16 lovely gratitude journals to help you look on the bright side of life

If you’re dragging your feet through the average days and feeling totally jaded the rest of the time, then perhaps gratitude journals are just what you need to discover a newfound joy in your everyday life.

What are gratitude journals?

gratitude journals
Credit: Penguin Random House More Than Gratitude

Gratitude journals are templated notebooks that give you a space to write down the things that you can be thankful for each day. Some gratitude journals come with additional prompts, encouraging you to make space in your day to be grateful and helping you wrap up your day alert to the good things – big or small – that you’ve experienced throughout the day.

gratitude journals
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Just a simple few minutes out of each day to reflect on what you can be grateful for – the smell of fresh rain on the tarred roads, a quick smile from a stranger, or a work-lite afternoon – can make a ton of difference in your life.

If you’re ready to give #goodvibes a chance, then read on because we’ve rounded up 16 lovely gratitude journals to help you look on the bright side of life!

Gratitude journals in Singapore

kikki.K Gratitude Journal Seafoam: Inspiration

gratitude journals - kikki.k

Popular Swedish stationery brand kikki.K doesn’t just have your favourite lined notebooks and leather diaries. It also has a refreshing range of ‘inspiration’ journals to help you set goals, pen down your dreams, as well as – yes, give thanks for the little things in life.

The Gratitude Journal Seafoam encourages you to practice gratitude each day with guided questions and lovely quotes. Just a few simple lines of jotted-down reflection, and you’ll find yourself feeling more grateful as the days go by!

Shop Gratitude Journal Seafoam: Inspiration for S$49.99 on kikki.K.

Collective Hub Daily Gratitudes

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Collective Hub’s Daily Gratitudes is a minimalistic, aesthetically pleasing journal that you’ll love adding to your bookshelf. It has daily morning and evening sections that prompt you to think about everything from your focus for the day, to what you’re proud of having achieved at the end of the day.

Helping you to be intentional with your daily goals and sensitive to the things you can be thankful for, the Daily Gratitudes is a great place to start your journaling journey.

Shop Collective Hub Daily Gratitudes for S$66 on Lazada.

Paperie Lab Gratitude Journal

gratitude journals - (2)

If you love a sweet splash of colour, then you’ll adore Paperie Lab’s Gratitude Journal which fills its pages with beautiful palettes and illustrations that make each scribble a brand new experience each day.

The gratitude journal comes in various adorable cover designs. The inside of each notebook also features not just daily gratitude prompts, but also little challenges and interactive pages – you’ve got that much more reason to open your journal day and night.

Shop Paperie Lab Gratitude Journal for S$22.50 to S$23.50 on Shopee.

Pretty Simple Press Good Days Start With Gratitude

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You’d be surprised how much difference writing down even just three things you’re grateful for each day can make in your life.

Whether you’re thankful for the first blooming of flowers on your houseplant, or the warmth of the sunshine on your skin as you walked out for lunch this afternoon, you can easily scribble them down in this gratitude journal in under 10 minutes. Just three things you’re grateful for – that’s what this journal encourages you to write down and reflect upon daily!

Shop Pretty Simple Press Good Days Start With Gratitude for S$14.68 on Amazon.

Insight Editions Gratitude: A Day and Night Reflection Journal

gratitude journals

You can claim gratitude, even before you’ve experienced the thing you’re hoping to be grateful for within the day.

By giving you morning prompts to write down how you’re going to make space for gratitude this day, the journal helps you keep an open mind and be sensitive to what you might be joyful about – you’ll experience happiness even before you’ve grasped what you’re to be thankful for.

Shop Insight Editions Gratitude: A Day and Night Reflection Journal for S$19.78 on Amazon.

Paper Peony Press The Gratitude Journal

gratitude journals

This hardcover gratitude journal is linen-lined and embossed with metallic gold words on the front, so it’ll feel particularly pleasant and weighty in your hands.

Besides giving you space to jot down what you’re grateful for daily, the journal also encourages you to “pay it forward” at the end of the week.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how, because the journal gives you some tips too. Just giving someone a smile as you pass them by, or writing a thank you note to a friend is all it takes for you to keep paying happiness forward!

Shop Paper Peony Press The Gratitude Journal for S$18.79 on Amazon.

Odd Giraffe Gratitude Journals

gratitude journals

Get a gratitude journal that you love completely, with Odd Giraffe’s plethora of gorgeous cover illustrations which are created by different artists.

From botanical-themed to summer picnic vibes, the prettiest designs are at your fingertips on the brand’s online store.

Inside, each journal is the same: you’ll be inspired by weekly affirmations, quotes, and get to scribble down what you’re grateful for on aesthetic pages.

Shop Odd Giraffe Gratitude Journals that are priced starting from approx. S$28.90 online.

Cotton On Weekly Wellness Planner 2022

gratitude journals

Does daily journaling feel like too big a commitment for you? Cut yourself some slack with the Cotton On Weekly Wellness Planner that lets you look back on the weeks instead of days.

You can list out your goals at the beginning of each week, as well as check back in at the end of the week to reflect on the top three things you are grateful for, what you set as your priorities, and a mindful moment that you had.

The planner has little tabs at the side that let you flip easily to each month – a bonus for those who particularly adore the feeling of rifling through the pages of their journals at the end of it all.

Shop Cotton On Weekly Wellness Planner online. (This journal is currently unavailable).

Typo Undated Small Wellness Planner

gratitude journals

It might be too late in the year to start a dated journal like the one above, but that’s okay because you can still keep track of the things to be thankful for with Typo’s Undated Small Wellness Planner.

Organised to give you your week’s daily reflections at a glance, it’s easy for you to look back and be glad about your collection of happy moments from Monday through Sunday – another way to brace yourself against those dreadful Monday blues!

Shop Typo Undated Small Wellness Planner for S$29.99 on Typo.

The Happiness Bar – A Digital Gratitude Journal Notion Template

gratitude journals notion

We’re living in the digital age and online gratitude journals are totally a thing.

If you’re familiar with the online note-taking app, Notion, you would know that it allows you to organise your notes in whatever way you wish. Whether you’re keeping track of scheduled appointments in your digital calendar or the best titles in your reading list, you can file them away in your Notion pages for easy reference.

When it comes to keeping a gratitude journal, you can do so just the same on the app too. The Happiness Bar is a Notion template that is already organised so that you can reflect morning and evening with unique prompts. There are also habit trackers, memory boxes, and more – everything that you would want in your physical gratitude journal, just online.

So, if Notion is your go-to app for all kinds of note-taking, then start gratitude journaling online with The Happiness Bar template, for free or starting at approx. S$14.55 for more features.

Get The Happiness Bar Template here.
Download Notion here.

Brenda Nathan The One-Minute Gratitude Journal

gratitude journals

All it takes is one minute each day to write down one thing that made you feel grateful. The gratitude journal also comes with blank pages for you to draw, so you can express yourself (and the things you’re thankful for) in something other than words!

Get Brenda Nathan The One-Minute Gratitude Journal for S$14.68 (paperback) or S$44.52 (hardcover) on Amazon.

JOURNEY Daily Planner Pad

gratitude journals

This vibrant journal is packed with daily prompts for you to set targets and give thanks at the start of the day, as well as post-it tags that are fitted snugly within the book. Since it’s in a comfortable A5 size, you can easily take it with you wherever you go!

Shop JOURNEY Daily Planner Pad for S$14.90 on Naiise.

Write to Me Family Gratitude Journal

gratitude journals

Gratitude can start with you, but be shared with the whole family as well. The Family Gratitude Journal is designed to help parents teach their children how to count their blessings, and create a family culture of thankfulness in the process.

At the end of the day, simply gather as a family and share the things that you are grateful for as a family – it could be the scrumptious chicken stew dinner that you had, the freshly painted walls in your home, or Mei Mei not having to eat green peas in school that day.

Shop Write to Me Family Gratitude Journal for S$22 on Revel.

Intelligent Change Five Minute Journal

gratitude journals - (13)

Elegant and minimalist, this gratitude journal is proof that taking just five minutes out of your day to reframe and reflect can do so much for nurturing contentment in your life.

Since the journal puts morning and evening prompts on the same page, you get to look back at what you set to achieve in the morning as you wind down at night – who knows just how many things have come full circle within that short time?

Shop Intelligent Change Five Minute Journal for S$40.21 on Revolve.

Mal Paper A Day of Gratitude

gratitude journals

The Mal Paper’s gratitude journal gets you out of the right side of your bed each morning with the prompts like “3 things I will do today to make it great…”, and gets you tucked snugly in for a good night’s rest with evening questions such as “3 amazing things that happened today”.

Shop Mal Paper A Day of Gratitude for S$46 on Revel.

Potter Gift The Gratitude Journal

gratitude journals

Journalling certainly helps you get in the right mindset at the start and end of each day, but more than that, you get to look back on our past entries and cherish the moments that you might otherwise forget.

Potter Gift’s gratitude journal allows you to flip through your old gratitude entries with major #throwback quality, because it’s a book that holds three years’ worth of space for your scribbling. Each page is dedicated to a date in the year, and is sectioned into three parts for each year’s entry.

By the end of it, you’ll get to look at everything you were thankful for on the past three “1 January”s gone by, and discover how blessed you are in areas that you might not even have noticed.

Shop Potter Gift The Gratitude Journal for S$21.98 on Shopee, or S$31.90 on Revel.

Featured image credit: Paperie Lab, Odd Giraffe

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