15 best planners to help you kickstart the year right in 2023

One thing that we really look forward to when the new year rolls around is finding the perfect planner to kickstart the year on the right note. Even though we’re uncertain about the sort of beginnings the brand-new year holds or how hectic our days ahead will be, we know we can count on a trusty planner to help us walk through 2023 with a clearer mind.

This year, we’ve found planners that feature not just typical calendars, monthly, and weekly layouts, but also cheerful sticker pages, full-coloured pages for reflection, and built-in habit trackers for the ones who need it.

With everything from minimalist fuss-free journals for the ones who want to just stay on top of their tasks to beautiful gratitude journals that encourage a habit of reflection, you’ll find the best planner you need in 2023 here!

Best gratitude planners for 2023

Kāi 2023 Personal Planner

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The heart and soul behind Kāi is none other than local influencer Christabel Chua, better known as @bellywellyjelly, who was inspired to create moments of happiness for people through her line of products, including the beautiful Kāi 2023 Personal Planner.

Blush cover stamped with a simple smiley face that already invokes a contended mood, this year-long planner is filled with colourful pages of inspiring monthly openers as well as built-in mood and habit trackers.

Those who can’t resist a good sticker sheet will be delighted to discover that the planner includes two full-coloured sticker pages holding over 160 stickers. We won’t be surprised if you go bullet-journal-crazy.

Kāi 2023 Personal Planner retails for S$59.90 on Kāi. Purchase online, and you’ll receive a complimentary 2023 Digital planner too.

Typo 2023 Small Weekly Wellness Diary

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Step into 2023 even more in tune with yourself and better at embracing change with the Typo 2023 Small Weekly Wellness Diary.

This pretty pastel purple and light orange planner features a butterfly on its hardcover, symbolising the beautiful transformation that comes when you take change head-on.

Within the planner, there are colourful tabs that indicate the start of each month and full-coloured reflection pages that help you contemplate deeper as you step forward into the exciting unknown.

Typo 2023 Small Weekly Wellness Diary retails for S$20.99 on Typo.

Chai Sunrise Weekly Planner

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The Chai Sunrise Weekly Planner is a six-month guided planner that features easy-on-the-eyes weekly templates for you to jot down your priorities, track your habits, reflect on what you’re grateful for, and stay on top of your tasks.

To help you enter each new month grounded and with a clearer mind, the planner also includes monthly templates that prompt you to reflect on what you’ve learnt.

This planner is perfect for cultivating a habit of reflection in 2023. Since it’s available in five calming colours – Autumn Leaf, Sakura, Summer Sky, Sandstone, and Rainforest Tree, you’ll feel extra good about bringing it with you anywhere you go!

Chai Sunrise Weekly Planner retails for S$35 on Chai Sunrise.

Best aesthetic planners for 2023

March Stationery 2023 Daily Planner

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Talk about an inspirational quote for the sure-to-come stormy moments in 2023.

The March Stationery 2023 Daily Planner has a soft cover with a lush velvety feel and opens to reveal smooth ivory pages – 328 in total to give you plenty of space to pen down what you need each day.

The planner is pretty thick, so it comes with little tabs that let you easily flip to the right month with no need to leaf through the pages each time!

March Stationery 2023 Daily Planner​​ retails for S$16.10 instead of S$18 on Shopee.

Starbucks + The Paper Bunny Planner

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Morning coffees are not the only thing that’ll bolster you through the highs and lows of 2023 when you’ve got the Starbucks + The Paper Bunny Planner with you too!

The forest green vegan leather cover is embossed with the Starbucks logo, and it opens up to reveal the planner’s yearly, monthly, and weekly layouts that’ll help you get your days in check one step at a time. There’s also art and quotes peppered throughout the planner to give you a burst of inspiration whenever you need it.

Starbucks + The Paper Bunny Planner retails for S$38.90 on Shopee.

Mossery Patchwork Dreams Undated Planner

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The beautiful illustration spanning the front and back covers of the Mossery Patchwork Dreams Undated Planner is enough to melt some of our stresses away as we get organised in 2023. This planner recalls quiet picnics in an overgrown garden, cushioned by colour patchwork quilts, warmed with hot tea, and sweetened by red apples.

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Inside, there are undated monthly and weekly grids that give you enough space to jot down notes or doodle. It also starts with blank-paged inspiration boards for you to write down anything from words to live by, role models, to favourite films – anything that’ll help to set your course in the coming year.

Mossery Patchwork Dreams Undated Planner retails for S$38 on Mossery. Apply the discount code “FREESHIPPINGSG” for free shipping with a minimum of US$65 spent. See shipping information here.

Kaisercraft K Style 2023 A5 Weekly Diary

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The mellow blue, pink, and green colour palette of this hardcover A5-sized planner puts us in the right mood to ease into organising the year ahead.

Don’t mind the simple black-and-white design of the pages inside, because the frills-free yearly and weekly layouts will help you note down what you need to in a totally clutter-free manner.

There’s even a notes section at the end of each weekly grid that you can use to reflect on what went well and what could be improved over the past seven days.

Kaisercraft K Style 2023 A5 Weekly Diary retails for S$36.95 on PaperMarket.

Oglestore Korean Cute Animal Planner 2023

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Each time you flip a page of this planner, you’ll be surprised by cute Korean-style animal illustrations in beautiful pastel hues.

The planner boasts an assortment of cover designs that you can choose from, which include a smiling cat wearing a hat, a curled-up fox, Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, and a polar bear under northern lights.

Besides the usual yearly, monthly, and weekly grids, you’ll also enjoy 16 blank pages – ideal for the doodlers and frantic note-takers – and a sticker sheet so that you can have plenty of fun decorating throughout the year.

Oglestore Korean Cute Animal Planner 2023 retails for S$66.02 on Shopee.

Kate Spade 2023 Planner

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You can’t go wrong with this classy Kate Spade 2023 Planner that makes a sophisticated statement with its bright colours and bold floral design.

The spiral notebook can be flipped open so that it lays flat on the table as you make notes, or 360 degrees so that you can hold it snug in your hand as you scribble a quick reminder on the go.

The months are divided by vibrant laminated tabs and fun openers. There’s also a gold foil sticker sheet right at the front and an interior pocket for you to stuff anything from sentimental keepsakes like movie tickets to must-save receipts.

What we think is really special about the planner’s structure is that, instead of plain grids, weekly spreads include blank to-do templates consisting of checkboxes and empty lines – making organising an even simpler task for the busy urbanite!

Kate Spade 2023 Planner retails for S$49.95 on Lazada.

Klosh Disney Princess 2022/2023 Planner Diary

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You could say that the Klosh Disney Princess 2022/2023 Planner Diary is a fairy-tale fit for the ones who love binging on Disney movies on the good days and bad.

This planner opens each month with a full-colour page of Disney princess illustrations, questions, and quotes to inspire you to start the month on the right foot.

It’s also got undated monthly and weekly grids, so you’ve got plenty of room to write notes as you unravel your own enchanting story this 2023.

The Klosh Disney Princess 2022/2023 Planner Diary retails for S$24.90 on Zalora.

Best fuss-free planners for 2023

MUJI Monthly Planner 2023

best planners 2023

If you’re searching for a frills-free option, what better place to look than at the Japanese store, MUJI? We all know that the brand hits the nail on the head when it comes to an aesthetic, minimalist style – doesn’t matter if it’s wooden bedframes or a slim planner to kickstart 2023 the right way.

The MUJI Monthly Planner lets you have an overview of your months so that you know right away if you’re free for evening drinks with colleagues on a Friday night or are scheduled for a stay-home pyjama party with your bestie.

MUJI Monthly Planner 2023 retails for S$8.90 to S$10.90, depending on size, on Shopee.

Moleskine 2023 PRO Vertical Weekly Planner

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Don’t judge Moleskine’s 2023 PRO Vertical Weekly Planner by its simple cover. Although the planner doesn’t boast any fancy designs, its pages are packed with all sorts of useful layouts that’ll make your fuss-free scheduling dreams come true.

From calendars that let you view your week’s appointments at a glance and space after each week for jotting down notes or tasks to detachable pages, this journal will accompany you through 2023 in a truly organised style.

Moleskine 2023 PRO Vertical Weekly Planner retails for S$37.15 on Amazon.

Prism Weekly 2023 Diary

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There are so many ways to make this chic planner your own, the first being choosing from the assortment of colours that it’s available in!

Korean brand Prism’s Weekly 2023 Diary features a fabric hardcover in eight colours, including Pistachio, Mint Latte, and Lavender. Inside, you’ll find calendars, habit trackers that give month-long overviews, and weekly pages to scribble your daily to-dos.

It’s simple, but simply stunning too.

Prism Weekly 2023 Diary retails for S$24.49 instead of S$32.48 on Shopee.

Midori MD Notebook Diary 2023

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Should you need a little bit of structure and a whole lot of space to express yourself freely, then the Midori MD Notebook Diary 2023 should be the one that gets a spot on your study table.

This notebook-planner features monthly calendars so that you can keep track of your appointments with ease, but the rest of the pages are blank. It’s up to you to fill them in as this brand-new year unravels.

Developed in Japan, the Midori paper is oh-so-smooth, bleed-resistant, and fountain pen friendly – specially designed for the artists, writers, and creatives out there.

Midori MD Notebook Diary 2023 retails for S$59.25 on Lazada.

kikki.K Skyline Weekly Diary A4 2023

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For the ones who just need to plan their tasks down to the minute, the kikki.K Skyline Weekly Diary A4 2023 makes the perfect planner.

Flip to the weekly-dated pages in this hardcover planner and you’ll notice that a spacious vertical rectangle marks out each day. Lines also run across each box, making organising your tasks according to time that much easier.

This leather-bound journal is available in soft Lilac, sleek Black, elegant Acorn, and creamy Hazelnut. It’ll sit snugly on your desk, ready for when you need it most.

kikki.K Skyline Weekly Diary A4 2023 retails for S$69.99 on kikki.K. This planner is also available in A6 size for S$37.99 on kikki.K.

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