20 scented candles in Singapore to jazz up your self-care routine

Ambient lighting, a comfortable sofa, and lush plants are essential to a comfy, hygge-like home. But no home is complete without the ultimate accessory: scented candles.

Scented candles are perfect for setting the mood, especially when you’ve returned home from a long day at work. There’s nothing better than a warm fragrance to help you relax and unwind.

Whether you like cosy, fall-scented fragrances, are looking for a gift for a fellow candle lover, or want to pamper your loved ones with a little aromatherapy, we’ve got you covered. From soy candles in reusable decorative jars to luxury picks with strong, long-lasting smells, these are some of the best smelling candles and brands for your home.

Scented candles: Floral fragrances

1. Hush Lavender Essential Oil Candle

scented candles singapore hush

One of Hush’s classic favourites and top-selling scents to date, the Lavender Essential Oil Candle is unlike other lavender-scented candles you’ll chance upon. The key is its proprietary blend of various lavender species that gives it a robust, authentic lavender scent.

For a relaxing evening, light it up when you’re ready to unwind. It’s best to let it burn right before bedtime, so you can have a blissful night’s rest.

Hush Lavender Essential Oil Candle retails for S$18 (4oz) at Hush

2. Nine Wicker Ave. Kyoto Candle

scented candles singapore nine wicker ave

Nine Wicker Ave.’s crystal candles aren’t just pleasing to look at, but they’re also designed to calm and heal the mind, body, and soul. Although we can’t fly over to Japan right now, the brand’s Kyoto candle makes for the perfect stand-in.

The scent of cherry blossoms and sandalwood will transport you to Kyoto in spring, so you can imagine yourself strolling along the streets that are sprinkled with gorgeous sakura blooms.

Nine Wicker Ave. Kyoto Candle retails for S$42.90 (220g) at Nine Wicker Ave

3. Candles of Light Bouquet Candle

scented candles singapore candles of light

Homegrown brand Candles of Light offers handcrafted, luxury all-natural candles made from pure soy and beeswax. Treat your nose to its tropical and botanical scents that are made with spices, herbs, essential oils, and more.

For a home that smells like a lush, floral garden, pick up Bouquet, a scent that’s inspired by summer weddings by the sea. It contains a botanical blend of essential oils and absolutes of Damask rose and jasmine sambac along with notes of sea salt and moss.

Candles of Light Bouquet Candle retails for S$53.90 (6oz) at Candles of Light

4. Kyndle Midi – Classic Candle

scented candles singapore kyndle

At Kyndle, you can stand out with a personalised candle that lets you choose its theme and scent. These candles are adorned with petals and are made by hand, so no two are the same.

If you’d prefer a candle that’s ready to go, opt for the Midi – Classic Kyndle, which is twice the size of the brand’s standard candle. The beautiful petal base varies for every jar, so prepare to receive something utterly unique. With a fresh, floral fragrance, the candle will leave your home smelling pleasant for hours on end.

Kyndle Midi Candle retails for S$58.90 (8.5oz) at Another Kynd.

Scented candles: Fruity fragrances

5. Jo Malone London English Pear & Freesia Home Candle

scented candles singapore jo malone london

Jo Malone London needs no introduction. The British fragrance label creates the most coveted scents, which includes the bestselling English Pear & Freesia perfume, now available in the form of a home candle.

With subtle notes of sweet pears wrapped in a bouquet of white freesias, this scent will infuse your rooms with a juicy fragrance. Besides that, it’ll set a tranquil mood at home. The fragrance is grounded by amber, patchouli, and earthy woods too, which lend a whiff of luxury and opulence.

Jo Malone London English Pear & Freesia Home Candle retails for S$110 (220g) at all Jo Malone boutiques and Sephora

6. Diadem Candles Pomegranate & Sage

scented candles singapore diadem

With the aim of leaving minimal carbon footprint on the planet, Diadem upcycles glass bottles and enamel mugs into candle jars. Using soy wax, the brand incorporates natural ingredients to ensure the candles burn free of toxins and harmful chemicals.

The Recycled Bottle Candle comes in eight glorious scents, and one of our favourites include the Pomegranate & Sage. Vibrant and fresh, this candle features an interesting combination of pomegranate and sage for a calm and meditative feel.

Diadem Candles Pomegranate & Sage retails for S$24.90 (120g) at Diadem Candles

7. Diptyque Figuier Scented Candle

scented candles singapore diptyque

A luxury perfume house, Diptyque is known for its intriguing, contemporary scents. One of its most memorable fragrances is the Philosykos Eau de Toilette, which intensifies the fig tree’s qualities.

The label’s Figuier Scented Candle borrows all the same qualities of the EDT, from the milky sap of the fig fruit to the freshness of its leaves. It’s a fruity, woody scent that everyone’s sure to love.

Diptyque Figuier Scented Candle retails for S$95 (190g) at the Diptyque boutique and Escentials

8. Soul Good Project Rhubarb & Black Plum

scented candles singapore soul good project

Soul Good Project’s candles are made with vegan coconut wax and rapeseed wax premium fragrance oils, then hand-poured in glass jars with a bamboo lid. Take your pick from three aromatic scents: Dark Honey and Tonka, Rhubarb and Black Plum, or Blooming Peony.

For a vibrant, fruity fragrance, go for the Rhubarb and Black Plum, which pairs the juiciness of plum and rhubarb with the sweetness of pear and peach.

Soul Good Project Rhubarb & Black Plum retails for S$35 (156g) at Soul Good Project

Scented candles: Sweet fragrances

9. Yankee Candle Sweet Honeycomb

scented candles singapore yankee candle

With 11 stores in Singapore, Yankee Candle is practically a go-to for scented candles. If you love a sweet scent, you can’t miss their Sweet Honeycomb candle.

This naturally sweet fragrance has a pastel yellow coloured wax that perfectly encapsulates the scent of fresh honey. It boasts top notes of warm honey, straight from the comb, and gives way to a touch of caramel, sandalwood, and vanilla.

Yankee Candle Sweet Honeycomb retails for S$34 (623g) at Shopee

10. Breathe Essentials Co. Cookie Dough Cocosoy Scented Candle

scented candles singapore breathe essentials co

With a range of products that include yoga mat sprays, essentials oils, and hand-poured cocosoy candles, Breathe Essentials Co. is on a mission to brighten your life with pleasant scents.

For those with a penchant for sweet smells, pick up the Cookie Dough candle. Made with a blend of vanilla essential oils and green tea, the candle smells just like freshly baked cookies to scent your home with the aroma of a gourmet bakery. Warning: the scent might leave you feeling a little peckish too!

Breathe Essentials Co. Cookie Dough Cocosoy Scented Candle retails for S$39 (200ml) at Breathe Essentials Co

11. Artisan of Sense Vanilla Sky Candle

scented candles singapore artisan of scent

No one does sophisticated and gift-worthy candles quite like Artisan of Sense. Each candle is packaged beautifully with a rose gold lid, and they’re created with 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils.

Calm your mind with the Vanilla Sky candle, a rich vanilla fragrance with soft and powdery hints of lavender. Together with sensual white musk and precious woods, this scent is both alluring and intriguing.

Artisan of Sense Vanilla Sky Candle retails for S$30 (90g) at Artisan of Sense

12. Maison 21G Scented Dual Candles (Rose Ritual x Vanilla Venus)

scented candles singapore maison 21g

Bespoke perfumery Maison 21G offers their Dual Candles, which combine two half-moon-shaped candles to create unique, complementary fragrances. Create your own winning combo with choices like sage, sandalwood, rose, amber, cedar, fig, vanilla, and raspberry.

Or, you can pick a candle set as recommended by the pros themselves, such as pairing Rose Ritual with Vanilla Venus for a sensual evening. If you prefer to get just one candle, you can also purchase a single Demi Lune Candle here.

Maison 21G Scented Dual Candles (Rose Ritual x Vanilla Venus) retails for S$150 at Maison 21G

Scented candles: Green fragrances

13. Hysses Lemongrass Beeswax Candle

scented candles singapore hysses

From candles to hair masks and even BB creams, Hysses promises the use of only natural botanical and bioactive ingredients in its products. Its essential oil-infused Beeswax Candles comes in an uplifting lemongrass scent.

When burnt, the hypoallergenic candle releases negative ions into the atmosphere, purifying and improving the air quality. Each candle also comes with a glass lid that acts as a snuffer while looking pretty on your desk too.

Hysses Lemongrass Beeswax Candle retails for S$35 (100g) at Hysses

14. Lynk Artisan Himalayan Bamboo Candle

scented candles singapore lynk artisan

The one thing that Lynk Artisan stands by is the importance of ingredient transparency. That is why only clean, cruelty-free, and phthalate-free palm wax is used in their candles.

Explore exquisite scents that are reminiscent of a luxury holiday, a fresh field of flowers, and even a warm hug from a loved one. The brand’s Himalayan Bamboo Candle opens with notes of bergamot, fresh lime, and grass before it paves the way for cucumber, bamboo, and violet.

Lynk Artisan Himalayan Bamboo Candle retails for S$22 (100g) at Lynk Artisan

15. Made by Aliens Witches Brew

scented candles singapore made by aliens

Using only 100% natural, plant and earth-based ingredients, homegrown brand Made by Aliens offers a range of crystal candles that are adorned with precious stones. The beautiful coconut-based candles are planted with amethyst, tiger eye, rose quartz, or citrine.

The Witches Brew candle is made with a blend of tea tree, eucalyptus, and rosemary essential oils, which lend a herbaceous scent to the candle. The crystal that’s featured in this candle is unakite, a stone with gentle, but powerful energy that heals your emotions and balances your mental state.

Made by Aliens Witches Brew retails for S$36 (150g) at Made by Aliens

16. Temple Candles Bonsai Candle

scented candles singapore temple

Made with an organic coconut wax blend, Temple Candles are infused with pure Australian essential oils, which include a mixture of botanical, fruity, and herbaceous scents.

Inspired by ancient evergreens, their Bonsai Candle has woodsy green notes of fir balsam, along with hints of bergamot, neroli, and mint. The scent is grounded by an exotic base of patchouli, cedarwood, and musk for a touch of mystery.

Temple Candles Bonsai Candle retails for S$84 (370g) at Temple Candles

Scented candles: Earthy, spicy fragrances

17. Sally’s Room Madera Candle

scented candles singapore sallys room

Specialising in soy candles, Sally’s Room’s candles come in gorgeous holders with rose gold covers. The signature candles come in two sizes, medium (180g) and mini (80g), and you can choose from nine different scents.

For a spicy scent, pick the Madera, which is made with spices and warm sandalwood. If you’re interested to learn more about candle making, Sally’s Room also offers a range of candle-making classes.

Sally’s Room Madera Candle retails for S$30 (180g) at Sally’s Room

18. Byredo Bibliothèque Candle

scented candles singapore byredo

Just like Diptyque, Byredo’s scents are innovative yet timeless. The label’s fragrances are always coveted by the fashion crowd, and it’s easy to see why. Each candle comes in a sleek, black holder – a simple design that’s perfect for all minimalists.

Love the scent of wood wax, old books, and endless bookshelves? Then you’ll love Byredo’s Bibliothèque Candle. A mysterious composition, this fragrance is a bewitching blend of peach, plum, and vanilla, which embodies the velvety quality of paper. Patchouli runs through the scent too, which represents a woody atmosphere.

Byredo Bibliothèque Candle retails for S$127 (240g) at Escentials

19. D.S. & Durga Holy Ficus

scented candles singapore ds durga

Hand-poured in the Brooklyn studio of husband-and-wife design team David Seth and Kavi Ahuja (a.k.a. Durga), D.S. & Durga’s luxurious scented candles are all crafted with balsams, resins, plant oils, and premium perfume ingredients.

To spice up your life, scent your home with the Holy Ficus candle. It’s inspired by the fig tree of Siddartha and contains a sprinkling of cardamom, saffron, and ginger.

D.S. & Durga Holy Ficus retails for S$99 (200ml) at Escentials.

20. To Be Calm New York Journey Candle

scented candles singapore to be calm

Local store To Be Calm stocks a luxurious collection of scented candles in all sorts of fragrances and sizes, so you’ll be spoilt for choice. The New York Journey candle is an homage to the bustling city, and features cedarwood and pink pepper to capture its spirit.

To Be Calm New York Journey Candle retails for S$40 (150g) at To Be Calm