are no drips or wastage while feeding.

Credit: Amazon SG

This baby spoon can be purchased for S$19.41 on Amazon SG.

7. Multi-functional cushion/blanket

Whether you’re lacking lumbar support or a blanket to keep you warm, IKEA has got it all covered. You no longer have to buy two items to solve two of your needs. Instead, all you have to do is purchase IKEA’s latest LANESPELARE multi-functional cushion and blanket. That’s right, you’re killing two birds with one stone.

During the day when the air-conditioning is not turned on, use this as a cushion to hug or to give you some back support on your chair.

Credit: IKEA

During the night, when the air-conditioning is turned on and it gets too cold, just unfold the cushion and wear it as a long padded jacket. It’s guaranteed to keep you warm.

Credit: IKEA

This item is available at IKEA for S$24.99.

8. Sponge mop

When we spill drinks or any other type of liquid on the floor, we either take a rag or tissue paper to clean it up. Instead of using so much effort, why not just use the IUIGA Ultra Absorbent PVA Sponge Mop?

Credit: IUIGA

No bending down on the floor is required, and you can just mop it up and use the in-built mechanism once you’re done to squeeze all the liquid out. It’s as simple as that. With this, you get 100 times the results with just 10 times the effort.

Credit: IUIGA

This sponge mop can be purchased for S$25.90 from IUIGA.

9. Bed vacuum

You may not know this, but there exists lots of dust mites on our beds. Yes, the number one place you thought would be free from bacteria and dust because you maintain the area so well actually has a lot of microorganisms living on it. You just can’t see them.

Even if you have a mattress protector on, or if you change your bedsheets regularly, or you clean your bed all-the-time, they’re still there. And the only way to effectively get rid of all these dust mites is through using a vacuum that is meant for your bed.

Credit: Shopee

The Airbot CM900 Handheld Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner vibrates 8,000 times a minute, has 1,300Pa whirl wind, and utilises UV-C high energy to pull out dust mites that are deep within your mattress and kill them off. The surface area of this vacuum is huge, and can cover an entire king-sized mattress in under two minutes.

Credit: Shopee

For the sake of your cleanliness and health, S$49.90 is a pretty reasonable price to pay. You can get the vacuum cleaner here.

10. Identity theft protection roller

Now that a lot of us are shopping online way more than before, we would receive parcels to our house within every few days. Some of us desperately try to use a pen to cross out our addresses and personal information so that identity theft doesn’t occur once we through the boxes and polymailers out. However, if you’ve seen the contact information after colouring it with a pen, you’ll know that your information can still be seen, or at the very least, deciphered.

In order to put your mind at ease, you can consider getting this identity theft protection roller. It works just like a stamp, and rolls ink all over your contact details, ensuring that that information cannot be seen again. You can even use it on your bank letters and utilities bill.

Credit: Shopee

This ink roller is just S$2.99 on Shopee, and you can purchase the ink refill for $0.66.