Peanuts Nougat ice-cream is coming to Singapore – we expect it to fly off the shelves

After the White Rabbit candy-flavoured ice cream, we can now expect another sweet treat that will remind us of our childhood: Peanuts Nougat Ice Cream.

peanuts nougat ice cream singapore 2

Packed in its signature blue and white-chequered design, this ice cream looks exactly like a bigger version of the peanut nougats we used to eat when we were kids.

For its taste, you. can look forward to the distinctive sweetness of the White Rabbit Creamy Candy, nougat candy, and crispy peanuts – which altogether gives you a delicious treat that’s quite addictive.

Peanuts Nougat ice cream singapore 1

These are sold in boxes of five from 22 February 2022, retailing for S$12.50 per box.

To celebrate the launch of this new flavour, there will be a promotion; you can purchase any two boxes of the Peanuts Nougat Ice Cream or the White Rabbit Ice Cream at just S$21.90.

Brought to Singapore by Hao Productions, which is the only authorised distributor of the Peanuts Nougat ice cream in Singapore, this will be available in 63 outlets of FairPrice supermarkets and 21 outlets FairPrice Xpress and Cheers convenience stores. To buy it online, you can visit Hao Food’s official stores on Shopee and Lazada. The Peanuts Nougat Ice Cream will also be available on FairPrice online from 22 February 2022.