Head out in style with these stylish reusable face masks

Wearing masks in public has become the social norm and we say let’s turn the gloom to something positive – it’s an additional chance for you to show your style!

In addition to being eco-friendly, reusable masks also come in a variety of designs to match your outfits. We’ve gathered nine of the most stylish reusable face masks – we’re sure you’ll find a few you’ll love.

1. Pomelo Floral Face Mask Set

Pomelo’s newest initiative under Pomelo Cares involves supporting organisations leading COVID-19 relief efforts by launching a line of antibacterial reusable face masks. To jazz up a basic outfit, try this floral patterned one in bright pastel hues perfect for Spring.

SGD19 for two on Pomelo.

2. Pomelo Plaid Mask Set

If florals aren’t really your thing, try an edgy plaid. Made with the same quick-drying and anti-bacterial material, this one adds just a hint of colour to spruce your outfit up. Pair it with all white, blue, or pink clothing for the trendy yet easy monochrome style.

Retails on Pomelo in pairs for SGD19.

3. Olive Ankara

In addition to having specially tailored sizes to fit children, these washable wax-cotton masks come in plenty (and we mean over 50!) of African tribal inspired prints for you to choose from. The bold and bright prints is sure to separate you from the rest of the crowd, and you can even slide in a surgical mask into its slot for extra protection.

Retails on Olive Ankara for SGD19 each.

4. Ans.ein

Take part in relief efforts personally when you shop masks from Ans.ein: choose from a range of basic colours like grey, black, blue, and pink reusable masks that’ll go with any outfit. These waterproof ones also come in women’s, men’s, and kids’ sizes to fit everyone perfectly!

Available here, from SGD5 for kid sizes.

5. Marvelous Works

Not to be worn on its own, but as a shield to protect surgical mask, this comes in several designs. Whether you’re a lover of cats, a Star Wars fan, or a believer in mermaids, there’s one for everybody.

Retails here, from SGD10.

6. CYC Made to Measure

If you really want to invest in a quality mask, this one is for you. Made from sturdy Egyptian cotton with a removable insert, it’s designed to fit facial contours so it doesn’t slide around. Both the mask and the filter can be washed, so you don’t have to worry about contamination!

Available for SGD20 here.

7. Milliot & Co. Silk Masks


While all other options are made out of a durable cotton, over time, cotton can be quite harsh on the skin. Choose a silk material, like in this reusable mask, which cause less friction.

Retails on Zalora for SGD16.90 for a pack of three.

8. Antibacterial Reusable Washable mask

Although these don’t have fancy patterns all over them, they’re a fuss-free and easy to match choice if you want to head out protected, as it has three layers, including two with antibacterial properties. It’s even water resistant, so even the rain won’t faze you!

SGD19.90 for one on Lazada.

9. Sea Apple

This popular local children apparel brand has a line of unisex reusable masks that are too cute to resist! In chic shades of blue, white, yellow, and red, these are surprisingly affordable, so you can twin with your loved ones without breaking the bank.

Retails on Sea Apple for SGD10.