12 back-to-office safety supplies to protect you from germs and bacteria at work

2020 has been a year of embracing changes. Before we leave the house for meals and shopping, we tick off a mental checklist of things to bring. On top of our wallet, keys, and phone, a face mask and hand sanitiser have now become a part of our essentials. As some of us start heading back to the office either daily or occasionally, we have to embrace a set of new rules too.

In case you didn’t know, the average office worker comes into contact with around one million bacteria a day. One bacterium multiplies to over two million in just seven hours. This is why we need devices to keep us safe while we tackle the remaining cases of COVID-19 in the community.

If you’re looking to stock up on office safety supplies such as anti-touch devices, face masks, and UV-powered sanitisers, here’s where you can get them.

Anti-touch devices

Anti-Touch Device

back to office safety supplies no touch device

When it comes to the elevator, ATM buttons, door handles, or other surfaces you’re likely to come into regular contact with, bacteria might measure more than you’d think. While the frequent use of hand sanitiser and handwashing certainly helps, an anti-touch device is also a great idea to limit your potential exposure to viruses and bacteria on high-touch surfaces.

Instead of using your knuckles or elbows to press buttons, stay safe and considerate with this anti-touch device. This nifty, multifunctional tool has a built-in tip to help you to push buttons as well as a contactless section to lift handles. After each use, the internal sponge will disinfect the device with an antibacterial liquid that you can refill.

Anti-Touch Device retails for S$9 on Shopee

DAPHNE Anti-Germ Safety Key

back to office safety supplies daphne door handle opener

The DAPHNE Anti-Germ Safety Key has an ergonomic hook that’s perfect for door handles, drawer pulls, and a finger slot that doubles as a bottle opener. It is also made from brass that is naturally antimicrobial – germs cannot grow on the surface of this metal. It kills bacteria in four hours, so it slows the spread of microorganisms you may come into contact with.

DAPHNE Anti-Germ Safety Key retails for S$1.94 at Shopee.

Erasky Non-Contact Door Opener (5 pieces)

back to office safety supplies erasky door opener

Just like the DAPHNE Anti-Germ Safety Key, the Erasky Non-Contact Door Opener has a finger loop that ensures it won’t slip during use. The stylus allows for easy pushing and a steady grip on whatever object you need to touch. It’s also made with anti-microbial brass, which makes checkouts at the counter and digital signatures safer. Plus, the tool looks like an elegant key.

Erasky Non-Contact Door Opener (5 pieces) retails for S$32.04 at Amazon.

No Touch Contactless Door Opener

back to office safety supplies no touch door opener

Like most anti-touch devices, this No Touch Contactless Door Opener is made of brass to inhibit the growth of germs and bacteria. This key comes in various shapes and colours, so you can choose one that suits your preferences.

No Touch Contactless Door Opener retails for US$1.43 (S$1.99) at AliExpress

Face masks

SLIP Re-usable Face Covering

back to office safety supplies slip silk face mask

With SLIP’s Re-usable Face Covering, staying safe and looking chic doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive. This washable face mask is made with a mulberry silk outer and a cotton inner, so it’s soft and gentle on your skin. The one-size-fits-all mask has an adjustable nose wire and elastic ear loops for a snug yet comfortable fit. If you’re in the market for a lightweight, breathable mask that’s kind to your skin, look no further.

SLIP Re-usable Face Covering retails for US$39 (S$54.28) retails for at Beautylish. It comes in four colours: Black, Kiss, Leopard, and Pink. 

Everlane The 100% Human Face Mask (5-Pack)

back to office safety supplies everlane face mask

Back in 2017, Everlane launched its 100% Human line to bring people together to support the fight for human rights, and it’s taking its efforts one step further with the 100% Human Face Mask. For every five-pack sold, the brand will donate 10% of its sales to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), and the programme has raised over US$600k in donations thus far.

This reusable mask is made from a double-layer knit fabric for breathability and protection. It also features cotton-Lycra ear loops to provide a little stretch and much comfort for everyday use. The brand suggests you wash your face mask before your first use and after every wear. To stay safe, wash your hands before you don it and after taking it off.

Everlane The 100% Human Face Mask (5-Pack) retails for S$36 at Everlane

Pomelo Reusable Plaid Face Mask Set (2-Pack)

back to office safety supplies pomelo face masks

A new initiative by Pomelo, Pomelo Cares supports organisations that are leading relief efforts for COVID-19. The brand launched a line of reusable face masks that are protective and stylish in equal measure. Made with quick-dry, antibacterial fabric, the masks have been certified by Oeko-Tex, a globally recognised system for ecologically safe textiles. With these on, you can literally breathe easy.

Zhuzh up your office attire with this pastel plaid mask, or pair your best plaid shirt with it for a trendy co-ord set. For more stylish face masks, check out our recent roundup to keep you on top of your fashion game.

Pomelo Reusable Plaid Face Mask Set (2 Pieces) retails for S$19 at Pomelo

Pomelo X Smiley Smile Polka Dot Mask

back to office safety supplies pomelo smiley mask

In collaboration with fashion and lifestyle brand The Smiley Company, Pomelo’s adorable mask is stamped with plenty of smiley faces that are guaranteed to make your day a brighter one. It’s made with a cotton inner and a liquid-repellent outer so it stays clean for longer. Unfortunately, this mask doesn’t last very long. The quick-dry, antibacterial mask can only hold up for up to 10 washes.

Pomelo X Smiley Smile Polka Dot Mask retails for S$14 at Pomelo

TAS By Tom Abang Saufi Jewel Mask

back to office safety supplies tas tom abang saufi jewel mask

This reusable pleated face mask from TAS By Tom Abang Saufi has a striped, geometric pattern that’s both eye-catching and stylish. It’s made of polyester and a layered inner fabric to provide comfort. Instead of elastic cords that loop behind your ears, the mask takes the pressure off with elastic bands, which you can wrap around your head and fasten by tying a knot or ribbon.

TAS By Tom Abang Saufi Jewel Mask retails for S$6.90 at Zalora

UV sanitisers

Zygienic UV Phone Sanitizer

back to office safety supplies zygienic uv phone steriliser

If you haven’t heard, your phone carries 10 times more germs than most toilet seats. Alcohol swabs and antibacterial wipes are a good way to keep your phone free of nasty germs, but if you want to reduce waste, try the Zygienic UV Phone Sanitizer. It kills 99.9% of surface germs on your phone with the push of a button.

You can drop your phone in or place everyday items like keys and watches in the sanitiser for quick disinfection. The gadget also comes with a universal charging port, so you can charge your phone while it’s being cleaned. The transparent screen also keeps you updated on notifications, while the timer lets you know when the disinfection process is complete.

Zygienic UV Phone Sanitizer retails for S$89 at Zygienic

Lexuma XGERM

back to office safety supplies lexuma xgerm

The Lexuma XGERM has a portrait orientation, which means its lid opens up from one of the shorter sides. What makes this steriliser box unique is that it has a sterilisation function as well as an aromatherapy feature. It has two UV lamps on each side of the interior and an aroma diffuser inlet at the base of the interior. Just add a droplet of essential oil on it and enjoy the scent.

All you have to do is put your phone in it, close the lid, and press the sterilisation button to start the 10-minute process. The device also doubles up a wireless charger for your phone while it’s being cleaned. It’s quite the roomy box, so it’s probably large enough to accommodate an AirPods charging case, a watch, and a set of keys.

Lexuma XGERM retails for S$129 (S$65 at the time of writing) at Shopee

Momax QU2 Q.Power UV Sanitizing Box

back to office safety supplies momax

Like the Lexuma XGERM, the Momax box also has an aromatherapy purpose on top of a sterilisation feature. With the push of a button, the 18-minute sterilisation session will begin, while a double-press will start a 30-minute session. The box lid doubles up as a wireless charging pad, so while you can’t charge your phone during the cleanup, it’s still a convenient way to get your battery levels up at work.

Add a fragrance or essential oil to the aroma diffuser inlet for a fresh, relaxing scent. If someone contacts your phone during the sterilisation process, you can open the lid and the UV lights will turn off. This way, you can answer an urgent text message or call without scrambling to switch the device off. The size of this box is quite compact, so don’t try to squeeze in too many items.

Momax QU2 Q.Power UV Sanitizing Box retails for S$59.90 (S$49.90 at the time of writing) at Shopee