19 unique laptop sleeves that look anything but boring

As remote working continues this year, now is probably a good time to upgrade your current laptop sleeve to a new one that looks anything but boring.

Ahead, we rounded up our top 19 stylish picks that you can consider getting as the next laptop carrier that you can proudly show off the next time you work from a cafe or co-working space. Happy shopping!

1. Typo Oxford Laptop Case

This grey-coloured laptop case adorned with tiny cherry blossoms is perfect for a flower lover who doesn’t want anything too flashy.

Get it for S$39.99 on Cotton On

2. Smile Cloud Laptop Case

This cute, cheery option is definitely one that will brighten up any gloomy day. Seriously, how can you not smile from ear to ear when you look at this happy cloud?

Buy this for S$15.75 on Shopee

3. Minor Miracles Toothpaste Kisses Laptop Case


Homegrown clothing label Minor Miracles has always made bold and colourful prints its signature since launching in 2019. But, did you know that those same in-house prints are also used in its accessories line, which includes hats, reusable face masks, and laptop cases?

Featuring a multi-coloured cording rope closure that perfectly complements the vibrant fabric, the Toothpaste Kisses Laptop Case is definitely the ideal pouch for those who love a splash of colour.

This retails for S$48 on Minor Miracles.

4. Seletti wears TOILERPAPER mouth-print canvas laptop case


Designed by Seletti in partnership with the creators of TOILETPAPER magazine, you can count on this graphic tongue-in-cheek laptop case to grab the attention of all onlookers while keeping your tech safe and sound.

This retails for S$80 on Selfridges

5. Cactus Laptop Sleeve

Featuring adorable cacti in various shapes and sizes, this white laptop carrier is an ultra-cute option for fans of the succulent.

Get this for S$34.73 on Etsy

6. Baggu Laptop Sleeve – Dolphin

Baggu is known for its wide range of loud, vibrant prints that make reusable bags hip, but the brand recently rolled out a series of quilted laptop sleeves that are made with 40% recycled ripstop nylon, the same material used for its shopping totes.

We’re especially crushing on this 16″ laptop sleeve that comes with a cute dolphin print. Oh, did we mention that it’s machine-washable too?

This retails for S$48 on Rally Rally. Visit the website for more Baggu laptop sleeves in other designs.

7. Sushi Bento Box Laptop Sleeve

Sushi lovers, we’ve found the laptop sleeve for you! Plus, it’ll definitely make a good conversation starter with all the perfectly stacked sushi pieces that almost look like a delicious meal that’s ready to be devoured on.

This retails for S$41.66 on Etsy

8. Burnt Toast Laptop Sleeve

Like your bread extra charred? Here’s a laptop sleeve that is just made to your preference.

Get this for S$35.99 on Shopee

9. Cute Cat Laptop Sleeve


Made for feline lovers, send Monday blues packing with this adorable laptop sleeve that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

This retails from S$21 on Shopee. Comes in three sizes: 11″, 13″, and 15″.

10. Mango Padded Laptop Case

A minimalistic laptop pouch doesn’t mean it has to be the least interesting to look at. Just check out this padded laptop case by Mango that looks as elegant as it is fuss-free.

This retails for S$39.90 on Zalora

11. Yellow Tulip Laptop Sleeve

Fancy yourself a rustic, handmade laptop carrier? Look no further than this hand-sewn cotton laptop case with yellow tulips.

This retails for S$41.12 on Etsy

12. Pot Plants Laptop Sleeve

Love plants but don’t have the green thumbs to keep them around for long? That’s alright, just save yourself the heartache and get this printed laptop case instead.

Get this for S$56 on Etsy

13. Sun & Moon Laptop Sleeve

This mystical and elegant sleeve makes the perfect laptop carrier for all the dreamers and stargazers out there.

Get this for S$41.12 on Etsy

14. Velour Laptop Sleeve

This laptop pouch looked so much like a luxe pillowcase that we had to do a double-take! You should definitely consider this if you want a protective sleeve that’s comfortable to hold.

Get this for S$38.90 on Etsy

15. Baggu The Simpsons Collection Puffy Laptop Sleeve


Fans of The Simpsons, here’s a laptop case that you mustn’t miss! Made in the same durable recycled ripstop nylon that Baggu’s known for, you can proudly show your love for Bart or Homer’s favourite pink donuts with this laptop sleeve.

Comes in two designs. Buy this at S$41 on Urban Outfitters.

16. Neon Laptop Sleeve


Give your essential tech a zingy look with this transparent neon envelope-fold laptop case that comes in two colours: pink and green (pictured).

This retails for S$29 on Urban Outfitters.

17. Herschel x Hello Kitty Anchor Sleeve Light


Cute and functional are how we’d describe this Herschel x Hello Kitty sleeve that is covered with the pop culture icon’s signature red bow and comes with a padded fleece lining for maximum protection.

Get this for S$89.90 on Zalora.

18. Typo Take Me Away Laptop Case


This cream-coloured polka dot laptop pouch makes another strong case for minimalistic laptop sleeves that look chic but never boring.

Buy this at S$24.99 on Cotton On.

19. Leather Laptop Sleeve

These rustic-looking laptop sleeves with a batik-inspired print add a touch of uniqueness to the everyday laptop sleeve.

This retails for S$76.83 on Etsy.