8 accessories you need to build a cute TikTok-style gaming setup

Gaming setups don’t just provide the optimal gaming experience in terms of comfort and speed, they also flaunt a unique aesthetic that makes it all the more elating for you to settle in and game through the night.

While there are many ways to decorate your gaming setup, gamer girls on TikTok are currently boasting a chic, pink aesthetic. Their gaming setups feature everything from sakura keyboards to pastel kitty-ear headphones, and they don’t just look the part, they do a great job too.

But for those of you who’re also loving the trending pink aesthetic, you’re in for a treat. Ahead, we share the accessories you need to build a cute, pink-decked TikTok-style gaming setup!

Gaming chair

All gamers need an ergonomic gaming chair that’ll let them play comfortably for hours; after all, you never know when one hour of gaming will extend into many. Thus, you should expect an ergonomic gaming chair to provide you with lumbar, upper back and neck support, as well as have a high level of adjustability to suit your build.

Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Series

pink-gaming-setup-singapore-secretlab chair
Credit: @programmer_py on Instagram

Think of ergonomic chairs and Secretlab is the first brand that comes to mind. For the no-frills, all-rounded option, you can go for the Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Series that’s rated 4.9 stars out of five on Secretlab, with reviewers praising how comfortable the chair is.

The chair has internal lumbar support, allowing you to adjust the firmness of the chair against your lower back using a dial, as well as a magnetic memory foam head pillow that can be easily shifted up or down to suit your height.


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♬ Kiss Me More (feat. SZA) – Doja Cat

Since it’s also a gorgeous shade of pink, it’s no wonder that gamer girls on TikTok are adding this chair to their setups.

Shop the Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Series in pink for S$659 on Secretlab.

AutoFull Pink Gaming Chair

pink-gaming-setup-singapore-autofull gaming chair
Credit: @Jessimomokoo on Instagram

Gamers on TikTok are also loving chairs with fluffy bunny ears for a cute e-girl aesthetic. They’re adding points for comfort by getting a chair that comes with a footrest, which lets them kick up their feet and game easily for long hours!

There are several options for bunny-eared gaming chairs, but the AutoFull Pink Gaming Chair is one of the most popular. It’s light pink, comes with fluffy rabbit ears, and is even complete with a footrest for maximum comfort.

Shop the AutoFull Pink Gaming Chair for S$460.50 on Amazon.


Switch your in-ear earpiece for a good pair of headphones that’s comfortable on your ears and gives you great quality sound! It’s not necessary to get a gaming headset too. Instead, good over-the-ear headphones can do just as great (or an even better) job in terms of comfort and sound.

Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Headphone

Credit: Giz Prix

One feature that you can consider when purchasing headphones is noise cancellation. Noise-cancelling headphones give an immersive gaming experience and heighten your senses as you prowl the tricky Valorant arenas to sneak attacks on your enemies.

The Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Headphone is a headset that has three settings for noise cancellation: low, medium, and high. You can toggle them depending on whether you want to be present in the world around you or fully immerse in the virtual landscapes. It’s also compatible with PC, consoles, and mobile devices.

We’re certainly not forgetting style – while Sony WH-1000XM4 Headphones are a close competitor, the Bose ones come in elegant rose gold, besides classic black and silver!

Shop Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Headphone for S$329 on Amazon.

Razer Kraken Kitty Headphones

Credit: @geninelabis on Instagram

Girl gamers on TikTok have also taken to headphones with adorable ear designs, the most popular ones being the Razer Kraken Kitty Headphones in Pink. Powered by Razer Chroma RGB, the headphones’ pointed-ear design lights up in a dynamic plethora of fully-customisable colours and patterns that can be synced up with thousands of other compatible accessories.

If you stream regularly, then you’ll also love that the lights on the headphones can change according to your audience’s emotes. For example, you can set the ears to turn red each time a viewer reacts with a red heart. It’s all the more reason to hop onto Twitch – you’ll get to show off your kitty-ears in addition to the rest of your chic pink gaming setup.

Shop Razer Kraken Kitty Headphones for $180.75 on Amazon.


No one wants to game with their tiny monitor speakers! Instead, you’ll want a soundbar or pair of speakers that can bring your games to life.

With a quality soundbar, you won’t have to crank your volume to the fullest to catch the resonating thuds of the enemy’s footsteps in the distance or crisp rustling as you make your way through the foliage in Horizon Forbidden West. When you’re not gaming, you’ll also enjoy an ultra-immersive experience with clear and dynamic sounds, whether you’re binging your favourite Netflix series or listening to symphonic tunes on Spotify.

Creative Sound BlasterX Katana

pink-gaming-setup-singapore-Creative Sound BlasterX Katana
Credit: Brian Fagioli on YouTube

A quality soundbar with RGB lighting in the mix, the Creative Sound BlasterX Katana gives you 5.1 virtual surround sound, or 7.1 when combined with a subwoofer. That’s because the soundbar houses two up-firing midbass drivers and two high-excursion tweeters, along with a long-throw driver within its subwoofer – it gives you clear sounds with rich, resonating bass for a superior listening experience.

The soundbar’s sleek design and comparably smaller size – shorter than 60cm in length – also allows it to fit in easily with most gaming setups, without clashing with the overall aesthetic. You can expect 49 programmable LED lights in 16.8 million colours, which means: hello chic pink gaming setup, goodbye dull-looking soundbars!

Shop Creative Sound BlasterX Katana for S$349 on Amazon.

Divoom Dito Plus portable Bluetooth speaker

With a quality soundbar in place, why not add this cute portable speaker for the aesthetic? Loved for its hipster style more than the quality of sound, it’ll up the ante on your TikTok-aesthetic desk decor when placed next to your monitor!

Credit: @sky.xyla on Instagram

Divoom Dito Plus portable Bluetooth speaker lets you customise the pixel image that appears on the screen. From heart-shaped, Yoshi, to Pokémon designs, you can create any image that you wish as well as share these pictures with an online Divoom community. You’ll also be able to view other people’s pixel art, and use them for your display too.


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♬ Scaramouche Does The Fandango – Luci

The buttons on the speaker are not just for show either; they allow you to play some classic games on the speaker, such as Pixel Racer, Magic 8 Ball, and Snake. They even come with backlit LED lights in a spectrum of vivid colours, altogether lending a funky decorative effect to your gaming setup.

Shop Divoom Dito Plus portable Bluetooth speaker for S$89.99 on Amazon.


pink-gaming-setup-singapore-pink keycaps
Credit: @milky.keycaps on Instagram

The keys on a mechanical keyboard spring back with a taut click each time that you press on them, giving you increased accuracy and speed as you game. Since it’s tactile, durable, and gives such a quick response, a mechanical keyboard is easily a must-have accessory in any gamer’s setup!

Plus, you get to switch between different keycap designs to enhance your setup’s pink gamer girl aesthetic too.

The Royal Kludge Keyboard RK920

pink-gaming-setup-singapore-royal kludge

With 24 rainbow backlit settings, the Royal Kludge Keyboard is a full-size gaming keyboard that also has give light-flow speed settings and five brightness levels so that you can set the mood according to the games you’re playing.


new keyboard with pistachio pudding caps 🌱✨ #asmr #letsplay #pc #pcgamingsetup #girlgamer #girlpcsetup #cutepc #keyboard

♬ original sound – nic0lio

Take note that The Royal Kludge keyboard has switchable keycaps but it isn’t hot-swappable, which means that, while you’re able to change the design, you won’t be able to customise the feel of the keys by swapping the switches.

Shop the Royal Kludge Keyboard RK920 Full Size Mechanical Keyboard for S$47.82 on Amazon.

Keychron Q1 QMK Custom Mechanical Keyboard

Credit: Keychron

For a fully customisable (but more expensive) option, you can go for the Keychron Q1 instead. A mechanical keyboard that’s popular amongst gamers, it’s designed for easy assembly from start to finish; it lets you effortlessly switch everything from keycaps, switches, to stabilisers for a highly personalised gaming experience.

With its backlit features and elegant 6063 aluminium CNC machined body, you won’t be compromising on style either!

Shop Keychron Q1 82 Keys mechanical keyboard for S$219 on Lazada.

Gliging Sunset Gradient Keycaps


Once you have your keyboard set up, you can choose to change the keycaps anytime you wish.

There are so many keycap designs that you can use to refresh your gaming setup. For an enchanting gamer girl style, the Gliging Sunset Gradient keycaps – gorgeous pink, blue, and purple ombré – are a lovely choice.

Do also remember to check your keycap sizes against your keyboard to make sure that the ones you purchase will fit.

Shop the Gliging Sunset Gradient keycaps for S$35.37 on Amazon.


Credit: @ttofuchan_ on Instagram

Unless you want to squint at a small screen for hours at a time as you game, you’ll definitely need a monitor to complete your gaming setup.

Two key features you should look out for in a monitor is a fast refresh rate, nothing less than 120Hz, as well as quick response time no slower than 3ms. These will keep your gaming experience smooth and seamless.

If you want to decorate your monitor, you can do what some girl gamers do, which is to attach their favourite figurines on the top of the screen. However, most gamers take a no-frills approach with their monitors, choosing to spruce up their setup with multiple screens instead.

Gaming PC


Regular PCs may do the trick when you’re playing less demanding games such as Minecraft, but a gaming PC – with a powerful process, graphics card, and motherboard – will run games much smoother, faster, and visually better too. It’ll also support the more demanding games such as The Witcher 3 and Grand Theft Auto 5.

Many gamer girls on TikTok flaunt a glorious aesthetic that’s a product of their custom-built PCs. This includes parts like a motherboard, water cooler, and case fans.

Building a custom PC takes time – you’ll have to research and handpick the components you need to give you the custom gaming PC that you desire. Thus, before you choose between a custom-built or pre-built PC, it’s best that you first consider factors such as budget, the time it takes to assemble the PC, and the operating system that you’ll need.

ID-cooling PinkFlow 240

pink-gaming-setup-singapore-pink flow water cooler pc

The ID-cooling PinkFlow 240 is a water cooler option that you can consider if you’re building your own PC. With its pretty rainbow LED ring fans and RGB sync LED lighting on the pump, it’s a PC component that gamer girls on TikTok are using to spruce up their PC aesthetic.

Shop this product for S$149 on Lazada.

Headset stand

In addition to the main components of a gaming setup, gamers are also organising their desks with other cute accessories like headset stands. Sling your kitty-ear headphones on the stand and it’ll look super cute while keeping your headset right in reach.

The Fantech Headphone Tower Stand

pink-gaming-setup-singapore-headset stand

The Fantech Headphone Tower Stand has an antislip rubberised base and additional weights for balance stabilisation. Available in sakura pink, white, and black, this item is priced between S$14.50 to S$26.50 on Shopee.

Shop this product here.


Large mousepads make it much easier for you to make long mouse glides, compared to smaller mousepads. Covering a big surface area of your desk, the mousepad also gives you another opportunity to decorate your gaming setup by incorporating the colours or designs that you love.


Which ones your favourite?💗✨ #pinkpcsetup #gamingsetup #gamergirl #egirl #gamingpc #JamieMovie #heartringlight #razerquartz #autofullgamingchair

♬ Scaramouche Does The Fandango – Luci

Gamer girls on TikTok are opting for everything from LED-lined, patterned to simple single-shade mousepads, so it’s really up to you to choose one that’ll complement your gaming setup.

Rukario White LED RGB Gaming Mousepad

pink-gaming-setup-singapore-rukario gaming mousepad

This large mousepad has 15 lighting modes that include 11 vivid static colours, and four colour-flow options that’ll set the vibes for your setup. It’s made with smooth microfibre fabric so that your mouse can easily travel over the surface, as well as is infused with waterproof materials to prevent damage from spills.

Both stylish and functional, the Rukario White RGB Gaming Mouse Pad is a great addition to your gaming setup!

Shop this product for S$36.23 on Amazon.

Rinvanic Cherry Blossom LED RGB Gaming Mousepad

pink-gaming-setup-singapore-light gaming mousepad

Fitting with the pink theme of your gaming setup is the Rinvanic LED RGB Gaming Mousepad that is pink and has a delicate cherry blossom design. It has 12 lighting modes including nine static colours, pink being one of them, and three dynamic settings so that you have full control over your room’s ambience as you game!

Shop this product for S$30.40 on Amazon.

Featured image credit: @jessimomoko on Instagram

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