Where to go to make your workout extra fun: 13 activities to try instead of hitting the gym

If the thought of getting on a treadmill to get your weekly dose of exercise sounds like a massive snooze-fest already — don’t worry, we get it. There’s nothing more tedious than a repetitive session on the treadmill or the elliptical, really, but it’s a necessary evil when it comes to exercising, right?

Wrong! We hate (or love, actually) to break it to you, but workouts don’t have to be boring. Especially not when Singapore is filled with great options these days as to where to go to make your workout extra fun. Trust us, from trampoline parks to paddle boarding (with your furry companion, even!), Avenue One has you covered!

1. Stand Up Paddle Boarding


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Always wanted to try catching a wave? Well, now you can, sort of! Stand up paddle boarding may be relatively new to Singaporean shores, but it is a sport that is quickly gaining popularity for its fun yet challenging factor. Balance on a board while slicing your way through water to give your shoulder and calf muscles the workout it deserves. The best part? Furry friends are more than welcome, too!

Price: Varies from studio to studio, but average rates begin from SGD40 per hour.

Where to go: The Stand Up Paddling School, Rachel Charis, Constantwind.

2. Trampoline Parks



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Considering where to go to make your workout extra fun? A trampoline park is one of the first few places that comes to mind, of course! If you think that it’s just going to be a simple workout involving jumping and flailing around, though, think again: most trampoline parks now offer obstacle courses, wall runs, and even basketball?? If you’re daunted by the thought of having to share the space with young ones, fret not— there are now fitness studios dedicated exclusively for adults that incorporate the use of trampolines. Leap away!

Price: Varies from park to park, but average rates begin from SGD10 per hour.

Where to go: Bounce Singapore, Amped SIngapore, BBounce Studio.

3. Aqua Spinning



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Perfect for athletes who still want high intensity workouts without the risk of sustaining an injury, Aqua Spinning involves cycling underwater, thus utilising the resistance of water to provide a stimulating workout. Not only does it give you a full body workout, it also improves cardio endurance. No muscle soreness, all whilst also burning calories? No wonder it is considered to be one of the top contenders as to where to go to make your workout extra fun.

Price: From SGD50 for a single drop-in session.

Where to go: Aquaspin.

4. Poundfit

Combine your love for music and exercise with Poundfit, a fitness phenomenon that is actually inspired by drumming. Combining cardio, conditioning, and strength training along with yoga and pilates-inspired movements, you burn up to 900+ calories per hour, with this workout known to cinch the waistline and slim thighs. Seriously, working up a sweat has never been this fun (or musical).

Price: Varies from studio to studio, but several of them are offering promotions for first-timers to try out a trial session at only SGD10.

Where to go: Poundfit Singapore, Bolly Dancing Studio.

5. Combat Saber



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Always harboured secret fantasies of being a Jedi? Or just a big Star Wars fan in general? Either way, there’s no better answer as to where to go to make your workout extra than a literal lightsaber battle! Nope, you’re not reading that wrong, it’s really a thing: utilising skills based on actual Asian Martial Arts, you’ll spar, duel, and learned advanced fighting techniques all whilst wielding a light saber. It doesn’t get anymore fun than this.

Price: From SGD25 for a single drop-in session.

Where to go: The Saber Authority.

6. Indoor Surfing



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If the thought of surfing (or stand up paddle boarding, for that matter) in the vast, wide ocean is already sending you into a cold sweat, well, then opt for indoor surfing instead! You’ll still get to enjoy the whole surfing experience — from learning how to balance on your board to doing exercises that mimic the motion of duck diving — in the comfort of an air-conditioned room. Or, well, on dry land, at least!

Price: From SGD35 for a single drop-in session.

Where to go: Surfset Singapore.

7. Indoor Rock Climbing


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Channel your inner Spiderman by scaling up walls for a workout instead of hitting the treadmill again. There are a ton of indoor climbing gym facilities in Singapore now, for one (so you don’t have to beat the heat whilst hauling yourself up boulders, thank you very much) with there being climbing gyms combined with theme parks, even. Trust us, your core muscles are going to be unshakable by the end of each session.

Price: From SGD22 for a single drop-in session.

Where to go: Clip ‘n Climb, Kinetics Climbing, Climb Central.

8. Barre



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A winning combination of both pilates and ballet, this new type of workout promises to deliver on lean, toned muscles without the bulk that comes with strength training. Don’t go thinking that it’s a walk in the park by any measure though — it can be a pretty high-intensity, fat blasting workout depending on which class you opt for!

Price: Varies from studio to studio, but several of them charge SGD35 for a single drop-in session.

Where to go: Called To The Barre, Barre Lab, Upside Motion.

9. Aerial Yoga



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Looking to up the challenge factor instead of just going for your usual yoga and pilates? Try it whilst being suspended in air, instead! With all the same benefits of yoga — such as strengthened core muscles and greater flexibility— aerial yoga takes it up several notches, ensuring a full-body workout as you contort and twist your form hovering a few feet above the ground.

Price: Varies from studio to studio, but several of them charge SGD35 for a single drop-in session.

Where to go: Check out our full article on aerial yoga studios you should visit.

10. Virtual Reality Cycling


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Spin classes are pretty common these days, but a mass virtual reality spin class?! Now that’s something you don’t just see everyday. There’s no doubt that it is one of the best options as to where to go to make your workout extra fun, with a humongous IMAX-like screen surrounding you as you peddle through various virtual obstacle courses. Uh, so basically a virtual Mario Kart that helps you burn some calories while you’re at it? We’re in!

Price: Rates are dependent on the package you sign up for. Check out the full list here!

Where to go: Pure Fitness.

11. Bungee Dance Workout

If the word “bungee” brings about terrifying, dizzying nightmares of plunging from great heights, well, fret not — that’s definitely not what you’re getting with this bungee dance inspired workout. Sure, you’ll be attached to bungee cords from harnesses suspended to a ceiling, but it’s not that high up. You’ll be required to do a few jumps and dance moves to work up a sweat, which primarily helps with strength training your body and building on your core muscles. Sounds fun already!

Price: From SGD20 for a single drop-in session.

Where to go: Dancevault.

12. FloatFit HIIT



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And just when you thought there couldn’t be anymore variations of yoga… meet FloatFit HIIT, a high-intensity workout session on water. Expect to burn calories trying out the various stretches and poses all whilst balancing on a tilting, shifting aqua board that could plunge you into the water with any wrong step. Gulp! We definitely recommend this for water babies who don’t mind getting full-on drenched during their workouts.

Price: From SGD25 for a single drop-in session.

Where to go: Skyline Aqua.

13. Power Plate Vibration Training


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A workout that involves high-speed vibrations to relax and contract your muscles? That’s what you’re getting with Power Plate Training, and no, it does not feel sitting back and relaxing on your OSIM massage chair (we asked). In fact, this intensive workout involves performing exercises on a vibrating board, which leads to improved circulation, flexibility and strength. Phew!

Price: Varies from studio to studio.

Where to go: Fitness First, True Fitness, Virgin Active.