8 great last-minute dining options for Valentine’s Day – with deals up to 20% off!

So you haven’t booked your table at a romantic restaurant and you’re panicking. Don’t worry, we have some recommendations for you to get that booking – and even enjoy some great deals while at it!

Imagine: a restaurant that you’ve never visited, a special pairing of the night’s dinner with wine, or perhaps an all-you-can-eat luxurious buffet – we’ve kept our eyes out for restaurants in Singapore that you can visit for an enchanting evening on this special occasion.

Dancing Crab

Seafood-lovers should make their way to this restaurant that serves up scrumptious American-style crabs, lobsters, and prawns without forgetting your best-loved Singaporean flavours like black pepper and chilli.

valentine's day restaurants - dancing crab
Credit: Dancing Crab

It may not have the most romantic ambience – but if you’re with a long-time partner or dating a foodie who isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty and dig right in alongside you, then you’re in for a finger-lickin’ treat. Dancing Crab’s bestselling seafood combo bags are eaten right off the table. The restaurant lays out a plastic sheet across the table’s surface, and you get to crack open the seafood bag, pour the sauce-soaked seafood onto the table, then tuck right in.

valentine's day restaurants - dancing crab
Credit: Dancing Crab

Choose between their Live Crab combo or Live Boston Lobster combo for a seafood mix that’s complete with your choice of sauce: spicy cajun, zesty garlic butter, white pepper cream, mala, or beurre blanc. Or, if you both love a more local-flavour, then their Chili Crab Bread Bowl or Black Pepper Crab dishes will delight your tastebuds.

Maybe not the best restaurant to visit if you’re in the early dating stages, this one’s ideal for seasoned couples or those who just aren’t worried about getting messy on Valentine’s!

Enjoy a 15% discount at Dancing Crab’s Orchard Central outlet by purchasing a S$100 voucher for S$85 on Klook. You can also get a 20% discount at the restaurant’s VivoCity outlet when you buy a S$100 for S$80 on Klook. Get your Klook vouchers to Dancing Crab here.

Address: 181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central, #07-14/15, Singapore 238896 | 1 Harbourfront Walk, VivoCity, #03-10, Singapore 098585

Unagiya Ichinoji at Robertson Quay

Instead of ordering unagi from one section of a Japanese restaurant menu, you can enjoy eels galore at Unagiya Ichinoji which specialises in grilling up a range of sweet and tender unagi dishes just for you.

valentine's day restaurants - Credit_ Unagiya Ichinoji
Credit: @jiak.mudho/Instagram

The restaurant’s signature Unagi Hitsumabushi consists of mouthwatering charcoal-grilled eel on top of Japanese steamed rice, together with seaweed and wasabi condiments on the side, as well as a bowl of clear dashi. The unagi is grilled over charcoal in the kitchen that’s visible from inside the restaurant – you can watch chefs perfectly time the deft flipping of eel over the fire – then topped with a special sweet tare before being served.

valentine's day restaurants - Unagiya Ichinoji
Credit: Unagiya Ichinoji

There are three steps to best enjoying your unagi: first, have the unagi on its own so that you can fully relish its tender texture, charred notes, and sweet sauce; second, pair the unagi with the wasabi and seaweed condiments for a satisfying blend of flavours, and lastly, pour your clear dashi broth into the bowl for a hearty end to your meal.

The restaurant isn’t the most classy or romantic in setting, but if you and your date are ready to appreciate the delicious flavours of grilled unagi, then Unagiya Ichinoji is a great contender.

Have the Best of Unagiya Ichinoji Set (one medium Hitsumabushi, one Unagi Chawanmushi, one hot Green Tea) for S$39.90 instead of S$47.80 when you order on Klook!

Address: 30 Robertson Quay, Riverside Village Residences, #01-05, Singapore 238251

Wakanui Grill Dining at Marina One

Speaking of romantic settings, you and your date will appreciate the luxurious and elegant dining experience at the Wakanui Grill Dining at Marina One.

valentine's day restaurants - wakanui grill dining
Credit: Wakanui Grill Dining

The restaurant has large, glass windows that gorgeously overlook the spacious, open architecture of the Marina One – if you have an early dinner reservation, you’ll get to enjoy the natural lighting and a good view before the sun sets. It also has a modern, wood-decorated interior that provides a cosy space to have a dreamy Valentine’s date.

valentine's day restaurants - Wakanui Grill Dining (1)
Credit: Wakanui Grill Dining

Besides the space, you can look forward to succulent slabs of steak and lamb from Wakanui, New Zealand at this restaurant. Wakanui is a New Zealand steak and lamb restaurant with its most popular dish being the Wakanui Spring Lamb Chop – tender lamb grilled over charcoal and seasoned lightly with salt and pepper. It also serves Ocean Beef 21 Days Dry-aged Bone-in Ribeye where the beef is aged in the restaurant’s own in-house dry-ageing cellar, then cooked over binchotan charcoal from Japan.

valentine's day restaurants - hot smoked salmon
Credit: Wakanui Grill Dining

Are red meats not for you? The restaurant’s Hot Smoked Salmon is another of their bestsellers, which features salmon marinated overnight, smoked over cherry wood, then oven-baked. With a good balance of juicy meats and other types of dishes like seafood, you’ll both find something that is heavenly to your palate at Wakanui Grill Dining!

Get a S$50 voucher for S$42 on Klook that you can use on ala-carte items at the Wakanui Grill Dining.

Address: 5 Straits View, Marina One The Heart West Tower, #04-02, Singapore 018935

SBCD Korean Tofu House

Sure, Western restaurants may sound like the most romantic places to go on Valentine’s Day, but if you and your special someone have your mouths watering at the thought of Korean hearty stews and sizzling grills, then follow your heart and get your Korean food fix!

Instead of visiting a Korean BBQ restaurant that’ll leave you with the smells of the grill for the rest of the evening, head to SBCD Korean Tofu House where you’ll get to fill your belly with your favourite Korean dishes in a pleasant, clean and air-conditioned environment.

valentine's day restaurants - sbcd korean tofu house
Credit: SBCD Korean Tofu House

You can take a guess at what the restaurant’s signature dish is by its name. It’s Soontofu, a rich and spicy Korean tofu stew that is served with your choice of ingredients: Beef (S$18.90), Pork (S$18.90), Seafood (S$19.90), Oyster (S$26.90), Abalone (S$29.90), and more. If you can’t decide, you can also go for their Assorted Soontofu (S$19.90) which has a mix of beef, shrimp, squid, clams, and crab.

valentine's day restaurants - sbcd korean tofu house
Credit: SBCD Korean Tofu House

Rice is served in a traditional stone bowl – unlike many other Korean food places in Singapore that serve the rice in thin metal bowls – so the hot and steaming rice grains are kept that way during the entire meal.

The best part about the meal is that you’ll get to dig into their unique banchan (Korean side dishes) that are free-flow and free of charge. Aside from kimchi, they also have crisp seaweed, spicy squid, and crispy croaker fish that’s really delicious as an appetizer.

La Galbi (S$35.90), a grill platter of BBQ short ribs, and Spicy Grilled Chicken (S$27.90) are some of their other popular dishes!

Purchase a S$50 voucher for S$43 on Klook to enjoy a 14% discount at SBCD Korean Tofu House Milenia Walk. Or, get a S$100 voucher for S$85 on Klook to enjoy a 15% discount.

Perch at Jewel, Changi Airport

You might not be able to quell your wanderlust by travelling to your dream destinations just yet, but you can dine at the locale that brings you closest to overseas travel: within Changi Airport.

valentine's day restaurants - perch at jewel
Credit: Klook

Perch is a cosy dining oasis nestled right within Jewel Changi Airport, which serves Asian-European fusion recipes alongside delicious speciality cocktails, wines, and other beverages.

Have your pick from a wide offering of dishes such as tapas, pasta, meats, and seafood. We’ll recommend going for the restaurant’s signatures which are the Deep Fried Baby Squid (S$16), Beef Cheeks Bourguignon (S$28) that has notes of red wine, and Local Duck Leg Confit (S$26) drizzled with orange carrot mousse.

valentine's day restaurants - perch at jewel
Credit: Perch

After your meal, sit and relax with your cocktail in hand as you both make a toast to your relationship. You can end the evening by strolling around the gushing fountain and lush greenery within the heart of Jewel, right outside the restaurant.

Get a S$50 voucher for S$42 on Klook for selected food items at Perch.

Address: 78 Airport Boulevard, Jewel Changi Airport, #02-244/245, Singapore 819666

Platform 1094 at Serangoon Road

Do you and your date share in an uncanny love for Harry Potter? You’ll experience a flurry of magic this Valentine’s Day when you spend your evening at Platform 1094, located at Serangoon Road!

valentine's day restaurants - platform 1094
Credit: Klook

Apart from a wizard-themed interior that includes heavy bronzed chairs, brick walls, and warm-lit chandeliers, the restaurant’s menu also boasts dishes with whimsical names like “Fairy’s Garden”, “Amnesia blend”, and “Bloodberry”.

Choose from their selection of Western mains, including their signature Pesto Mayo Pork Ribs (S$22) that’s served with mango mustard sauce and cooked vegetables.

valentine's day restaurants - platform 1094
Credit: Platform 1094

To be truly enchanted, order a glass of Mr Lich’s Flaming Brew (S$15); Bacardi is lowered into Blue Curacao, then set alight by the waiter – the entire concoction crackles into glorious flames right before your eyes.

valentine's day restaurants - platform 1094
Credit: Klook

Get Mr Lich’s Flaming Brew for S$14.15 instead of S$17.69 on Klook. You can also purchase a Combo Set A (one glass of Mr Lich’s Flaming Brew and one Pesto Mayo Pork Ribs) for S$34.85 instead of S$43.55 on Klook.

Book your Klook vouchers here

Address: 1094 Serangoon Road, Singapore 328192

The Line at Shangri-La

Buffet-style is how to spend your Valentine’s if you don’t have any other plans for the rest of the evening.

valentine's day restaurants - the line at shangri la
Credit: Klook

With Shangri-La’s tantalising spread that has everything from fresh seafood on ice to sweet, creamy cakes, you and your date can spend the entire night indulging in the most excellent of cuisines at the hotel.

Feast from Shangri-La’s gastronomic International Buffet Menu for S$91.80 per pax on Klook. You’ll have to make reservations for a specific date and time, so hurry before tables run out on this special occasion!

Make your booking on Klook, here

Address: 22 Orange Grove Road, Shangri-La, Lower Lobby Tower Wing, Singapore 258350

Zorba The Greek at Clarke Quay

Full-bodied flavours of Greek food combined with an al-fresco dining experience by the river – what could be more romantic on Valentine’s Day?

valentine's day restaurants - zorba the greek
Credit: Zorba The Greek

Zorba The Greek is located along the waterfront at the Singapore River in Clarke Quay; it’s stunningly spacious, is decorated with a sprinkling of fairy lights, and has white and blue striped patio tables that make you feel like you’re away in Greece.

Visit the restaurant in the early evening to watch the sky fade from blue, pink to dark night, and feel the light breeze on your skin – a truly intimate date experience for this special occasion.

valentine's day restaurants - zorba the greek
Credit: Zorba The Greek

Zobra The Greek has curated a special Valentine’s Day menu just for you: a three-course meal that begins with tomato soup, followed by Sakchoku which is a Beef Wagyu Striploin Steak Bone paired with roasted potatoes, mixed greens, and red wine jus.

End the meal on a sweet note with rich, fudgy brownie drizzled with chocolate syrup and topped with ice cream. Not forgetting two glasses of Prossecco white wine to elevate the evening.

You and your loved one can enjoy this three-course from S$198 onward, per couple.

For other dish options, you can also enjoy a discount by buying a S$50 cash voucher for S$45 on Klook. Do note that this discount cannot be combined with other promotions at the restaurant.

Address: 3A River Valley Road, #01-02, Singapore 179020

With so many stunning restaurants to choose from, you’ll truly enjoy a romantic rendezvous with the one you love this Valentine’s Day!

Featured image credit: Zorba The Greek