Here are 15 adorable disposable face masks to check out for a change of style

Once unfamiliar to us, protective face masks have quickly become part of our everyday lives overnight with the onset of a global pandemic. With mask wear continuing to be a big part of our lives, why not make them a joy to wear by curating your own mask wardrobe?

Instead of falling back to the plain-coloured face coverings, seek out those with interesting designs, colours, and patterns to jazz up your daily mask wear – you can even match it to your outfit of the day to earn extra style points!

Ahead, check out our compilation of 15 adorable disposable masks that will keep you protected and looking fancy at the same time.


1. Ombre colours


If you are someone who lives for pastels, this ombre rainbow mask is the one you need.

Get it at S$7.60 for 10 pieces from Shopee

2. Floral daisy

daisy-floral-maskThis mask design is proof that floral prints can look cool and dainty at the same time.

Get it at S$11 for 10 pieces from Shopee

3. Colourful strokes


Vibrant neon colours in abstract brush strokes? It’s a resounding yes from the AVENUE ONE team!

Get it at S$11 for 10 pieces from Shopee

4. Polka dots


For something that’s simple yet cute at the same time, you won’t go wrong with this face covering.

Get it at S$12.50 for 50 pieces from Shopee

5. Gradient check


For those who are fans of colour and print, get the best of both worlds with this gradient checkered mask.

Get it at S$9.90 for 50 pieces from Shopee

6. Tiny pink flowers


Doesn’t this soft, feminine print just remind you of the iconic floral print from Cath Kidston? Super pretty!

Get it at S$6.98 for 10 pieces from Shopee

Cartoon characters

7. Stitch


With such an adorable design that has Stitch plastered all over, you’d definitely want to keep this mask on when you head out just because of how cute it looks.

Get it at S$25 for 50 pieces from Shopee

8. Snoopy


Another childhood favourite, this mask will definitely complement any outfit you have on for the day.

Get it at S$2.99 for 10 pieces from Shopee

9. Tokidoki


There was a time when we were surrounded by all things Tokidoki but now, it seems like Tokidoki fans can also wear their quirky, kawaii characters on their faces too.

Get it at S$12.50 for 50 pieces on Shopee.

10. Among Us


This time last year, you probably would’ve been one of the crew mates (or impostor) in the Among Us mobile game that was wildly popular during Circuit Breaker. Keep the fun going with this wacky design.

Get it at S$22.50 for 50 pieces from Shopee

11. Little Twin Stars


Fans of Little Twin Stars will not go wrong with this sweet lilac-coloured mask that brightens up any outfit.

Get it at S$26 for 50 pieces from Shopee

12. Duffy


With this ultra-adorable Duffy design, we highly recommend getting this in both the adult and child sizes to enjoy a #twinning moment with your little princess.

Get it at S$25 for 50 pieces from Shopee

13. BT21


Stealing hearts from all over the world, these BT21 characters hardly need any introduction. A definite must-buy if you’re a fan of these expressive characters (or the Korean boy band behind them all, BTS).

Get itat S$9.50 for 50 pieces from Shopee.

14. Gudetama


This lazy egg has been trending for a few years now, and even spawned a (now-defunct) themed cafe in Suntec City at the height of its popularity. If Gudetama is your spirit animal, this is definitely the mask for you.

Get it at S$9.50 for 50 pieces from Shopee

15. Sanrio characters


Sanrio is known for creating some of the cutest characters that we have all come to love, and this cute-looking mask is definitely worth splurging on if you’re a Sanrio enthusiast.

Get it at S$25 for 50 pieces from Shopee