This Kakao Friends candle warmer is a safer alternative to lighting up a candle, and it’s super cute too!

Like LINE Friends, Kakao Friends sure knows a trick or two in designing merchandise that we all want to covet. This time, we spotted a candle warmer-slash-night-light product that’s just too adorable not to share.


Combining a scented candle and a night light function, the simple-looking decorative piece can illuminate the entire space with comfortable warm light while filling it with your favourite scent at the same time.


But here comes the best part: It also features Ryan, the male lion character, and his pet cat, Choonsik!

The stylish night light comes with a cream white lamp holder and a wooden base on which the cute figurines sit. The lamp uses the heat generated by the halogen bulb to slowly melt your favourite candle into liquid wax which then envelops the room with the mild fragrance emitted.


Yes, this means you can enjoy your scented candle without lighting it up at all. No more worrying about things potentially catching fire or not putting out the candle anymore.

All you have to do is put your favourite scented candle under the lamp (the closer it is to the lamp, the better), flick the switch on, and let the lamp do all the work – easy peasy!


Of course, we can’t talk about the candle warmer without looking more closely at the ultra-adorable figurines. You can see that Ryan is sitting on a wooden rocking chair covered with a blanket while holding Choonsik’s favourite snack, the sweet potato.

Meanwhile, the pet cat is seated on the ground with one hand raised, as if it’s reaching out to its beloved snack – Too. Cute! Apart from the irresistible cuteness, the figurines can also be separated on the base which means you can remove them from the candle warmer and place them on your work desk if you like.


The candle warmer, which stands at 15cm tall from the base, has a designated candle area that can hold candles within 11cm in diameter. Depending on the size or height of your candle, it takes about five to 15 minutes for the candle surface to melt.

The halogen bulb of the night lamp can easily be replaced as well. Do note that the candle warmer doesn’t come with a candle.

The Ryan & Choonsik Candle Warmer retails for approx. S$71.12 (KRW59,000) on the official Kakao Friends webstore.

Unfortunately, it is only available for domestic delivery for now which means you can only procure it if you have friends or family living in South Korea or if you or someone you know is travelling to the country for business matters.

Alternatively, you can consider e-commerce cross-borders logistics sites such as Buyandship to shop the item and get it shipped into Singapore.

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