The Bubble Tea Factory: An Instagram-worthy pop-up exhibition that fans can’t miss

We don’t have any stats that tell us how much bubble tea Singaporeans drink. But just based on our observation of everyone around us, we’d have to go with: a lot.

We already have more than 47 brands of bubble tea in Singapore but the next big thing that bubble tea fans will be flocking to isn’t another new brand, but a pop-up “exhibition” that’s really made up of everything your Instagram (and bubble tea) dreams are made up of.

The Bubble Tea Factory is what we are talking about. Described as an immersive, multi-sensory experience, The Bubble Tea Factory has more than 10 installations that are all bubble tea-inspired.

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These installations include a room covered with full-length mirror that’s filled with neon balls, a bathtub filled with fake money with a neon sign that says “Boba Ballin'” hanging over it, and a “Pearl Pit” with 100,000 lavender balls that is made to look like you’re diving into a sea of boba pearls.

But we’re expecting the most popular installation to be the one with a day bed and a bubble tea IV drip, complete with a neon sign that says “A dose of BBT” captioning it. It’s cheeky, and it’s pink… what’s not to love about it?

Another installation that is likely to capture everyone’s hearts? A see-saw with bubble tea on one end and an empty seat for you.

Besides taking photos at these gorgeous installations, you will also be able to redeem a complimentary cup of brown sugar boba milk tea from Jenjudan with your ticket. Sample portions of bubble tea-flavoured popcorn and brown sugar beans will also be available at a snack kiosk.

There will also a huge variety of merchandise on sale, including bubble tea plushies, lamps, and even earrings. If food is more your thing, there are also full-sized portions of the snacks you’ve sampled and boba milk tea ice-cream.

More information on The Bubble Tea Factory

Opening dates: 19 October 2019 to 18 December 2019
Opening hours: 4pm-10pm on weekdays, 10am-10pm on weekends
Venue: *Scape, 2 Orchard Link, Singapore 237978
Tickets: SGD24 on weekdays, SGD28 on weekends. Opening special tickets available at SGD18 on weekdays and SGD23 on weekends, between 20 Oct and 3 Nov.

Visit The Bubble Tea Factory’s website for more information.