11 stores we’re shopping at for modest wear this Hari Raya

We thought we’ve just entered Ramadan, but now we’re just a week away from Hari Raya Puasa.

If you haven’t started shopping yet, we’ve rounded up some of the best stores to shop from, including mainstream ones like H&M for chic, modern looks, and Muslim fashion labels for a wider variety of options.

Mainstream fashion stores


Zalora launched its #Zaloraya2021 campaign right when Ramadan started, and rolled out a microsite with all kinds of deals and activities to help you prep for the festive season.

Now at just S$113.90. Buy here.

Modest wear from brands such as Zalia, Lubna, and Bellapizo that will get you Eid-ready is part of the repertoire. Look forward to modern kurung sets and chic kebaya you’ll want to keep wearing beyond the festivities. You’ll be happy to know there are options for men too!

Best part? A sale is going on now so you can get them at a steal!

You can shop for Zalora’s modest wear here.


The retailer isn’t exactly running a full-on campaign for Hari Raya, but there are some curated selections that you can shop at.

At S$213.98. Buy here.

They have a page where you can shop Eid bestsellers and another for modest fashion. While they don’t have a wide selection for Hari Raya-appropriate outfits, the ones they have are high quality and stand out from the rest.


H&M is a go-to retailer for pretty much every occasion, but if you don’t know where to start, check out their Dazzling Spring Statements campaign that features glamorous kaftans and coordinated sets that we think can look good for your Hari Raya OOTD.

At S$94.95. Buy here.

Shop for this H&M collection here.


Pomelo is known for its updated silhouettes that look chic whether you’re visiting your family or just chilling out at a cafe for an OOTD picture.

Now at S$23.80. Buy here.

Their Raya collection includes more than 50 styles to shop from, including modest and more modern options. A sale is going on at the moment, so grab the ones you love quickly!


This fast-fashion retailer is known for their affordable selection that caters to stylish women and we were surprised that they have Hari Raya-appropriate outfits if you look closer.

At S$26. Buy here.

The site has curated a collection of “modest” wear (long sleeves and hemline) in gorgeous prints that are worth considering.

Muslim fashion labels

Niswa Fashion

The retailer stocks everything from clothing and scarves to accessories such as hijab pins so you can really shop to your heart’s content.

At S$132.99. Buy here.

Besides traditional styles, you’ll also find a huge range of fun, modern looks such as tiered maxi dresses and wrap dresses in modest silhouettes.

Shop at Niswa Fashion here.


If you’re looking for casual and basic outfits as well as a getup that Grandma will approve, then Modanisa will serve you well.

This retailer has a huge offering that includes a Plus Size collection, sportswear, and even full coverage swimwear.

At USD24. Buy here.

For Eid shopping, their dresses collection will spoil you with choices.

Shop at Modanisa here.


A family-owned company that focuses on modest clothing for women and girls, the retailer doesn’t shy away from pretty prints, so you can be sure you can find gorgeous dresses that stand out.

Now at S$113.44. Buy here.

Its prices may be a little on the high side, but pieces look very different from what you’ll usually see at other stores and quality is good, according to those who have bought from them.

Shop at Annahariri here.

East Essence

This retailer stocks a huge collection of abaya and jilbabs, but you can also check out its Eid collection for more curated options.

Now at US$41. Buy here.

For those who are looking to invest in something you can wear to important events in the future, such as weddings, there are many lavish dresses you can look at too.

Shop at East Essence here.


At £54.99. Buy here.

If you like dresses in bright colours, then Inayah has got you covered. We love how the retailer stocks modest dresses in basic silhouettes you can wear throughout the year, yet still look extremely chic so you won’t look too basic.

Shop at Inayah here.


Offering everything from modest tops, dresses, and scarves for women and tees for men, Artizara is pretty much a one-stop retailer that fulfils the fashion needs of Muslim women today.

At US$69. Buy here.

To shop for your Hari Raya clothings, check out their Eid collection.