Under Armour’s new sports bras that are easier to remove – plus other new technologies in the brand’s latest S/S 2021 collection

Ever felt like you loathe working out because of how ‘sticky’ your sportswear feel after an intense sweat sesh – and getting out of your sportswear itself is a workout every single time? Or how your leggings just refuse to stay in place at the waist area and you have to always interrupt your workout in between sets to roll out the folds?

It’s not uncommon to face these problems, and the fact is, it can be tough to find sports attire that fit you just right without budging no matter how high you jump, how much you stretch, or how fast you run.

Understanding these daily struggles faced by women, Under Armour recently upgraded its women’s line in the latest Spring/Summer 2021 collection that the AVENUE ONE team got the chance to preview.

The innovative products are all designed to allow you to the best version of yourself, so that you can push your physical and mental boundaries unhindered. Case in point? The improved women’s range, which comprises new sports bras and leggings with features such as cross-back design, slip-free pads, and front adjusters.

These new features ensure that the sports bras and leggings stay snug, comfortable, and give you the best fit while you work out, but are super easy to remove at the end of it.

In other words, they offer much-anticipated solutions that had always been in our wish list!

Left: UA Infinity Sports Bra | Right: Armour Mid Crossback Sports Bra

Those who are into high intensity workouts can opt for the UA Infinity Sports Bra (S$45.50 – S$65), which is constructed with injection-molded, one-piece padding in a figure-eight pattern to sync with your body’s natural shape and movement. In addition to the unique support design, the UA Infinity Bra is also fast drying and comes with perfectly placed mesh for extra cooling exactly where you need it.

For medium-support activities like cycling, weight training, and boxing, there’s the Armour Mid Crossback Sports Bra (S$38.50 – S$55), which offers enhanced coverage and second-skin fit but is now improved with an open cross-back design for easier removal post-exercise. Apart from the sweat-wicking material, the bra’s updated interior construction helps keep the slip-free pads in place during wear and wash.

Kerstin Ong, a freelance augmented reality (AR) creator and Under Armour ambassador who especially loves the upgraded Armour Mid Crossback Sports Bra, shared her previous struggles of finding the perfect sports bra exclusively to AVENUE ONE: “The key thing I look out for in a sports bra is high support because of the amount of bounce and movements in my workout.

Often, support comes with tightness. However, this new Armour Bra provides the support and is also extremely breathable! The bra stays in place and gives you the support you need so that the only thing you need to focus on is your workout.”


Next up is an innovation that we felt was a long time coming – front-adjusting straps that are incorporated into the new UA Rush Sports Bra (S$48.30 – S$69). With this new design, gone are the days when we have to excuse ourselves to the bathroom to remove our sports bra in order to adjust the straps from the back. Even with front adjusters, Under Armour has cleverly fused it together with a hook and eye closure for maximum adjustability – and convenience.


To resolve the issues of slipping waistbands, Under Armour introduced the UA Rush No-Slip Waistband Capris and Leggings (S$69 – S$129), which are equipped with a double-sided silicone print inside the super-soft, fast-drying fabric to keep your waistband from slipping as you move. What’s more, the super-comfortable high-rise design is designed for the perfect amount of support and coverage.

Cheryl Loh, who is a local personal trainer in Singapore and also an Under Armour ambassador, told AVENUE ONE exclusively that she loves wearing the new high-rise compression tights during and post-workout as the compression technology helps her with blood flow, muscle recovery, and hence, performance.

“Owning a pair of comfortable high waistband compression tights is a lifesaver. After all, who likes having muffin tops squeezed out with uncomfortably tight waistbands? And personally, the new built-in non-slip waistband have just made the leggings perfect.

It helps a lot having a secure waistband for my functional training sessions which, most of the time, involve explosive movements; there’s no longer the issue of waistband rolling or moving down during exercises. It’s now my current favourite leggings, simply because I can get compression benefits without any muffin-top effect and I no longer have the need to adjust the waistband mid-workout!”

Fabric that converts heat into infrared energy during exercise


Apart from the upgraded women’s line, Under Armour also rolled out a new UA Rush collection, which is developed using responsive Celliant fibres that absorb that heat emitted during exercise and convert it into infrared energy. This recycled energy is then re-emitted back into the body, which increases temporary localised blood circulation, thus promoting better endurance and enhanced performance as well as improved speed, strength, and stamina.

Additionally, the collection features a streamline cut with four-way stretch so that you can easily have your full range of motion. As with most Under Armour products, the UA Rush series wicks away sweat and dries fast, so you don’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable after working out.

Prices range from S$48.30 to S$129 for UA Rush women’s apparels, while the UA Rush men’s apparels cost between S$53.40 and S$159.

Running shoes with improved breathability and long-lasting cushioning technology

Under Armour’s Spring/Summer 2021 Collection also included new upgrades of the UA HOVR running shoe series (S$179 – S$229) for men and women.

UA HOVR Machina 2 running shoes for men

First, there’s the UA HOVR Machina 2, which is the advanced form of the UA HOVR Machina released in January 2020. This improved version incorporates a high-ventilation mesh fabric for improved breathability and reduced weight, as well as a new tongue construction that is thinner and retains less moisture.

Long-distance runners will like the UA HOVR Infinite 3, which is equipped with a brand new HOVR midsole with 30% more HOVR cushioning for an even more energised ride. This ultra-performance trainer also helps you go the distance with fewer internal layers for a lighter feel, as well as a pliable engineered mesh upper that provides support where you need it while remaining lightweight and breathable.

For those who take running as a hobby or to keep fit, the UA HOVR Sonic 4 is the latest version in this series that offers the perfect blend of cushioning and responsiveness. It features a high-ventilation mesh fabric and comes with fewer internal layers, so that you can enjoy a smooth run and perfect your stride.

Each variant in the UA Hover running shoes series is designed with advanced cushioning that gives you a zero-gravity feeling, as it works to absorb impact and maintain energy return.


Fancy an even faster run? Then, you shouldn’t miss out on the latest UA Flow Velociti Wind (S$229), which is the brand’s lightest yet highest traction running shoes yet that features an all-in-one cushioning and sole system that’s entirely rubberless, so you can get a light, close-to-the-ground feeling.

Technology that helps you recover faster


Last but not least, the Spring/Summer 2021 collection also consists of the UA Recovery range, which is also powered by the Celliant fabric’s technology used in the UA Rush line and a unique inner pattern, so that the products can help increase the amount of oxygen reaching your muscles to restore your muscles quicker and help you sleep better. Similar to the UA Rush range, the designs are made of lightweight and comfortable soft-knit fabric and has a four-way stretch construction to let you move better in every direction.

Prices range from S$99 to S$129 for UA Recovery women’s apparels, while the UA Recovery men’s apparels cost between S$89 and S$169.

The new Under Armour Spring/Summer 2021 collection is now available at all Under Armour stores. You can also shop online via the official website.