You wouldn’t believe the inspiration behind Under Armour’s newest capsule collection… It’s space

Always been interested in space adventure and travel? While you might need to shell out tons of money for a ticket to space, dressing like one on earth, however, is a more affordable option – at least for now.

Under Armour has recently released a limited-edition collection to celebrate the successful fully-crewed Virgin Galactic spaceflight – yes, you can now dress similar to English billionaire Richard Branson and the Virgin Galactic crew.

under armour and virgin galactic rush short sleeves womens

The futuristic-looking collection comes in either black or blue – which are the official colours of Virgin Galactic – and consists of tops, bottoms, and outerwear.

under armour and virgin galactic rush leggings womens

The original collection has 10 pieces in total but a quick check on the Under Armour Singapore website shows that only seven pieces have been brought in to our shores.

under armour and virgin galactic rush short sleeve mens

There are two variants in the UA + Virgin Galactic collection: each of the RUSH items is made with mineral-infused fabric that absorbs and reflects heat, and is equipped with anti-odour technology and mesh panels for strategic ventilation.

under armour and virgin galactic recover jumper

Meanwhile, the RECOVER pieces have an ultra-soft knit fabric that dries fast, wicks sweat, and returns infrared energy for faster recovery.

under armour and virgin galactic flight jacket

Last but not least, we have outerwear, which comes in the form of a Virgin Galactic Flight Jacket. Incorporating UA’s water-repelling Storm technology and lightweight synthetic insulation, the jacket is probably one of the coolest-looking items in the collection if you ask us.

under armour and virgin galactic branding

The UA + Virgin Galactic collection is hardly the first collaboration between the two brands – they first joined forces back in 2019 to design spacesuits for Virgin Galactic that were built on function and comfort.

virgin galactic spaceshiptwo unity

Just last year, the partnership extended to cabin seat design when UA was asked to infuse functionality, comfort, and safety into the cabin seats of the first SpaceShipTwo vehicle, VSS Unity.

The entire UA + Virgin Galactic collection is priced from S$69 to S$359. Head over to Under Armour’s official e-store to shop the collection now.