Why is everyone picking up embroidery? See for yourself with these 13 beginner-friendly kits!

Ever since the circuit breaker, it seems more people have picked up embroidery, snapping aesthetic photos of their completed designs to post on their Instagram stories or even gifting their friends the best of their finished needlework.

Benefits of embroidery

There are many good reasons for picking up this impressively detailed art form as a hobby; the taut pull of thread as it weaves through the fabric, the gradual formation of vibrant hues across an otherwise plain surface, and the last snips made when a knot is tied – the embroidery process might be slow, but it is, at each step, satisfying. Besides, it gives us a chance to take our minds off work and find achievement in something else.

embroidery kits for beginners singapore -teeteeheehee
Credit: @teeteeheehee/Instagram

If you follow local embroidery artists like @teeteeheehee, @naked.works, and @inezdesigns on the ‘gram, you’ll also discover that embroidery art can tell beautiful stories. With their artwork featuring loved ones, pets, or even nostalgic Singapore landscapes, each circular hoop captures a small but precious tale.

embroidery kits for beginners singapore - naked.works
Credit: @naked.works/Instagram

13 beginner-friendly kits to get you started

Whether you’re itching to put needle to fabric as you chill on the weekends or are inspired by embroidery artists to one day create your own unique artworks that impress, you’ve got to begin somewhere. That’s why we’ve curated a list of 13 beginner-friendly embroidery kits to help you get started!

1. Be Kind Embroidery Kit

Embroidery Kit - Be Kind

This embroidery kit’s a great one for kicking off your needlework journey. With simple lines and just six colours used to pattern the rainbow, you’ll be able to get used to the stitches without having to worry too much about changing your threads.

Shop this product for S$16.90 on FortyTwo.

2. Handful of Stars Embroidery Kit

Embroidery Kit - Handful of Stars

Beginner-friendly embroidery designs can still look absolutely enthralling, as proven with the Handful of Star Embroidery Kit. It features a minimalistic line design of the sun, moon, planets and stars – an entire galaxy – within the palm of a hand, which feels altogether magical to us.

It may look complex, but once you get into the rhythm of things, you’ll realise that it’s something you certainly can conquer.

Shop this product for S$14.90 on FortyTwo.

3. Constellation Flower Embroidery Kit

Constellation Flower DIY Embroidery Kit

Some embroidery kits come with a pattern that’s already traced onto the fabric, whilst others let you do it yourself from start to finish, which includes transferring a given pattern onto the cloth.

With this Constellation Flower Embroidery Kit, you get to skip the tracing steps and jump right into the needlework! The entire pattern is already printed onto the cloth and – bonus – in colour so that you can easily match follow with the right threads as you embroider.

The one thing that you should note of this beginner-friendly embroidery kit is that it doesn’t come with the hoop. You’ll have to purchase the hoop separately.

Shop this product for S$2.99 on Shopee

4. Wildflower DIY Embroidery Set for Beginners

DIY Embroidery Set for Beginners

Set your mind at ease with the Wildflower DIY Embroidery Set that comes with everything you need: an embroidery hoop, colour threads, needles, and a stamped embroidery cloth. Yes, the pattern’s already printed on the embroidery fabric, so all you need to focus on is putting needle to fabric!

The design also gives wild, rustic vibes that’ll look great alongside the little potted plants that you have at home.

Shop this product for S$13.90 on PartyForce

5. Orange Flower Embroidery Kit for Beginner

DIY Embroidery Kit Embroidery Set for Beginner

Don’t let the details in the design discourage you! Although this beginner embroidery kit flaunts a patterned background that’s unlike the rest of the designs we’ve listed above, its stitching is relatively easy to perform.

The pretty flower bulbs that you see peeking above the surface of the fabric are created using the French Knot stitching technique – which means that you’ll be able to learn and apply different types of stitches with this kit.

Plus, you can get in touch with the seller to request an instructional video to help you along.

Shop this product for S$4.90 on Shopee.

6. Fox and Flowers Embroidery Kit

Diy Embroidery Kits Fox

Practice filling in a large area with this embroidery kit that features a serene-looking fox and lots of flowers.

Watch some simple tutorials on YouTube on how you can fill in a pattern using a satin stitch, which is the technique used to colour in the fox’s fur, and you’ll have the hang of it in no time.

The fabric is also already stamped with a coloured pattern, making it as easy as possible for you to begin. Do note that this kit doesn’t come with the hoops – you’ll have to buy them separately!

Shop this product for S$5.71 on Shopee.

7. Cactus Embroidery Kit

DIY Embroidery Needlework Kit Cactus

Complete this cactus embroidery design to appreciate a vibrant visual artwork of greens, reds, and pinks after. It’ll make a pretty decoration to brighten up your home!

Since the piece is considerably big, spanning a width of 10 inches, beginners will probably take some time to gradually work through this design. Slow and steady, and you’ll be oh-so satisfied with the results later.

Shop this product for S$5.90 on Shopee.

8. Bees, Butterflies and Wildflowers Embroidery Kit Bundle

bee embroidery

Beginners, bee-sy yourself with embroidery whenever you have time on your hands with this embroidery kit that features bees and flowers.

Aimed at beginners who have grasped basic stitches and ready to level up, get this individually or as a bundle of three.

The kit includes DMC stranded cotton, a six-inch hard wood embroidery hoop, embroidery pattern that’s pre-printed on 100% cotton fabric, two John James embroidery needles, and padding.

A tip booklet and a stitch guide are also included to give you step-by-step instructions that are illustrated for easier reference.

Shop a bundle of three for £64.75 (~S$100.66) on Ohsewbootiful

9. Plants and Flowers 4 Set Embroidery Kit for Beginners

Embroidery Kit for Beginners Plants and Flowers

Determined to master the art of embroidery before you’ve set your first stitch? This four-piece embroidery set is perfect for you.

The flowers might not grow, but your skill will certainly blossom over time. By the end of it, you’ll be confident enough to take on more challenging embroidery sets!

Shop this product for S$37.94 on Amazon

10. Ocean Embroidery Kit

Embroidery Starter Kit ocean

Calm your mind and feel your worries evaporate as you work on this ocean embroidery design. You’ll use the blending technique to create the colour gradients for the sky and sea, as well as satin stitches to fill in the rest of the waves.

Shop this product for S$16.05 on Newchic.

11. Woman with Flowers Embroidery Kit

Embroidery Starter kit Woman with Flowers

Who runs the world? Girls. This design celebrates female mind and beauty with a beautiful minimalistic line style that blends out into bold blocks of vibrant colours.

The pattern’s also already printed on the fabric; the ink also dissolves when you wash your finished masterpiece to leave nice, clean lines of thread.

Shop this product for S$5.31 on Lazada

12. Sunflower Embroidery Kit

Embroidery Kit with Sunflower Pattern

“Turn your face to the sun, and the shadows will fall behind you.” This cheerful little design will inspire you to look up when times get tough, so working on your embroidery set will serve to lift your mood through the week.

Shop this product for S$8.36 on Lazada

13. Cartoon Cat Embroidery Kit

Cartoon Cat Embroidery DIY Kit

Cat-lovers, this one’s for you. With a design that features your favourite furry felines, you’ll be motivated each time you pick up your needle and thread!

Already in pleasing pastel shades, the fabric serves as the perfect complement to your embroidery stitches. The mix of textures gives an interesting pop-up effect that’s different from the other embroidery designs too.

Shop this product for S$10.35 on Shopee

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