21 cutest kitchenware to liven up your cooking and dining experience at home

Whipping up a good meal at home doesn’t always have to be boring when you have a kitchen that is full of character. It can become mundane when you are facing the same silverware, discoloured pots and pans, and plain white ceramic teacups all the time. Just as we often value the eclectic décor and ambience of a fancy restaurant, the same excitement applies when we add a little spice into our kitchen life.

AVENUE ONE has curated a list of our favourite adorable and stylish kitchen products and hopefully these will add some laughter and fun in your kitchen.

1. Kakao Friends Apeach Toaster


Fans of Kakao Friends, rejoice! Not only does the two-slice toaster come with a 34mm thickness (which means you can even chuck in slightly chunkier bread slices), the gadget also lets you choose two different Apeach expressions to be “imprinted” onto your slice of bread! If this isn’t next-level cute, we don’t know what is…

Currently only available on the official Kakao Friends webstore for approx. S$58.22 (KR₩49,000). Unfortunately, it is only available for domestic delivery for now which means you can only procure it if you have friends or family living in South Korea or if you or someone you know is travelling to the country for business matters.

Alternatively, you can consider e-commerce cross-borders logistics sites such as Buyandship to shop the item and get it shipped into Singapore.

2. Loch Ness Monster Soup Ladle

If you love cooking soup and are looking to add some fun to your pots, then you will need to have one of these monster-inspired utensils. Even if you are not using it, you can simply leave it swimming in the pot – pure cuteness overload!

Available at Shopee for S$1.12.

3. Cartoon Characters in a Bowl

This super cute bowl features doodles of cute characters on the inside, looking almost as if a family is having dinner at a table! Bonus: it is a completely microwaveable and definitely an adorable addition to have to lighten up the mood at any meal.

Available at Shopee for S$8.75.

4. Cherry Chomper

Get the cherry seeds out of the way with this adorably efficient and safe-to-use pitter. With an easy-to-use plunge function, the Cherry Chomper separates the seeds from the fruit in just a few seconds! To all the cherry- and olive-lovers out there, this is a must-have kitchen accessory!

Available at Amazon for S$21.

5. Bottle Stopper – Bottoms Up Bear

These polar bear bottle stoppers are a great way to add some humour to your evenings and are a surefire conversation-starter if you have friends over. The creative melting ice caps make a bottle of wine look appropriately chilled to be kept for another drinking sesh!

Available at Klosh for S$16.90.

6. Chicken Simmer and Spice Holder

If you are a fan of the screaming rubber chicken, then you’d be sure to love it in this kitchenware version! Made from 100% food grade silicon, this multi-functional condiment holder can be used for soups, stews and even tea infusion!

Available at Shopee for S$3.69.

7. Egguins Egg Holder

Say hello to the most adorable colony of penguins to keep your soft-boiled and hard-boiled eggs served in the cutest way! It is BPA-free, certified food-grade and super easy to use. Time to level up your traditional breakfast of kaya, eggs, toast!

Available at Klosh for S$26.90.

8. Bunny Rice Scoop Spoon

This scoop spoon offers a comfortable grip, doesn’t scratch the bottom of pot easily, and has non-stick properties. Beyond that, the easy-to-clean scoop also acts as a mini bunny display figurine when not in use!

Available at Shopee for S$2.90.

9. Strawberry-Shaped Straw Cover

Being environmentally friendly doesn’t have to be boring. With this strawberry shaped straw cover, your cup will certainly stand out in the field. This little addition will keep your straw clean and rid of any uninvited creatures. To say this is berry special is an understatement.

Available at Shein for S$6.

10. Animal Parade Seasoning Shaker

Spice up your dishes with the seasons of summer, spring, autumn and winter as the animals take your taste buds on a journey through time. These aesthetically pleasing snow dome shakers are an interesting item to have on the table and will definitely have your guests singing praises about!

Available at Hipvan for S$49.90.

11. Magic Lamp Oil Dispenser

Instead of boring gadgets that are not fitting and causes leakage, this bottle stopper will be the talk of the table. Fancy yet functional, it will bring a whole new world to your daily lives. Don’t you wish for one now?

Available at Lazada for S$15.24.

12. Bigfoot Food Tongs

This Bigfoot can grab almost anything with its strong arms – salad, pasta, bread and even your attention. Made from 100% food safe plastic and a whole lot of cuteness, you can be sure to have a good meal with its unwavering help.

Available at Klosh for S$21.90.

13. Flower Tea Infuser

Turn your cup of tea into a mini lake of blooming flowers with IKEA’s adorable Flower Tea Infusers that float when placed into hot water. It is also anti-spilling when you turn it upside down. So if your idea of a great centrepiece is flowers, consider this instead – it isn’t just an eye candy but is very practical tool to have!

Available at IKEA for S$3.90 for two pieces. 

14. Gracula Garlic Mincer

You’d think that Draculas are afraid of garlic, but not this one! With Gracula, you can save the hassle of getting your hands reeked with just one twist of his head – super fuss-free and simple to use. And don’t you worry, Gracula won’t bite!

Available at Hipvan for S$21.90.

15. Jigsaw Coasters

A fan of jigsaw puzzles and sipping on some tea? Well, now you can get the best of both worlds with these super cute jigsaw coasters! You can choose to piece them together to make space for a teapot or simply separate the puzzle piece for a single cup. These jigsaw coasters make a fun and artsy addition to the table, and they are surely not difficult to solve!

Available at Naiise for S$23.20.

16. Spaghetti Monster Colander

If you are cooking up an all Italian meal, then you have to let this Spaghetti Monster help you out in the kitchen. With its googly eyes and wide silicon body, this completely food-safe colander is the perfect and cutest strainer you can ever own.

Available at Hipvan for S$24.90.

17. Whale Blowhole Dessert Fork

Not only does this depict a cute version of the mammal (which will surely be great around kids), you can also use its “water spouts” to help you pick up bits of fruits. This entertaining dessert accessory whale definitely be grabbing lots of attention!

Available at Shein for S$6.

18. The Fixie Tropical Pizza Cutter

A super cute pizza cutter in the shape of a city bicycle – cool! Get your perfect slices with these stainless steel wheels as it travels around the sumptuous pizza floor!

Available at Naiise for S$26.90.

19. Mermaid Tea Spoon


This has to be the prettiest tea spoon to ever grace your favourite morning cup of Earl Grey. Kick-start your mornings with this super cute and unique design that is bound to add smiles.

Available at Shein for S$6.

20. Cherry Measuring Spoons and Egg Separator

This adorable kitchen tool will surely bring out the mood for baking! Use the cherries for measuring sugar and the leaf for straining eggs – super simple, isn’t it? Plus, you can hang it on a wall or a fridge and it instantly becomes a really pretty decoration.

Available at Amazon for S$20.30.

21. Mug with Kueh and Snacks Print

It is time to show your true love for Singapore and walk down memory lane. Grab this mug littered with patriotic designs of heritage snacks. Not only would you want to drink more water, it will also satisfy your cravings for local snacks (or make you crave more for them). Yum!

Available at Pupsik Studio for S$19.90.